When it comes to getting a reliable and effective mountain bike GPS, you might want to consider the Garmin Edge 810 GPS. As one of the most recognized and effective names within the industry, the Garmin range are known to be some of the best forms of mountain bike GPS equipment that you can get.

However, finding the right one for your needs can be quite tough – with so much selection out there, how do you know where to start?

Well, one solution for this is to work with the Garmin Edge 810, as mentioned above. Sturdy, reliable and friendly with just about any typical bike frame, this is one of the finest and most fitting solutions to go for. while it’s a bit expensive at around £350, it’s going to last you a long time if you decide to use it as a fitness aid.

However, is it really worth the investment? Can you make it do everything that you need? How much can you rely upon this mountain bike GPS to make sure you are getting all the facts that you need to become the best version of yourself that you possibly can?

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garmin edge 810

Benefits & Features

So, what makes the Garmin Edge 810 GPS one of the best mountain bike systems out there for you to make the most of. It’s a powerful and effective solution, one that you can almost certainly use to transform the way you cycle around. What are the main features that it can offer, though?

  • Sleek and lightweight, this is easy to work with thanks to a 2.6” screen that is in full colour and utilizes a touchscreen for an easy to work interface. When you are trying to cycle around and make changes, it’s very easy to work with!
  • Keep full track of all of your details for a ride with thins like distance, time, location, heart rate and cadence. With this you can easily build up a little personal performance record and make sure that you are well on track when it comes to time and overall performance. Out of all the solutions you can turn to for cycling assistance, this is probably one of the best!
  • This also comes with excellent features for live tracking, easy to work with uploads to check data in more detail later or to compare, and also to work with social networks. Just pulled off a major challenge and want to let the world know? Then use your Garmin Edge 810 GPS to show the world everything that you stand for!
  • Upload data using the simple smartphone data app. All you need to do is connect to our phone, sync up both pieces of equipment and make sure that you are well on the way to seeing genuine improvement in the long-term?
  • Build profiles that allows for you to set up certain configurations and plans, depending on the kind of cycling that you tend to do. For this reason, cycling just became a whole lot simpler!

garmin edge

Customer Satisfaction

Out of all the mountain bike GPS systems that I have had the pleasure of using, this is no doubt the most effective for what I require it for. it’s got the monitors and the analysis I need to know if I’m hitting targets or treading water.

It’s loaded with great features that ensures I have no issue in maximizing my performance as I cycle around the place. I really do favour the importance of reliability as I cycle and with this I never feel like I’m struggling to keep track of my performance, or anything of the sort.

When it comes to getting a reliable and effective GPS system that actually does what I need it to, I have to say that the level of performance I get out of this is just right. I’ve started to become more efficient when using it as it lets me know when I’m lagging, or when I’m pushing myself beyond my limits.

For someone who is very cautious about taking it too far when getting into shape, I find that working with this has been one of the smartest decisions that I have made. In terms of satisfaction, then, I’d find it hard to argue against using this.

garmin edge 810


As you can see, then, the Garmin Edge 810 GPS is by no means a fad. It’s a high-end piece of kit that many people are successfully using to make their own mountain bike riding a whole lot easier. Just some of the reasons why investing in this piece of kit might be worth your time, then, includes:

  • A fair price. While it is quite expensive for a mountain bike accessory, it’s a great accessory to have. To get all of the features that it offers in one, you would need to spend a lot of money and have a lot of fittings on your bike. As such, it’s easier to just pay attention to the Garmin Edge as a standalone device that gives you all the features and functionality that you could possibly need.


  • A slew of features. Every mountain bike GPS worth investing in comes with a glut of great features that you can utilize. With this bad-boy, you get all the help that you need to have everything from a heart rate monitor that works to a speed/cadence sensor.


  • Strength and durability. Unlike other GPs systems for mountain bikes, the Garmin Edge 810 GPS is like a warhorse. It can take a fair amount of hits and it’s very strong and sturdy. You might find yourself the victim of dropping it on the floor or having it fall off when cycling – it’s happened to me a few times and I’ve yet to have any lasting problems from doing so!

Out of all the mountain bike GPS systems out there that you can pick from, you can almost certainly rely on the expert class of the GPS system discussed here. It’s strong, reliable, feature-heavy and a pleasure to work with – what more could you really be looking for?

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