Kingston Women’s Mayfair City Bike



Kingston Women’s Mayfair City Bike


Kingston Are Known For Designing First Class Bikes For The Modern Women

Kingston Women’s Mayfair City Bike

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The Kingston Brand Prides Its On Manufacturing Bikes That Offer Tradition And Performance For Everyday Riding.


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Kingston Women’s Mayfair City Bike


As per the guidelines, Kingston Women’s Mayfair City Bike is one of the best bicycles for girls. If you are looking for a bicycle with a traditional and pretty look, with stylish features, then you are at right place and what you are thinking, right now, is perfectly fine. This is the best cycle that you can ever have, if you have this kind of requirements. This bicycle has got a very pretty look which is accompanied by the 3 gears system; this makes this traditionally cool bicycle, an aggressive and fast reckless beast.

This bike is made available in two sizes, i.e. 16 inch frame which is mostly suitable for the people who have their legs in range of 26inches to 79 inches or in range of 66 cm and 79 cm

There is a different size also, available in the market, i.e. it has the frame of size 19 inches which is mostly suitable for the people having their legs in the range of 29 inches to 34 inches or in the range of 73 cm to 86 cm


Best Features

Here are the top features of the Kingston Mayfair Ladies Classic Bike


  • This astonishingly cool bike comes with an average weight of approximately 17.5 kilograms. This is pretty heavy for some users also is a lot heavy for the racers; but still some people prefer this over others
  • It has got the V brakes which are really powerful and assure you a skid free experience. The grips of the breaks are quite good as compared to the normal bicycles; they may not slip even when drenched in rain. Therefore, the best policy of security has been followed.
  • Pedals have rubber inserted in them which is also one of the extra added features which provides a non-slippery experience. This design is developed in order to reduce the vibration that could be felt by the foot.
  • This astonishing and pretty cycle has got equipped with 3 speed Shimano Nexus hub gears which allows the rider to have the experience of a simple and effort less cycling
  • Tough tires of 700C x 35 mm city dimensions; tires are built on the strong rim that surmounts the former from two sides. Tires are one of the most crucial parts of the vehicles; their quality defines the safety of the rider of the particular vehicle.
  • Features -95%
  • Value for money – 84%
  • Build Quality – 86%

“Its Mine And My Wifes 2 Year Wedding Anniversary Next Month, The Kingston Mayfair Ladies Bike Is A Perfect Gift. She Will Love It.” Duncan

Customer Satisfaction

Kingston Women’s Mayfair City Bike is one of the best bicycles. Preferences of people differs in their respective believes and according to their respective personality. There are some people who prefer a heavy bicycle with an aggressive look; whereas there are also people who may prefer a light bicycle with a gentle look.

Therefore, for those who prefer a light weighted bicycle, this is the best one, around them. It has got a very pretty look, different from those which are available today in the market; it is designed with an effort to provide it a traditional look.


Common Questions

  • The handles of the are too light, they just move on its own; they just tilt on their own, If I drove over a bump in the road. This is a major problem as here are a lot of chances of me getting injured, please suggest me something that I can do?

Ma’am, this is not a manufacturing defect; it is so constructed with intention. The bicycle is manufactured to provide girls a better opportunity to ride effortlessly. Its whole body is light weighted and so is its handle. The bicycle is not for riding fast or for racing purpose.

  • What height is the seat?

It is approximately at 32 inches. It is the most comfortable and reliable height.

  • My height is about 5’6 – 7”; would that be fine to buy this bicycle for me?

Sure ma’am, the height would not be a big problem for sure. You are assured to have the most comforting bike.

How assembled is the Kingston Women’s Mayfair City Bike

Company delivers almost everything assembled, leaving just the front wheel, peddles, handle bars, basket and saddles. You need to fix them and that is also very easy to do.

  • Do I need to buy tools to assemble the bike?

No, you need not buy any extra tools; there are many tools which come along with this bicycle. You can make use of them and if need may appear, please visit the nearby bicycle store, to have the problem fixed.



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  • Kingston Mayfair Ladies Bike looks good with traditional design and astonishing features.
  • It has got attractive and retro look which are specially designed for girls.

This particular bicycle has got a basket  in front of it, which may help carrying some light substances; therefore, it can be concluded, though it has got the some features as the normal bicycle, it should be used only by girls and not for racing purposes