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Kingston Men’s Hoxton Fixie Bike

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Kingston Men’s Hoxton Fixie Bike

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Hi Tensile Road Steel Frame

700C High Tensile Road Tyres

Alloy Caliper Brakes




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Kingston Are An English Bike Brand Known For Making Classic Vintage Bikes

Kingston Men’s Hoxton Fixie Bike

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Kingston Men’s Hoxton Fixie Bike

Fixie bikes have become a trend on the city streets for some time now. Who can argue the fun that this compact bike can give. The Kingston Men’s Hoxton Fixie Bike is no exception. Scratch that, it is exceptional.

This modern-vintage style bike has all it takes to win when it comes to function and style. Fitting diverse personalities, this fixie can just be your ride anywhere around the city.

The Kingston Men’s Hoxton Fixie Bike comes in two intelligently made sizes. The 50cm frame is built for an inside leg range of 29″ to 33” while the 56cm frame is built for an inside leg range of 32″ to 36″. The weight of these bikes is unbelievably light mostly settling at 13 kgs after assembling. The robust 700C tires coupled with the lightweight frame are a perfect combination for ease of riding.

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Kingston Men’s Hoxton Fixie Bike

The Hoxton is also made of durable material that can handle the masculine rugged touch. The 1020 hi-ten steel road frame has straight bladed steel fork which are sturdy enough to handle the city bustle.

The frame has straight rear drop outs with bottle bosses on the down tube. The steel drop bars are 440 mm in length with an alloy 95mm extended stem. The wheels have 36-hole high profile alloy double walled rims with flip flop rear hub to give the freedom of choice in fixed and free wheel gears.

The alloy caliper brakes are provided with a CNC’d type of braking surface which ensures abrupt braking which will be crucial when tackling the busy city traffic. The alloy 2 finger levers also contribute to the brake function efficiently. This fixie bike has controls that are easy to handle and also halt at any instance.

As for comfort, this bike has a build for that specific function. The convenient road saddle, vintage treaded handlebars are of return style are all meant to provide great positioning for a smooth ride. The sturdy build and stripped-down design is not only visually appealing but also great in function. You can ride on this badboy without putting much effort on the operations.

As for the aesthetics, this fixie has it all figured out. The colours are blended nicely to fit a corporate look as well as a casual outfit around the city. The deep red frame finish, decals flushed with flawless silver and vintage brown saddle and grips make it all easy to admire the pristine beauty of this bike. The rims also feature a white gloss which accentuates the black outer of the wheel for a perfect style blend.

  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 96%
  • Build Quality – 97%

”  The Kingston Men’s Hoxton Fixie Bike Looks Ideal For Cycling Into Edinburgh For Work.” Scott

Customer Satisfaction

The Kingston Men’s Hoxton Fixie Bike is worth any man’s attention. The bike is compact yet sleek looking enough to create a stylish look as you ride past the envying eyes. The vintage build and fixed gear component are perfect for the city leisure rides.

The bike has a robust build which is not only meant to match the masculine frame but also benefit in durability. This bike has assured braking, single efficient speed and durable build that should fit the city lifestyle perfectly. The stripped-down nature of this deep red bad boy doesn’t compromise the function. This is yet another Kingston men’s bike state of art piece.



Final Verdict


  • This bike is sturdy yet compact built for durability and ease of use. The tyres, frame, grips, and other essential parts are built to withstand the hitting you can encounter while manoeuvring the city.


  • With all its functions that enable an easy ride, the bike delivers more than it’s worth so it is good value for your money.


  • The Kingston Men’s Hoxton Fixie Bike is built in a modern design with vintage accents to match the urban lifestyle. There is no reason why you should skip this one.

Frequent Asked Questions

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