Why You Should Wear a Bike Light Mount


Without a doubt, as a cyclist one of the most important factors that you can take into account is your health. When it comes to smart and effective management of your time on a bicycle journey, the way that you protect yourself and stay away from danger should be one of the most important elements of your journey.

For us, we believe that using a bike light is an obvious, clear part of being a cyclist. Some people, though, tend to disagree. If you don’t feel like using a light is the right thing to do, then you should consider why you should wear a bike light – the reasons why are more than just safety.

For one, it offers a better level of comfort when riding. Moving in the elements can feel pretty brisk, and lights help protect us from that. What else can a bike light offer, though?

Benefits of Wearing a Helmet


  • Insurance. If you wind up in any kind of accident and you want your insurance to pay out, they’ll want to see that you took precautions. Using a light can not only make sure you come out the other side of an incident; it can make sure that you get recompensed for any damage that was done to you during the event.
  • Visibility. Most cycling helmets are pretty hard to miss. This makes you more of an obvious target on the road, which for once is a good thing. Now you become more visible to drivers, they are less likely to miss you in the darkness. It makes it easy to stay safer when you are on the roads.
  • Health. A light can literally be the difference between life and death. With a bike light mount, or a bike helmet light mount, you can literally save your life!  More information on Bike Helmets


 Cree Bike Light Mount

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As we all know, visibility is paramount to making sure that we can stay safe when we are out on the roads. With this Forrader E17 Cree XML  Mountain bike light, cyclists can feel more confident than ever. A supremely detailed and reliable piece of kit, this offers everything that a contemporary rider needs for the utmost confidence and belief.

Customer Satisfaction

The Forrader is a very impressive piece of kit, and a bike helmet light mount that I would be more than happy to recommend in the future. visibility is key to any cyclist and, much like miners, we need to make sure we know what’s just a few feet ahead. This allows for that added visibility to make sure that we never find ourselves running into dangerous or damaging situations.

It’s thanks to this that I can really get to enjoy and appreciate the quality of this product. As far as giving me more confidence on the roads goes, this might just be the smartest investment that I have made for some time. It’s solid, sturdy and deeply reliable – no matter what I tried, it was almost impossible to make this helmet light mount work!

That’s a good thing, though, and only adds to my satisfaction.


The perfect light. The perfect torch for keeping yourself nice and visible or to make sure that you never don’t know what’s waiting for you up ahead. The ideal choice for when you are in a new area, as the added visibility it provides makes navigation pretty simple.

Long lasting. The Forrader E17 Cree XML  Mountain bike light ensures that this uses minimal energy as it works, allowing you to get a much simpler way of keeping yourself nice and visible. Using this right means that any cyclist should have no issues in making sure they know exactly where they’re going as the light isn’t likely to die on you.

Plenty of Settings. Too bright? Too dull? Just right? You can use the five provided settings to make sure that you are well on your way to finding a setting that you can work with. Thanks to the various settings visibility never has to be a challenge again.


Overall this is a fine pick and a great choice for anyone in need of a  Forrader E17 Cree XML  Mountain bike light. While it offers more than just being a normal light, it’s an excellent choice when you need a variable and effective head light to pick from. A very popular Forrader E17 Cree XML  Mountain bike light.

Forrader Mini E17 Cree XML  Mountain bike light 


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A solid and sturdy the Forrader mini E17 Cree XML  Mountain bike lightthat provides an easy and effective choice for those who need a cycle helmet bike light, the cree bike light might just be one of the best market value options. A solid and simple choice for staying safe, this Bike Light Mount makes it easy to stay visible and safe to all incoming traffic.

Customer Satisfaction


The Cree Bike Light Mount is a fine pick for anyone who needs a quality head gear that works. In terms of acting as a solid and reliable cycle helmet bike light, this does everything that you would have expected and asked for. The level of satisfaction that comes from using this is pretty clear, as well.

Not only does this offer a simpler and easier way of working and riding but it also makes it easier to stay safe. This is sturdy and, having been through a few (self-caused) crashes with it, I can vouch for its strength and reliability.

Not only does this allow for a pretty solid level of comfort and control when cycling but it makes it easy to ensure that you are well on the right path. The added visibility makes it so much easier to get around in full confidence.



5 Variable Modes. Worried you are blinding any other cyclists? Worried that you might not have provided yourself with enough light on a dark path? Use the 5 settings until you find the one. The variable options provided allows for a much easier and stress-free riding solution for all involved.

Strong and Sturdy. The use of a hard-anodized finish allows for a much better level of confidence in the product. Now you know that you can go through a rough patch or cause damage to the light without it being smashed or broken. The shock proof and scratch-free material allows this to maintain a spotless look whenever possible.

Easily Powered. Using just three AAA batteries, this allows for easy use of powering for the long-term. This makes consistently smart use of the power of your batteries to ensure that you have no reason to fear your light not being enough.



This is one of the most stable cycle helmet bike lights that I have used in some time. It offers stability and comfort without ever being too expensive. A solid and easy option to make sure that you can always put a premium price on your safety as a cyclist. 

A Forrader mini E17 Cree XML  Mountain bike lightthat will make riding your bike more enjoyable as you your visibility while cycling will be much better.

CatEye Universal Helmet Mount


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The CatEye Universal helmet mount is a perfect choice for a bike helmet light mount. It offers great cost-effective protection on the road and makes a sturdy and affordable choice for added safety. What else does it bring to the table or you, though?

Customer Satisfaction


Not only was I deeply satisfied with how it works, I was hugely impressed. Most bike helmet light mount offerings tend to be quite mediocre, especially at the minimal pricing point that the CatEye is offered for. Call me a cynic, but I tend to use the price of anything as a barometer to how much it should be worth my time and investigation!

With this, I found that it was very much something that I would recommend to others. It kept me safe on the dark and even around windy, uncertain paths I felt that the light radius was enough to make sure that I could easily be spotted when I was out and about.

A fine choice for anyone who is looking to get a better light but is a bit short on cash. Would definitely be using this myself and have already recommended it to friends and family!



Get rid of those dark nights. When using this you literally just transform the world around you into a much brighter existence. No more riding in the darkness and missing bumps, roads, people or cars as you go. Improve your own visibility and safety as much as anything else.

Long lasting. I noticed that the lifespan of the light itself is rather excellent. It lasted for me on a whole journey where I was out of the house for close to 24h. It’s a very sturdy light and offers plenty of visibility even if you are out for hours.

Reliable. Having had the ‘pleasure’ of dropping this and nearly smashing the light when I was out and about, I soon found that this offered an easy and almost unstoppable ability to avoid getting smashed. Despite my best efforts, this remains in one perfectly usable piece for years to come!



With added safety and improved stability in terms of being visible on the roads, the CatEye  Bike Light Mount works. It’s a fine choice if you are on a budget or if you are unsure of how often you will be out and about at night; the perfect precautionary purchase for any cyclist.  Please support our Reviews and allow us to write more by sharing the reviews.

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