There are so many mountain bikes are available in the market. People check them over their various features.

Some people love to have a bike with the steel body and some prefer aluminium or other material. As per the recent trend, aluminium bike frame is gaining popularity.

The entire mountain bike manufactures using aluminium and aluminium alloys for their so many products. People are now getting a totally different choice of mountain bikes.

Flying Men’s Women 21 mountain bike has a strong aluminium frame which can be suitable for all bike riders. If you want a bike which is rust free and has lightweight then this mountain bike is something that has all properties.

Even modern steel frames also have the required lightweight property but no one can beat aluminium frames. Find below some benefits or advantages of this wonderful mountain bike.


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Advantage/ Benefits

Double wall alloy: If your bike has double than you do not have to worry about the wheel strength. The Flying Men’s Women 21 bike has double wall alloy to prevent bike wheel from the out force and fractions.

If on the day you hit your potholes than this double wall alloy can prevent your bike wheels from a big problem. People who usually travel 50 to 60 miles a week need this bike. This is the best fit product to fulfill the requirement of the long riding.

Disc brakes: Did you read it right. Here is the one of the best feature that everyone wants to have in their mountain bikes. The disc brake is something which generates the powerful force to lose the quick release and pull the bike wheel.

Flying Men’s Women 21 mountain bike has all the exciting features that can make a huge impact on your rides. This mountain bike gives great output if you are the rider who faces different challenges in the riding.

Speed gears: This bike has 21 Shimano speed gear. Speed gears on any bike manage the speed of the bike. You can shift gear while riding the bike to get the desired speed.

Shimano speed gear set has its own benefits. If you want to experience the high speed, then you should get Flying Men’s Women 21 mountain bike.

Additional features: This mountain bike has numerous features such as non-slipper pedals, suspension fork front, and rear, mudguard and bottle holder.

Bottle holder can be very useful if you usually go for long riding. This mountain bike bears 18 inches frame size. This 18 inches frame makes it available for both men and women.

The bike is designed in such a way that men and women both can get the benefit of its features.

Customer Satisfaction

This bike comes with the comfortable frame size. So you can buy this for your son, daughter, and wife and even for yourself.

Every part of the bike has advanced feature whether it is gear set or frame you never get the complaint. Moreover, you can keep it for a long time as it comes with the aluminium frame which has the property of keeping material rustles.

You can also assemble the bike by yourself but it is always recommended you should take help from a professional to prevent issues.

Common Questions


Is this bike okay for the person having 5”5 height?

As the frame of the bike is 16 inches so people who have that much height can easily ride the bike. For more details, you can even contact the supplier of this mountain bike.


Probably this is the bike which has all the properties that suit the requirement of any age group.


How the bike will be delivered and when?

You will be getting your bike best packed and without the scratch.  The order process of the bike fully reviews by the team of professional.


If you have placed the order you will get the delivery within few days. With the proper documentation and order process, you can easily check the status of your bike order online.


Does it need assembly from the professional?

Flying Men’s Women 21 mountain bike has advanced featuresWhether you are good at assembling the bikes it is better to take help.


As all the part has some setting. To make sure everything is embedded in right manner you should need to assemble the bike from experienced staff. You can even search online for best bike assembly local services.



This mountain bike has all the features that will get the good value of your money.

The bike is specially made in such a way that the services can be delivered to both men and women.

It has 26 inches wheel frame which makes it more comfortable on the rough surface. This is the best ride for the uneven mountain areas.

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