Bikes are the most desirable things during the childhood of boys. They simply fall in love with bikes and insist on getting one as a gift for their birthday. Kids enjoy Bike riding more than anything. Buying a child’s bike

It gives them a chance to vent out their excitement and loads of energy bustling inside them. Before they grow up and ride big bikes, the small bikes such as the  help them in understanding about bike riding and road conditions before they set out on the busy roads as an adult.

The few years of riding on normal roads at this age and the learning they get out of this will ensure that they drive more carefully and responsibly as an adult in future.

Here we would check out the  and find out what makes it so appealing to the kids.

Why buy the Flite Panic Mag Boys BMX Bike


This bike is suitable for boys aged between 7 and 14 years. It is the age when the kids of lot of excitement and great energy level to explore the world around them.

This Bike is the best choice for your child as it comes with a freestyle BMX frame made of Hi-tensile steel along with forks. The size of this bike is ideal for the growing up kids and teenagers.

They will be able to use it for years until they get ready to ride adult bikes. Let your kid enjoy the delights of moving around effortlessly using a safe and quality product.


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The  is made up of strong Hi-tensile freestyle BMX frame making it sturdy and durable. The bike is carefully designed to impress the people with its looks as well. Flite has taken every care to keep the bike in contemporary style.

It is also equipped with steel V-brakes on front and rear. It has steel BMX bars which are equipped with cross braces and 4-bolt stem.

Comes in a glossy pink and black colour. A glamorous colour that will offer the child a reputation known as the cool kid. A set of Kenda tyres that will give the rider plenty of grip while travelling over different types of terrain.

The Flite panic freestyle is designed specifically for Bmx riding. The benefits of a Bmx bike is that they are brilliant for taking down the local skate parks, around the local estate or  even on family outings.

Customer Satisfaction

The customers who have brought the  have shared positive reviews on it. They opined that the bike looked strong, durable and perfect for daily and rough use.

They expressed that their kids loved the bike when presented on their birthdays. Most of them couldn’t keep their children off the bikes. The bike has succeeded in impressing the kids and the parents alike. It is worth buying this bike for your kid.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The Flite Panic Mag Boys BMX Bike has many advantages. It has a solid build quality and durable parts. It is very colorful and impressive to brighten the days of your kid. It has good quality brakes to keep the children safe.

The padded saddle, steel V-brakes add more comfort and convenience to the children using it. The frame seems to be a bit solid and heavy which was not required for a kid’s bike. However, the variation in weight is very less and doesn’t make much difference in the riding comfort or handling. Further, it makes the bike strong and durable.

It is a bike meant for regular use on normal roads. It is suitable as an initial bike meant for introducing the outdoor riding to your kid. It is not suitable for different kinds of terrain.

Commonly asked questions


Is the  wheel size suitable for a 8 eight year old kid?

Yes, it is suitable for kids above 7 years and within 14 years of age.

Is the bike heavy for a 7 year old?

No, we have seen kids of 6 years using the bike without any problem

there gears on this bike? 

No. There are no gears on this bike.

Are the   brakes safer for small children?

Yes. The brakes work very well. In fact, it is advised by many to disable or loosen front break to avoid accidental fall when small kids apply only front brake.

Can it be used for off road riding?

No. it is made for regular riding in normal roads.  Check out our article factors to consider when buying a mountain bike..



If you are looking for a simple yet attractive and durable bike for your child aged between 7 and 14 years of age, you can buy the . It is a perfect choice for regular riding on normal roads.

It is not suitable for adventure kind of off road rides. The will surely impress the children in young age and is quite sufficient for that age in terms of comfort, fun factor and safety.

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