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   Giant Trance 29er

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  Giant Trance 29er

The Giant trance 29ers leaves nothing to speculation when it comes to providing fully functioning trail bikes that delivers quality and premium rides. This is the first trail bike manufactured by the Giant Company and they didn’t leave us in doubt on the promise to keep wowing, when it comes to bikes.

This bike was simply built to deliver the needs of a trail rider; its simplistic, functional and adaptable design says it all. The bike comes with an amazing frame that is comfortable for the rider. Every natural rider would observe the balance and grip it displays. Let’s look at its some of its features and why it might be a great fit for your budget.

Features & Benefits

Suspension system: A confident bike enthusiast derives most of his swag from the quality of his machine. The giant trance 29ers makes every trail biker proud. It is fitted with a 115mm maestro suspension system that allows you to travel freely through bumpy rides and yet gives you that steady balance that you only find in premium bikes. It allows you to climb and move on a steady range without any difficulty.

Excellent brake pedal:   It comes with an excellent brake pedal, which has always been a strong characteristic of the Giant products. You can stop abruptly, with confidence. Use your bike on trails without difficulty and on really disjointed areas where you need the breaks to function perfectly.

Steady ride on steep hill: One of the best functions that you must achieve for any trail bike is the grip and suspension power to climb steadily. Giant trance puts a lot of efforts to ensure that they satisfied customers in that area. No other bike is better suited for steep hill, than the 29er. It gives you a balanced wheel for steady rides as you move up. Enjoy the ride even better when you are riding down in a fast pace.

Easy climb: Its frame, tires and fork system, makes it easy for you to make a climb and at high range. It delivers excellent climb for biker. This feature makes it a very great addition to trail riding bikes. The Giant trance comes with a quality tire frame that grips the road and balances firmly on it. It creates smooth riding movement, therefore making it fairly easy for a climb.

  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 97%

”  I Take Delivery Of My Giant Trance 29er Tomorrow, And I Cant Wait To Test It Out On The Local Mountain Bike Trails.”  Graham

Customer Satisfaction

The Giant trance 29ers provides an excellent fit for bike riders and customers have shown satisfaction with this product. It is well worth the money and delivers more functions to the biker. Its bright and compact design with all connecting cord inside the frame also makes it a nice sight and something to brag about.

It gives balance, providing a great suspension for absorption of shock, making it easy for anyone to ride confidently on any kind of trail.


Final Verdict


The giant trance is a perfect trail riding material for any bike. The composition of the bike provides you with support, functionality and the kind of grip and balance that every biker needs. You should definitely purchase this bike because of it;

Very reliant components, for instance: The giant products composed of very quality brake pads that are mostly needed in trail bikes. This provides high reliance capability to the biker. The suspension and shock is top notch and provides balance and easy ride all the way.

It is easy to use and comfortable: The grip of the bike holds well on the hands. As a rider you would naturally balance well on it, irrespective of your body frame.

It is a Money well-worth: The price of the bike is very well worth it, you would get your money’s worth with this bike, because it serves the biker highly to produce a top notch performance.



Common Questions

Will it suite my size? The giant trance comes with a well built frame that can easily suite the size of any average rider. It is built to be very comfortable on grip and position. It would definitely suite your size.

How durable is it?

It is a very durable bike, with high quality components; it serves well for any rider. It completely gives you all that you need for riding. You would enjoy riding this bike for a long time.

What are the specifications of the Giant trance 29er?

It has a 28mm wheel diameter, 24mm fork offset, 24.5 degree seat tube angle and 115 full rear travels.

Is it easy to use?

If you are trail biker it is very easy to use, once you get on it, you feel its familiarity and adaptability of the build. Very easy to navigate and control

How much can it adapt to steep and height?

There is one that the Giant trance is about and its ability to function well in very steep areas, allowing for very easy climbs and drop downs. Read our article on the pros and cons of mountain bikes.

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