“No matter How Slow you go, you are still lapping everyone on the couch.”

If you’re looking for a mountain bike that can be used on the trail or for off the road.

Then look no further.

The Flite Taser ll womens’ mountain bike offers brilliant value; designed for using over different types of terrain.

Firstly, a front and rear suspension is great for riding up and down hills.

18 Shimano gears enable the rider to change the pace of the Flite Taser ll womens’ mountain bike easily and quickly.

Flite bikes are known for producing bikes that fit the needs and desires of the modern women cyclist.

Designed by a development team based in the UK that have many years’ experience in developing bikes.

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Benefit/ Features

Front & Rear Suspension: Flite Taser ll womens’ mountain bike comes with a dual suspension that allows the rider to easily travel across different types of terrain.

A dual suspension helps absorb the bumps travelling up and hills.

18 Shimano Gears: Shimano are a known company that make good quality bike components.

18 gears with a grip shift will enable the rider to have plenty of options in changing the pace of the Flite Taser ll womens’ mountain bike to their riding condition.

Alloy Rims: Flite Taser II comes with a trendy set of 26-inch Alloy wheels allowing the rider to burn away the miles in style.

Don’t be surprised if they draw a lot of attention from admires.

Saddle: Flite have equipped the Taser II with a comfortable saddle. A gel saddle can also be bought very cheaply for that added bit of comfort.

Tyres: A set of Kenda tyres that are designed specifically for all types of terrain and will give the rider plenty of grip on the mountain bike trails or on the road for a commute to work

V Brakes: Emergency stops are so much easier with a set of V brakes. The Flite Taser II comes with a set of brakes that will enable the rider to manoeuvre out of any sticky situations.

Colour: A classic Black and girly Pink finish is a lovely combination. Any un wanted spray can be easily wiped down after you have been out on your adventure

Customer Satisfaction

Really Good Value for the money

I love taking my Flite Taser II out on family bike rides

My commute to work became my favorite part of my day.


5 Star Reviews

Great Birthday Gift.

Brilliant Value


Unfortunately, the Flite Taser ll womens’ mountain bike is not the cheapest mountain bike on the market. However, the Flite Taser II offers brilliant value.

Common Questions


What can I use the Flite Taser ll womens’ mountain bike for?


The Flite Taser II is designed to be ridden on different types of terrain from the local mountain bike trails, a family bike ride or a commute to work.

A set of Kenda wheels ensure the rider has a good grip on the terrain.

Assembling the Flite Taser ll?

Partially assembled with a helpful and informative instruction manuel. Brilliant for people not used to assembling mountain bikes.  You are provided with all the tools. Once assembled make sure you go on a little test run so your happy with the bike. Look after your bike with our cleaning your bike guide.

Mountain Biking Advice:

Clothes: Firstly, you need to be comfortable. You don’t have to rush out and buy all expensive apparel. You will need a helmet, some gloves, and a pair of padded shorts will make your ride much more enjoyable.

Water & Snack: MTB can take a lot of energy, so you should think about taking a bottle of water to keep hydrated and a snack for a drop-in energy levels. My favourite is a dairy milk. A ride home can feel twice as long on an empty stomach.

Fitness: Go at your own pace; you will become a season pro in no time. Go out for one or two hours and stay in low gears as you will get a good workout and you won’t tire your legs out to much.

MTB works out your whole body from your arms, legs, shoulders and core muscles. After every ride you should always stretch out your muscles.

Technique: Try and be as relaxed and flexible on your bike as possible. Whether you’re riding a mountain bike or a road bike its vital that you get used to the bike moving underneath you.

Try and keep your pedals at a steady pace, and always keep your eye further down the trail, so you keep one step ahead.

Final Verdict


You’re looking for a lady’s mountain bike that can be used on all different types of terrain that also offers brilliant value. Look no further as the Flite Taser ll womens’ mountain bike cannot be ignored.

Dual Suspension – great for absorbing the shocks from ridding over different types of terrain V Brakes – Stop quicker, easier and much more safely. Kendra Tires – designed to offer a good grip on different types of terrain 18 Shimano Gears- changing the pace of the Flite Taser ll womens’ mountain bike became so much easier. Find out more on the Factors to consider when buying a mountain bike.

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