Not even Superman can take my bike now.

I’ve always known Superman one day may turn bad, and when that day comes if he wants a bike ride it won’t be on my bike!


Makes use of a FlexFrame-U, which mounts nice and quickly, easily supporting the transport of the most common u-lock sizes.

We ask is kryptonite series 2 safe enough? kryptonite kryptolok series 2  can fit any form of bicycle tubing, too, from 25mm-80mm and regardless of the shape. 360-degree rotation is made possible using the micro-adjustment of the locking angle to better fit and further align together the specific geometry of the frames.

Maximizes your safety whilst making sure you are never stuck or limited in rotation.

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When it comes to keeping our bikes nice and safe, it’s important to take into account what products we use. After all, bike safety is worth paying for – a well-priced lock can be the difference between your expensive bike being “borrowed” or being found safe and sound.

The product we want to take a look at today is the kryptonite kryptolok series 2 . As far as solutions go, then, does this offer the level solidity that you would expect? is kryptonite series 2 safe enough?

With such an accurate and confident name, we certainly had high expectations when we pulled this out from the packet to give it a go. What we found more or less instantly was that the bike lock was secure to almost a fault – it was so powerful and hard to get off, in a good way.

With the right tools and proper access, it’s a piece of cake to get off. You will, though, have much greater comfort when using your bike outside as you notice just how sturdy this is. is kryptonite series 2 safe enough?

It’s easy to use and would need a lightsaber to cut through, it’s so solid. This makes it a good choice to go for should anyone require assistance to get their bike protected. From living in a rougher part of town to finding yourself dealing with a long-range trip you can find that this bike solution helps you to make sure that your expensive travelling solution does not have to go missing.

How close is this, then, to the perfect kind of lock?


  • This is a wonderfully diverse lock package that comes with a U-Lock, and a braided steel flex. Giving you variety and adjustability, this makes it much easier for you to get the benefits you would expect.


  • Designed for use in both moderate and high security areas. is kryptonite series 2 safe enough?  If you live in a location with a high crime rate and want to keep your bike nice and secure, then you should most definitely start with this option. The standard length shackle is more than enough for this.


  • is kryptonite series 2 safe enough? kryptonite kryptolok series 2 13mm hardened steel shackle is used with a deadbolt locking mechanism ensuring it’s like a vice grip. The disc style cylinder combined with the crossbar made from reinforced steel offers a fairly vigorous selection.


  • Internal housing helps to naturally increase resistance, avoiding damage being done by repeated twisting and or leverage attacks. Stops the most common form of trauma assault break-ins from being possible.


  • Anti-rattle bumpers are included to make sure that your safety does not have to be so noisy. is kryptonite series 2 safe enough? This makes sure that the shackle stays nice and snug alongside the crossbar, and also prevents the noise from getting out of hand.


  • Two keys are provided for easy access and management of your bike is kryptonite series 2 safe enough? Even if you lose one you still have access to the other, meaning that you have no worries regarding finding yourself locked out.

Customer satisfaction


In terms of quality, this is very good. The product produces what you would have hoped for – a safe, sound and stable design. It’s easy to connect, simple enough to work with and variable enough to be used with a variety of bikes. The clearance is impressive, with a 102mmx229mm width and depth adding up nicely.

As such we were very satisfied with our purchase. We were informed it was a premium quality of kryptonite kryptolok series 2  but this genuinely does the trick offering a simplest solution that ticks every box we were looking to have ticked at this particular point.

is kryptonite series 2 safe enough?

  • Very easy to use, provides a wealth of suitable options that makes it a simple choice for an anyone who needs a good bike lock.
  • Strong and sturdy – try and break through this thing! It’s so solid, making it an excellent solution for long-term protection.
  • Not likely to get attacked or taken off by someone else without making themselves known to the rest of the street and the public.
  • Reinforced sleeving means that you could go at this with cutting tools and still get nowhere – it’s solid, strong and reliable in every desirable way.


  • A little too tough at times to get through – should you ever lose your keys you’ll need professional help and a fair bit of cash to get it off. Make sure you take care of the keys in this case.
  • Safe and strong but also pretty damn heavy. If you need to carry it around with you, be sure that you make plenty of space.
  • Whilst usually quite versatile and engaging enough to fit with most bikes, some bikes will be a mess when you try and fit them onto this particular section.
  • Take this into account, as it could severely limit your success long-term. Make sure that you have looked into the diameters of your bike before making any kind of purchase; a failure to do so can mean you are left with a weighty and expensive bike lock that does not really translate to do the job that you would have expected of it.

Common Questions


My lock feels stuck – what can I do to fix the problem?

The most common solution that you will find is you merely push the key down a bit, you can unlock it. The key is one of the little issues that you can have; at times it can feel a little unresponsive. Don’t worry, though, the chances are that you are not locked out or in trouble!

Can kryptonite kryptolok series 2  be mounted?

Yes, it can be mounted on just about anything thanks to the flex frame U-bracket. This makes it easy to manage your mounting when you are on the move.

How long is the kryptonite bike lock with 4-feet kryptoflex cablee?

The cable itself is 46” long in size. You can usually find that it can be pretty extensive, then, and should be easy enough to attach onto anything within reason really.

What is the kryptonite kryptolok series 2   lock made from?

The lock on this is made from silver which means it tends to be more durable. However, you can use another lock with this if you are conscious about using silver or have a more specific preference to turn to in the future.

My lock jammed – it won’t close at all. Is there a solution? The most common solution to this would be the usual remedy – get some WD40. You can make this work most of the time but the more drastic option is to cut it off somehow.

A cylinder saw would likely be an option but it will probably waste the head on the saw doing so. Watch out for the jamming – poor usage and care-free opening and closing can lead to this problem occurring. Even though this is a very good lock it’s still not immune to the problems that is likely to be caused by a gradual wear and tear of the product.

Summary: Kryptonite-Bike-4-Feet-Kryptoflex-Cable

Overall? is kryptonite series 2 safe enough? . Its’ sturdy, strong and does the trick in just about every way that you would image. Not only does it offer a very strong and sturdy lock but it’s off-putting for thieves. It simply looks too big and brave for someone to waste their time and patience trying to cut into it and make a solid difference.

Our Rating: stars

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  • The 13mm shackle kryptonite kryptolok series 2   diameter is very impressive and goes a long way to making sure that you can use this appropriately. Makes it easy for you in general to control your bike locking mechanisms.


  • Weatherproof. No longer do you need to watch your bike lock slowly fall apart due to the elements. kryptonite bike lock with 4-feet kryptoflex cable makes it much easier for you to enjoy a simple and engaging solution, made to last even in rainy nations.


  • Micro-adjustment allows you to fit your lock on in accordance to even the most annoying of geometry.  is kryptonite series 2 safe enough? Found yourself stopping and locking up at an area that is, to say the least, inhospitable? Then you are in the right place in terms of making that particular choice possible. All you need to do is adjust depending on the environment.


So, you can do yourself a favor and try keep your bike even safer with this. It’s fairly priced, easy to look after and offers great value for your money if you want safety that actually lasts. I hope you enjoyed the review.

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