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Iron Man Women’s Wiki 100 Road Bike

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Iron Man Women’s Wiki 100 Road Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons buy the Iron Man Women’s Wiki 100 Road Bike




14 Shimano Gears

700c Rims With Road Bike Tyres

Caliper Brakes

What Type Of Riding Is The Iron Man Wiki Designed For?

Iroman Have Designed The Iron Wiki Specifically For Women Who Love Road Biking.


Ironman Brand

Ironman Are An Up An Coming Bike Brand That Take Pride In Only Using The Best Materials When They Manufacture Their bikes.

Iron Man Women’s Wiki 100 Road Bike

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Iron Man Women’s Wiki 100 Road Bike

Iron Man Women’s Wiki 100 Road Bike is one of the best bikes available and is meant for women. The weight of this bike is quite light and this makes it quite appropriate for use by the ladies.

The brakes of this bike even allow you to control the speed and ride it safely. This is black in colour and is aesthetically quite attractive. This bike will definitely earn you a lot of respect among your peers.

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Iron Man Women’s Wiki 100 Road Bike

The frame of this bike is constructed in such a way that it would suit the ladies. It is made up of 6061 aluminum that makes its weight light and also quite easy to handle.

·         There is a shimano 14 speed transmission present. There are also shimano bar mount shifters present.

·         45-38T compact double chin set that also has certain alloy cranks.

·          700 c double walled rims present that have deep sections. The presence of these deep sections, make it easier for the rider to ride the bike at a good speed.

·         Iron Man Women’s Wiki 100 Road Bike has 25c fast rolling tires that help the cycle to move at a good speed.

·         There are certain powerful road caliper brakes that are designed in a way so that the rider is able to have a full control over the speed.

·          2x7 gear set up along with a compact chainset. There are a number of chain rings that have as many as 48/38 teeth. These teeth allows the cycle to handle the difficult roads quite easily.

·         The braking surface that is used here is computer machined that makes it easier to handle the brakes.

·          Alloy hubs along with quick releases present in the front of the cycle.

·          brake levers present in the brakes that make it easier to handle them.

·         Iron Man Women’s Wiki 100 Road Bike is also regarded as a sports bike that is perfect for both leisure and fitness.

·         Weight of this bike is 12.96 kgs approximately.

·         This is a modern, stylish and also an affordable bike.

·          Very good quality components and the aluminum frames, shimano gears and the light weight components make it the most appropriate for use by women.

·         It is great to use for the first time athletes.

  • Features – 97%
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 94%

” I Wanted A Road Bike That Offers Good Value For Money So I Could Join My Local Cycling Club On A Ride To York.” Sue

Customer Satisfaction

The customers who have used this bike are extremely happy with the product and always say that this is one of the best bikes they have ever used. It uses very high quality components and hence using this bike can be considered to be quite safe.


You can also use this bicycle for riding on all kinds of roads. It is also quite stylish and this is one of the biggest reasons for its growing popularity.

Common Questions

Is it a durable bike?

Yes this bike is extremely durable and you can use this bike in different types of road. Once you buy this bike it can actually last for a number of years. The rims of the bike are also of an exceptionally high quality and allow you to ride at a greater speed.

·         Are the safety features of this bike good?

The brakes of this bike can be controlled very easily. You also can control its speed quite easily. This makes it one of the best and the safest bikes available.

·       A good choice for the first time athletes?

This is one of the best and the safest bikes that is regarded as perfect for use by athletes. This is a very decent sports bike that has a very comfortable seat. This bike also has very easy to use features. Hence the first time athletes do not face much issue handling this bike.

·         Can this be regarded as a good bike for the ladies?

Yes this bike can be regarded as ideal for ladies. The frame of this bike is made up of aluminium and is not heavy. So the ladies are able to handle this bike quite well. They can also ride these cycles on all types of road surfaces as well. Read our bike security article.

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Iron Man Women’s Wiki 100 Road Bike is today considered to be one of the best and the most popular bikes among women. There are a number of women athletes who buy this bike because they are quite easy to use.

Anyone who are interested to know more about the benefits of this bike can go through the reasons given below:

·         They are light weight bikes which makes it easier for women to carry it from one place to another.

·         The mechanics of Iron Man Women’s Wiki 100 Road Bike is quite easy to use and everyone can use them without much help.

When you are planning to buy a good bike that is meant exclusively for women this is definitely the most perfect option for you.