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Kingston Women’s Bexley Comfort Bike

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26″ Alloy Rims

Alloy V Brakes

Single Speed




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Kingston Women’s Bexley Comfort Bike

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Kingston Women’s Bexley Comfort Bike

Have you been searching for a bike that’ll fit your city lifestyle? This Kingston Women’s Bexley Comfort Bike matches your needs for sure. Whether you want it for commuting to work or just maneuvering the busy city road to run errands, this will be your best option. The retro vibe addressed in the build of this bike is more than beautiful.

Better yet, the bike is built for comfort so you can bet you’ll feel like you are gliding the streets all through. This bike is meant to enhance your elegant and chic style and add proper function for a pleasurable ride. Who is not excited for a modern-vintage design?

This bike comes in two sizes to convenience different heights. The 16” frame fit for inside leg range of 26” to 31” and the 19” frame fit for inside leg range of 30” to 34”.

The weight of the fully assembled bike is really lightweight lying around 16kgs. The bike’s frame is made of high tensile steel with twin tubes welded in tungsten inert gas. This was an extra input on the traditional frame and the result was a light bike with ease of use.

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Kingston Women’s Bexley Comfort Bike

The Kingston Women’s Bexley Comfort Bike is built with sturdy city tires of 1.75” and 26” alloy rims which ensure an easy ride in the city smooth surface. A single speed is set up to facilitate smooth pleasurable rides. With the alloy V brakes comes 3 finger alloy levers for easy braking. These features of this bike facilitate riding smoothly with no hassle of changing speeds in the busy city roads.

The comfort of this bike is mainly facilitated by the padded saddle and the convenient return handlebars for an upright position. This traditional build is for the comfort of the back and flexible feel of whole body when cycling. The full-length mudguard and chainguard are meant to make you feel more comfortable as you won’t have to worry about soiling your elegant outfit or anything.

The luggage carrier in the rear and the front basket are perfect for extra storage. If you’ve gone shopping or are carrying your files to work, you can keep them in this spacious storage add on. As much as it can facilitate storage and great function, you can count on its beauty.

The mint green color of this bike is just beautiful. Not too bright and also not too dull. The colour can match any outfit and whether you are going to your daily job or having lunch with some friends, you’ll be arriving in style. This bike was built with a vintage design and function which is super reliable. The single speed is efficient and enables low maintenance which is a great benefit to the busy city lady. The modern-vintage design is just something you can’t say no to.

  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 96%

”  I Wanted To Get A Bike So I Could Commute To My Local Town To Pick Up Some Shopping.” Linda

Customer Satisfaction

The Kingston Women’s Bexley Comfort Bike is perfect for a lady who likes comfort in moving around the city traffic and the great view coupled with fresh air that comes with the easy ride.

The single speed feature is perfect for pleasure rides. The traditional build ensures the proper function of the bike not forgetting the upright position which is good for the body well-being and confident appearance. The mint green colour was a thought out one by the manufacturer.

No colour can go wrong with it and so it is built with convenient aesthetics to fit the preferences of city women. This bike is not only sexy in look and feel but also great in function and durability. Any classy lady would appreciate the retro look and the subtle colour accent. Many customers agree that this is what they’ve been looking for.




The Kingston Women’s Bexley Comfort Bike is the perfect companion during your errands and overall moving around the city. It delivers the function a car cannot especially when you have to commute quickly in the tight traffic.

  • The aesthetics of this bike are classy like the modern lady. The vintage design and the mint green color is refreshing as well as style pumped. You can never go wrong on fashion if you ride on this bike.
  • As far as modern functionality is concerned, this bike delivers. Better yet, it includes a vintage feel which is also a gem in function as well as style. The high quality of this bike is worth more than its labeled value.


Common Questions

Can I assemble it by myself?

Yes. It comes partially assembled so that should make it super easy to fit in a few things. However, taking it to a professional is a better idea. Not only will you be avoiding any defects from wrong assembling but also would be saving time and money that could be demanded after a defect. The cost of assembling is less than ten percent the price because it is partially assembled. That way you can also be able to add features like a kickstand which isn’t included in the package.

What sizes does this bike come in?

This mint green beauty comes in 16” and 19” frames. The two sizes have specific leg sizes that can effortlessly manoeuvre. The 16” frame is suitable for inside leg range of 26” to 31” while the 19” frame is suitable for inside leg range of 30” to 34”. You can check your leg measurements and overall height so that you choose a Kingston Women’s Bexley Comfort Bike that suits you.

Does this bike feature a back-pedal brake?

No. The front and rear V brakes coupled with the 3 finger alloy levers are all the bike has. This braking is assured at any instance and the single speed makes it much easier.

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