If you really need a quality mountain bike and you have limited budget then it is must to know the potentials of the bike. Probably you have seen so many mountain bike options but, are they really perfect for all age group people.

You need to think twice before purchasing the mountain bike. Especially when you are looking for kids mountain bike. KCP mountain bike is the perfect option for the youth kids.

With the frame size of 16 inches, it has all the appropriate features to complete the need of your kid. If you still have confusion than you must understand the key feature of this mountain bike.

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 Frame: Frame could be the primary thing while purchasing a mountain bike for kids. There is no need to have a 500 quid on a frame but it is must that donot get a cheap frame.

The frame of KCP mountain bike has a hi-tensile steel frame (GW steel). High tensile steel frame can do well whether it is in the mainframe or in the fork.

Now days manufacturers are upgrading the quality of the steel to provide better service. This bike is the example of the upgraded steel quality.

You are getting the modern quality product by spending least amount.

 Suspension fork: You need to have the mountain bike which has Fork that is stiffer and easier to maintain.

The main purpose of using suspension fork in the mountain bikes is that it can absorb bumps whether it is of small size or large size.

So here is the product which can provide you quality suspension fork. In KCP mountain bike you will be getting GW-602 suspension forks which havet56gq great power to bear any type of bump.

 Additional features

It has the best quality SL-RS35 3L\6R 18 Shimano speed shifting levers that can give the wonderful experience to the riders.

Other than this, mountain bike has the front hub (ASSESS ae241f steel) and rear hub (assess ae241r steel).

Hubs can be the best thing to maintain bearing of the wheel. To check the quality of the hubs you can test your bike by spinning the wheel.

Front brakes and rear brakes (SACCON v-brake) provide additional safety to the bike. Reflectors of the bike are also well adjusted to prevent the unforeseen problem.

The transition component from Shimano is the best quality product for the mountain bike. The KCP mountain bike has the entire component from Shimano only.


Customer Satisfaction

You can have this featured mountain Bike for your kids as this bike has a best fit frame size of 16 inches. Every part of the product is taken from the quality services providers.


Therefore you will never be getting the complaint about the components. With the little assembling option you can use this mountain bike just after the delivery.


Not to forget the protective equipment while riding this beautiful invention. With the modern technology effect, you can enjoy the features like impressive shifting component and quality gear protection.


Common questions

 How do I check whether this bike fits my style or not?

It can be hard to justify this question.  You need to take the bike ride first to get to know about the style fit.

However, you can find out the trusted seller and get the information from him. The main point to focus here is the handlebars. If you are getting KCP mountain bike with the adjustable handlebars, then there is no doubt about the style fit of the bike.

Moreover, this bike has 16 inches frameset which can be easily handled by any rider.

 Do I have to buy a gender-distinct bike?

No, there is no definite requirement of buying the mountain bike as per the gender. The riders just need to have the riding knowledge.

It does not matter who is riding the mountain bike. With this mountain bike, no one can ever feel the problem. Sometimes even women-specific products can do better for the men.

 Do I need to assemble the complete bike?

There is no requirement to assemble the complete bike. This mountain bike comes with the 90 % assembled component.

There are only few components left to assemble after the delivery. These are easy to assemble part which can be easily assembled at home.

But if you feel like you need help from professional, you can contact your local bike component assemble service providers.

They can sort out things and give you well-assembled bike. But probably this will not happen as you are getting a perfect assemble bike in advance.


This mountain bike has a decent look which can fit into any rider style fit.

With the high-quality non-slippery pedals and chain, this mountain bike can decrease the overhead of the repair or maintenance.

The KCP mountain bike  is specifically built for the youth kids and no doubt it has all the features to give the best ride experience.

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