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   Why Should You Buy The Focus O1EL 29 Mountain Bike


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Lightweight Carbon Frame

Shimano XT Drive

Race Saddle


Respected Bike Brand


Who Is The Focus O1e Designed For?

Mountain Biking Enthusiasts

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Customer Satisfaction

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Focus O1E SL 29 Mountain Bike


When it comes to teenagers they want to have everything in their life that is stylish comfortable and up to their mindset. The parents of modern age are confused too on how to fulfil demands of their children if they come to know the demands then the problem comes from where that thing should be bought from.

At a young age, riding on bike is considered a favourite hobby among teenagers and they love to ride on the cycle, the special program is initiated to develop the habit of cycling and riding. Riding is not only a good activity but also the efficient exercising machine so for your children who love to do riding.

There is something special for you people and the Focus o1e that is less in weight comfortable in riding. This bike is affordable for everyone and once you invest the money in it you will not regret at all and for sure every parent want best for their children and this is the best thing parents can gift to their children


Reasons To Buy A Focus


If you want something for your children that is less in money and that your children will love and will be in a budget is Focus o1e, this bike is for all those who love to ride and want to build the habit of riding they should come forward and buy this bike.

The braking system of the Focus o1e is very easy to use and it is not dangerous at all. High technology is used in this bike the gloss alloy rim will keep the bike hard tough and stiff where ever the bike will move. The bike will not slip on any slippery road because in the tires of the bike the material is used is high in quantity.



Features & Benefits

There are a number of benefits to the Focus o1e. this bike is unique in it’s in a structure in its system and in its riding style that’s why most of the parents preferred this for their children.

The weight of the bike is 15 kg which is highly portable weight, and you can ride to your college comfortably to the college. the seat of this bike is aluminium made ad 350 mm, and the handlebar is also made of aluminium. From this, we can imagine how much investment has been made in this product.  You may like our article on the pros and cons of mountain bikes.





Brakes are of high technology.

The damper is of fox float Elite, and it manages forces acting on it while riding the bike

The wheelset is of DT Swiss

Colour available is Matte and aqua

Saddle category is of good quality and experiments have done on it

Tires category includes   continental race king material and is not slippery, and the model of this bike is 2018.

The design of the bike is very impressive unique and stylish

  • Features – 92%
  • Value for money – 94%
  • Build Quality – 91%

” I Am So Excited To Take Delivery Of My Focus O1E SL 29 Mountain Bike.” Adam


Customer Satisfaction

The feedback that we receive from the people is highly appreciable they are very much satisfied with the company and its product, they feel that their children are riding on saving the bike and they don’t have to worry when their children are far away from their eyes.

The customers have praised the model of the bike as it is new in the market and the style has its own uniqueness. Customers are also very happy that have invested their money at the right place and whenever the time comes, and they want to sell the bike the market value will not be less.


Advantages and Disadvantages


The Focus o1e is very comfortable to handle on any road. The braking system is very efficient and failing of brakes is a rare case as there can be rare cases. The tires are of high material, so the slipping option is very less. you can travel hours on this bike, and you will not feel tired because this is light in weight and high in technology.

Common Questions

For what age this bike is for?

Mostly this bike is for the age of 13 to 16

For how many years it can go smoothly?

The duration of this bike is quite well because high technology is used the material which is used in the structure of this bike is very new and highly recommended?


Final Comments


The Focus o1e model 18 is highly recommended by us to you, will not feel disappointed after buying it, and after buying any complaint regarding the product, is catered for by the company in an efficient and professional way. But, it can easily be exclaimed that this bike barely got any complaints.

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