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Giant Revel 2 26 Mountain Bike

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   Giant Revel 2 26 Mountain Bike

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  Giant Revel 2 26 Mountain Bike

Mountain biking is a fun sport to partake in, either for recreational purposes or competitive purposes. Though mountain bikes have similar features to other bikes, but to ride rough terrains which are very common in the mountains, you need to get a mountain bike that is durable and can guarantee optimum performance.

I will recommend the Giant Revel 2 Mountain Bike for several reasons that can only be revealed by its amazing features and the benefits it can guarantee its users.

Features & Benefits

Firstly, for mountain bikers, the Giant Revel 2 26 Mountain Bike is recommended because of its lightweight and durability.

The Revel 2 26 has an ALUXX grade ram aluminium frame which is properly constructed and an SR Suntour suspension M3010AL 26” 63mm travel fork which enables a comfortable, convenient and smooth ride for its user. The frame of the Revel 2 26 is strong enough to withstand the pressure and hardness of rough roads even if they are gravel filled.

The Revel 2 26 uses Shimano EF51 linear brake and they are made from durable alloy. Having been tested and verified, this bike works perfectly both in wet and dry grounds.

It uses the Shimano EF500 shifter, this guarantees quality and smooth transition of gears irrespective of difficult riding circumstances. This feature also adds to the beauty and comfort of the design of this bike as it is well positioned in a way that riders can easily access with their thumb thereby making it easy for riders to manoeuvre through trails.

Giant manufacture their rims to their specification thereby guaranteeing durability and long lasting life span. Revel 2 26 uses alloy rims which are very smooth and attracting to the eye. Alongside the alloy rims are alloy hubs and stainless spokes.

The tires used, Kenda 26x2.10 are very solid and give proper stamina and control to the riders. Read about the pros and cons of mountain bikes.



  • Features – 93%
  • Value for money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 97%

”  I  Am So Excited To Show My Friends My Brand New Giant Revel 2 Mountain Bike.” Matt

Customer Satisfaction

Giant Revel 2 mountain bike is a good match for mountain biking and should be considered because of its durability and the extra smoothness it gives to the rider even in rough paths. It is lightweight and has a sleek design.

It is very convenient to use, and riders will find it appealing because they can easily upgrade the components of the bike. It has a beautiful design and the shifters give good assurance on the gears.


Final Verdict


If you want to ride on a mountain or you are riding through a rural neighbourhood where you have little knowledge whether their roads are good, then you should get this bike because it will guarantee you smoothness even in such rough conditions.

The durability of this bike is one that should attract you into buying it because it has the ability to thrive in rough roads and will last long. It is also tested and verified to give maximum performance both in dry and wet conditions

The positioning of the shifter is perfect for riders especially in trails to enable them to navigate properly without losing balance.

Common Questions

Does the Giant Revel 2 Mountain Bike have disc brakes?

No, the Revel 2 26 doesn’t have disc brakes. Revel 2 26 makes use of Shimano brakes that are made from the alloy in other to make them durable and they work perfectly on wet and dry grounds. So it is a perfect fit for mountain biking.

Can the Giant Revel 2 Mountain Bike be used only for mountain biking?

No, the Revel 2 26 can serve numerous other purposes such as recreation, transportation and road racing as well. However, it is best suited for people who are interested in entry level bike for rough path riding.

What upgrades can I make to my Bike Components?

Below is the list of components you can upgrade;

  1. The fork,
  2. The wheelset

iii.        Brakes

  1. Tires
  2. Crankset etc.

What can I do if my bike gets spoilt?

Revel 2 26 can be easily fixed by the users with the menu guide all you need to get is a new component to fix the already spoilt one, you can always get components on eBay and Amazon or nearby local bike stores. However, if you are not a professional or know very little about Revel 2 26, to be on the safe side is better you contact the delivery office or the company’s main desk to have one of their professional fixes it for you.




It is always advisable to give a thorough check on the Giant Revel 2 Mountain Bike once it is delivered to you to enable it is in good shape.

Properly examine the tires on and after delivery to ensure they are not deflated and they are in good shape to prevent unwanted accidents that could lead to serious injuries. If you spot any problem with the bike, contact the company’s main desk or a professional to get it fixed.

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