The Flite Delta Girls Mountain Bike is an ideal option when looking for a bike that suits a cyclist who is not ready yet for bikes intended for adults. The bike is designed to suit young women or adults who are equally shorter.

The bike comes with specifications that make it suitable for young riders to use. Having grip shifters, the bike ensures easy gear shifting that is safer for the user. Using this kind of bike, gives you comfort and room to ride on different terrains.

The excellent braking gives confidence when riding this bike as it has reliable braking pads and a comfortable saddle too.

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Benefits/ features


Flite Delta GirlsMountain Bike comes with eighteen shimano  gears with twist grip shifting that allows you to easy use of the shifters.

It has powerful v type of brakes making easy to use with a smooth modulation to ensure strong gripping on the ground not to forget the brake levers are made from resin hence they do not get cold on chilly conditions to be precise.

The tyres have contact line ideal for road use therefore, making it easy to ride on and off road as it can tackle any terrain.

The weight of a Flite Delta Girls Mountain Bike is approximately nineteen kilograms hence it has a lightweight that can be easily handled.

The grip shifters allows the user to change or shift gears without removing hands on the handlebars thus this makes the shifting safer.

Its wheels are equipped with adventurer tyre featuring a multi tread that allows users to ride freely on the roads or towpaths whereby, the side knobbles on tyres will keep you in control despite venturing on the off-road.

The powerful braking is included with short reach brake levers suitable for all sizes of hands and for all weather aluminum rims; the brakes are reliable given any conditions.

The saddle to this bike offers comfort and an adjustable height and riser handlebar. The saddle has oversized foam padded.

Customer satisfaction


As much as the bike may be ideal for short women or younger ones, many interested people find it to be limited to the mentioned categories. The features make the bike appealing and friendly to use for those who have not heard the experience with it.

Others claim they have higher expectations of similar bike built to favor everyone who may be in need of it. With its effectiveness on users, the Flite Delta Girls Mountain Bike has been proven to be user friendly.

Its features are what a hustle free cyclist would be looking for at these times of new inventions and innovation. Before new buyers start riding the bike, they are supplied with essential tools for the bike to be assembled.

Common questions


Does the bike company offer different sizes for different categories?

Apparently, yes. There is varieties of Flite delta bikes hence different people can choose different categories. The same kind of bike has the ones that suits girls, boys or average height persons.

The difference lies in inches of the frames and wheels and the weight of the bike will determine which persons it can support.

In what colors the Flite Delta Girls Mountain Bike?

Since they come in varieties, Flite delta bikes for girls are mostly displayed in bright colours, as most women prefer. The colours make the bikes appealing in sight and exciting to look at.

What age is suitable for girls riding the Flite Delta Girls Mountain Bike?

These bikes are suitable for girls from age eight to eleven. This is ideal so that weight on bike can be put into consideration. Having a range of age can easily determine what the bike can hold and what it cannot.

From the given age, the number of people on bike or the weight of a person on the bike. This will ensure durability and efficiency of the bike. Using correct age ranges can keep your bike is in good shape for a longer period. Look after your bike with our bike lock guide


Reasons for buying


  • This bike offers incredible fun and exciting experience to its users. With the said features, it is interesting to any buyer who would want something unique with full potential stability for their girls.


  • Since it can be afforded due to its price, buyers should consider choosing an experienced cyclist to help them assemble the essential tools for the bike before their girls start riding the bike to prevent unwanted damages. In addition to it, during maintenance the costs are still affordable hence, the bike’s parts can be easily fixed.


  • The Flite Delta Girls Mountain Bike has several features that will meet your needs including the adjustable features that feed your desires of a perfect choice of bike for your girls. This is no affected in any way by the height or size of your girls.

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