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Knog Bike Lock

Thinking Of Buying A Top Of The Range Bike Lock. Find Out Why You Should Choose A KNOG.

Knog Bike Lock

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Security Disk Lock

13MM Steel shackle

UV Resistant Silicone



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Knog Bike Lock

Keeping your bike nice and safe is obviously very important. It’s vital that we use safe and effective equipment to try and keep our own property free from theft and damage. Well, one product that I found that was good for this was the Knog Bike Lock. It’s a very effective and simple tool, but it does everything that I was looking for. If you are in the market for a new lock, then this might help you see just what’s on the market – and what’s worth investing in.


Reasons To Buy


Durable and easy to carry around with on you without too much issues.

Knog Bike Lock Is Cost-effective and excellent value for money.

Gives you just about everything you may need from a typical lock.

Makes use a high-security disc-based lock. Very effective for giving you hardened protection.

Knog Bike Lock makes use of a UV-resistant silicone that isn’t going to cause any problems with fading or weakness.

Created in a manner that avoids your bike from becoming scratched or otherwise damaged.

Features & Benefits

Makes use of very powerful and effective plastic/rubber hybrid case. This avoids any scratching or annoying damage being transferred onto your beloved bike. Makes a very good solution for that reason, helping you to avoid excess damage and making sure that both bike and lock remain in pristine riding condition.

Extremely tough. I tried to do as much damage to this as I could out of curiosity, and found it extremely hard to even mark. It’s high-security in that case. Someone would need a lightsabre if they wanted to hack this thing off of your bike in the time that it would take to return

Highly visible. Some locks aren’t visible enough. As such it’s hard for members of the public to know when someone is getting on their bike, or taking someone else’s. this is about as clear as it can be so people should notice if your bike is being touched by anyone that it shouldn’t.

Uses a smart locking mechanism that can use up to 5,000 unique combinations. Also has a double deadlock mechanism. This makes it much harder to get open without the right credentials, making it almost impossible to break away and steal your bike.

  • Features – 95%
  • Value For Money – 89%
  • Build Quality – 96%

” I Am So Happy With My Knog Bike Lock. I Feel So Much Safer When I Leave My Bike. “Olley

Customer Satisfaction

You’ll love using this lock, in my opinion. It’s small enough that you can easily carry it about with you without taking up too much room. It’s lightweight and simple to use, then, but at no point does it become weak or lack durability in any particular fashion. I was hugely impressed with the overall quality of the build.

If I was to have one complaint, it would be the size. It’s perhaps too small for everyday usage if you are riding about without any kind of coverage or pockets. It’s around 800g in weight so you can carry it about on you easily enough. But, if you are cycling without a jacket on, for example, you might lack anywhere meaningful to actually store it.

Since it’s not that long or that thick, though, you can usually find somewhere to put it. Again, this is a hypercritical gripe and not one that I found myself facing too often. It did occur once or twice though, and led to a few logistical nightmares until I could somewhere good to stop and lock it up against. I’d recommend usually trying to attach your bike to a small railing, not larger spots.


Final Comments


Overall, I would happily represent the KNOG Bouncer Lock as a reliable and effective tool. It’s friendly to use and easy enough to work around. Again, just don’t be expecting this to be wrapping around full lamp posts or anything like that.

The solid and secure nature of the lock means that you can likely rely upon it to give you a comfortable and easy solution in the future.
I would say that if you want something extensive that can cover a huge amount of distance then this isn’t really the one for you. At the same time, though, it’s easy enough to use that unless you live somewhere extremely contemporary you should find something.

Therefore, it’s a very easy tool to use and something that allows durability and versatility. Again, just make sure you have space to carry it around with you. Even throwing it in a knapsack and going that way be a good solution – it’s not likely to fit in your pocket, nor would you want it to be there due to discomfort.

Whatever you decide, though, you’ll find that this is an easy to use and effective solution for giving yourself the help you need in securing your bike at any given time.

Common Questions

How do you use this lock?

You simply use the set of keys which are provided, alongside the key codes. This allows for double security and makes sure that it would take almost a clone of you to try and get into the bike without the credentials provided on purchase.

How does the bike secure itself with the lock?

Basically, this makes use of a double deadlock system. This means that it’s very hard to break through and that even skilled thieves might find it hard to get through the casing. It also uses a disc-based locking cylinder for effectiveness.
How large is this?
The product is 184 x 120 x 32mm in size. This allows for adaptive locking as it’s usually big enough to get around many objects.

However, it isn’t bulky enough to wrap around products like a lamp post so don’t expect the lock to stretch that far.

What is the body made of?

This uses an excellent hardened steel shackle system that is further protected inside. By using a compressed moulded silicone outer layer which is also UV resistant, this manages to stay looking good whilst offering all of that strength and versatility in the design.

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