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Giant Entour review

Looking To Buy Your First Electric Bike And Need Some Of Your First Time Buyer Questions Answered.

   Giant entour review

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Why Should You Buy?

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Who Is The Entour Designed For?

City Cycling Enthusiast

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  Why Should You Buy The Giant Entour

In the Giant entour review we will look at why you should buy the bike. Giant Entour E-Bike E+2 are a great bike that makes it easy for your tour and moves around the town. It is a great bike, designed for comfort, with a hub gear and a Shimano case.

It gives you the appeal of a quality bike but just does enough as you would expect for any bike that you are looking to allow you to move around.

The giant Entour E-bike also offers to ranges for better usability even though these two types of frames are both made from Aluxx-Aluminum designs. You have the Diamond frame version and the step-through version.  Find out why are electric bikes any good?

Features & Benefits

The second part of the Giant entour electric bike review we will look at the main features and benefits. Full mudguard: the Giant Entour E-Bike comes with a full mudguard, well fitted to avoid heavy stuck mud on the tires and mud flying up. It makes it very convenient for trying through city roads and busy areas.

Half chain guard: its half chain guard gives you an idea of how compact that this bike is, making it very well designed for casual movements.

Spanninga rear lights: Its rear light is well fitted on the bike and positioned to avoid kickback mistakes from the rider when he is on the pedal. It keeps you spotted on wherever you are.

Adjustable stem: The giant Entour comes with a greatly adjustable stem that is very easy to handle, making it easy to adjust to different height and positions.

Suspension fork: The suspension fork makes it easy for you to effortlessly move through bumpy areas. It suppresses shocks and creates balance when you are on the bike.

Hydraulic breaks: fitted with hydraulic breaks to make it easy for you to make quick stops at any time.

Anti-puncture tires: Functionally made for the city and in town rides. Its anti-puncture tire gives you a hassle-free movement through roads without being afraid of any puncture for the tire, reducing the cost of repairs and increase bike lifespan.

Benefits of special upgrade features on the Giant Entour E-bike

Giant upgrade Motor system: this feature has been upgraded to make it easy for you to move around towns by putting more power on the battery for more speed and balance.

Bike-control LED system: The bike comes with a LED system right at the handle that lets you control most of the system features on the bike while you drive. The system proves to be easy to manage as it shows your battery level and other system indices.

300 WH batteries: its 300 wh, makes it obvious that it was just made for city round rides and not for major rides on hilly areas or mountains. When compared with more bikes with more power, it tells you that it was just designed for causal movements.

  • Features – 92%
  • Value for money – 94%
  • Build Quality – 97%

”  I  Have Found The Giant Entour Review Helpful And Informative. ” George

Customer Satisfaction

The third part of the Giant entour review we will look at the customers satisfaction of the electric bie. Depending on what you want to use the Giant Entour for, it does serve its purpose that it was made for. Its adjustability takes thumbs up from customers and also the balance and road grip that customers observe.

However, you would worry about its capability for long distance rides as other customers are also saying. This bike is great except if I have to climb high range hills” Then it reminds you that it’s of its basic features.

This puts it as on the list of bikes that are better suited for anything but professional or for high range activities like hiking. People who just love to take their bike around the street do not have any challenge with this bike as it is a good companion for all your daily movements.

Final Comments


Its features are made to be quality and very functional. The tires provide grip on the road, providing balance and ease of motion. Its adjustable features make it easy for anyone to balance while riding it.

It gives you the basic function of a bike that anyone can take out of the house to ride to work, School or the grocery shop. It provides an easy to use and function control system and gives makes it an everyday bike for everyone.

Common Questions

What is battery power?

It has a battery power of 300 WH.

How long can you ride the bike before battery depletion?

You can basically ride it for a whole day if you want and it would sustain you, but it might not take you any longer than that, it gives you power for up to 25 km/hour.

Is it easy to use?

This electricbike is very easy for you, with a high emphasis placed on the comfort of the user.

The Giant Entour bike E+2 comes with a lot of great perks, especially because it was designed with a market and solution in mind. It typically serves for modern casual movement around the city.

It is functional, easy to use, and has quality features that make it durable and long lasting. We hope you have enjoyed the Giant entour review and found it helpful and informative.

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