The Flite Boy Ravine Bike For 8 – 11 year-olds is the dream bike of most young boys. Aside from its fantastic and well thought out design, it also provides an ease of use when taken into off-road settings.


When it comes to boys, a tough and durable bike is always important, and, of course, having just the right look plays an important role too.


The Flite Boy Ravine will provide endless hours of fun and exercise for your young ones while standing strong against the elements. If you are looking for the perfect bike for you 8 – 11-year-old then you have come to the right place.


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Benefits & Features

The Flite Boy Ravine Bike For 8 – 11-Year-Olds is a sleek and well thought out mountain bike designed for the younger thrill seeker. The 24inch wheels allow for easy maneuverability when being used and offer just the right height off of the ground for a safe yet thrilling experience.

This bike has been created with the younger rider in mind and will provide all of the general requirements needed for a great off-road bike trip.

A 14-inch Frame, which is made of durable and rigid steel makes this bike the perfect size for those with an inside leg of between 24 inches to 27 inches.

If your child is between this sizing range then this bike will provide the most comfortable ride while retaining a natural position. When being used in tricky terrains, the 18-speed gear system will allow for a quick change of pace ideally suited to the surroundings.

The Shimano Revo shift and the micro-shift gears make changing gear a cinch.

The wheels consist of alloy frames for strength and durability and also remain light enough to allow the bike to retain a relatively low weight.

The MTB tires are nice and chunky and designed to provide ultimate speed on-road and maximum grip off-road. Next up we have the powerful V brake system, which provides quick and safe stopping power in the trickiest of situations. The strong yet lightweight suspension forks and frame further add to the bikes ease of use.

Every aspect of the Flite Boy Ravine Bike For 8 – 11-Year-Olds has been well thought out and the end result is a fun yet strong bike which will prove perfect for excitement seeking boys.

Customer Satisfaction


The Flite Boy Ravine Bike For 8 – 11-Year-Olds features everything required for a fun yet safe riding experience. Its light weight makes it easy to transport across all types of surface and prevents less drag when riding uphill.


The overall design of the bike fits nicely with common popular styles between younger boys and combines the perfect mix of fashion and function.


This bike is a popular choice for the younger generation and it will provide many years of off-road cycling
while remaining in a fantastic condition.

Common Questions

Does The Bike Offer Durability?

Absolutely. Every aspect of the Flite Boy Ravine Bike For 8 – 11-Year-Olds has been created with strength and durability in mind. The bike will provide many years of constant heavy use and remain as strong as the day you purchased it.

From the tough alloy wheels to the reinforced steel frame, the Flite Boy will stand up to use in more extreme situations and lend itself to a strong and powerful riding experience.

How Heavy Is The Bike?

The total weight of the Flite Boy Ravine Bike For 8 – 12-Year-Olds is 15kg. This weight range makes it perfect for maneuvering when on tricky surfaces and allows for the bike to be carried easily when the situation calls for it.

When the bike was created, its use for younger children was taken into consideration and a strong yet lightweight end result was achieved.

Does It Come With Assembly Tools?

As the bike arrives fully assembled, the need for additional tools is not required. Should you wish to disassemble the bike in the future for any reason, such as transporting it in the back of a car, basic common tools will suffice.

As a general rule, everything the bike requires is already attached and fixed in place, so no additional tools are provided with it.

  Advice On Using The Flite Boy Ravine Bike For 8 – 11-Year-Olds

When you first receive your Flite Boy Ravine Bike For 8 – 11-Year-Olds, the first thing you are going to want to do is ensure that the tires are inflated to a sufficient level and that both are equal in pressure.

This will help guarantee of excellent grip during use. The saddle should also be adjusted so that it provides a natural position for the rider. It is a good idea to give the bike a hose down after use to remove any surface dirt and then dry it with a towel or cloth to remove any excess water.

Make sure that the chain is well oiled every month or two to prevent rusting and store the bike in a secure and dry location. A garden shed or a garage will usually prove to be sufficient for this purpose. Read our bike lock guide





  • The Flite Boy Ravine Bike For 8 – 11-Year-Olds is an eye-catching bike which offers both style and durability. Your 8 – 11 years old is sure to love it.
  • It has been designed with off-roading in mind and it will function as smoothly on-road too. A perfect choice for those who enjoy biking on a range of different surfaces.
  • The suspension forks, V brakes, and chunky MBT tires provide a safer and smoother riding experience. This means that the child is less likely to fall off and injure themselves when riding it.


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