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Kendra Tyres

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  Flite Punisher BMX


Buying your childs first bike is an exciting time. If you’re Looking for a childs bike that offers brilliant value with some additional features only normally found in more expensive bikes.

You might have found what you have been looking for. The Flite Punisher Kids Freestyle Bike comes with a set of V brakes, stunt pegs and a good set of tyres that offers an absolute bargain. With some fantastic 5-star customer reviews it cannot be ignored.




Brilliant Gift Great First Bike Stunt Pegs Awesome Value




Unfortunately, the Flite Punisher Kids Freestyle Bike stylish design may attract a lot of attention. Don’t be surprised if you get a lot of people asking were you bought the bike from.



Features & Benefits

Frame: A BMX frame and forks that designed specifically to allow the rider more control of the Flite Punisher Kids Freestyle Bike. Steel is a durable material that gives the rider plenty of support in an event of a small bump or scrap.

Brakes: The Flite Punisher Kids Freestyle Bike comes with a set of front and rear brakes that allow the rider to easily and quickly come to a stop. You can test the brakes by pressing on the brakes and pushing the bike forward and backwards.

Saddle: A branded saddle that offers the rider comfort while they ride without the worry of a sore bottom. A gel seat can also be bought very cheaply and is great for a bit of comfort.

Tyres: A set of Kenda tyres designed for BMX biking. Colour: Blue, White and Black. A classic colour that will ensure your child will be known as the cool kid.

Rims: Comes with 20-inch black alloy rims. Gears: single gear speed allows the rider to put more metal into the pedal without the worry of a complex braking system. Read our article on the pros and cons of BMX Bikes

. Additional Features: Chain Guard: Great protection from the chain. Good for keeping your trousers clean too. Solid Steel Stunt Pegs: Rear solid steel stunt pegs that is great for trying out all of those new tricks and stunts. Normally only found in more expensive bikes. A brilliant added extra

  • Features – 95%
  • Value for money – 94%
  • Build Quality – 91%

”  I Am So Excited To Surprise My Little Boy WithThe Flite Punisher BMX.” Maxine

Customer Satisfaction

Great Christmas gift for my son. He loves it The Flite Punisher Kids Freestyle Bike comes well packaged, and isn’t too difficult to assemble A durable bike that should last for a long time with an eye-catching design that will become the envy of the street. 5-star reviews with many happy Customers




HELMET: Always a good idea to keep enough money in the budget for a good quality helmet that has good reviews. Ensure that the child is comfortable wearing the helmet. The best helmet in the world is no good if your child takes it off as soon as your backs turned.

PUMP: You are going to need a bike pump to keep the Flite Punisher Kids Freestyle Bike tyres pumped up to the required psi. (psi levels can be found in the instruction manuel. Check out our accessory section for some reviews on bike pumps.

ROAD SAFETY: Before you allow your child to ride on their own you should make sure that are aware of the dangers of the road and have good road safety. T

EST RUN: Once you have assembled your Flite Punisher Kids Freestyle Bike, it’s a good idea to on a little test run to make sure you and your child are happy with the bike.

ABC CHECK: A good habit to get into before any ride, is to perform the ABC check. Check the air in the tyres, the brakes and that the chain is oiled.

Common Questions

Does the bike have gears?

No, it doesn’t have gears. Perfect for someone learning to ride

Is the Flite Punisher Kids Freestyle Bike fully assembled?

The bike comes partially assembled. You need to assemble the seat, handle bars and wheels to the bike frame. If you’re not used to assembling kid’s bikes, it may be worth getting a more experienced family member to lend a hand

Where can I get a replacement seat cover?

You can purchase a replacement from most bike shops. If you’re looking for an identical saddle, you could always get in contact with the manufacturer.

I have never heard from the Flite bike brand?

Flite bikes are designed by a development team in the UK by cycling enthusiasts that have a passion for designing good quality kids bikes.

What can the Flite Punisher Kids Freestyle Bike be used for?

The punisher bike is a great bike for family outings to the local park, for a ride around the local estate or out on the local skate park. The bike comes with a sturdy steel frame, good set of tyres and V brakes that will offer good stability while riding.


Final Verdict


Buying a child’s bike is challenging yet exciting.

The Flite Punisher Kids Freestyle Bike is very popular and has some great customer testimonials.

Offers brilliant value with some additional features normally only found in more expensive bikes.

5-star Reviews: The Flite Punisher Kids Freestyle Bike has some great reviews

Additional Features: Stunt pegs, branded padded saddle, Alloy brake levers and rotor braking system

Brilliant Gift: Giving the child endless hours of fun

360 degree spinning handlebar: Great for performing tricks and

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