Ferrari Cx60 Mountain Bike


Ferrari CX60 Mountain Bike

Ferrari was first established in  1947. if you think of a luxury brand then you think Ferrari

Ferrari CX-60 Mountain Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Ferrari CX60 Mountain Bike



Ferrari mission is to focus on people, tradition, passion and tradition to make the Best of the Best. If your buying anything Ferrari you known you have made it.


Designed Specifically For Mountain Biking

Ferrari have designed the Ferrari CX-60 specifically for mountain biking and only used the best quality materials and components


Customer Testimonals

The Ferrari CX-60 has an impressive 4 stars with customer reviews

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Ferrari CX-60 Mountain Bike

A mountain bike was originally designed for off-road biking; a bike that can easily run over uneven surfaces. Abbreviated as MTB, a mountain bike is not only used for the sport of mountain biking but in normal circumstances as well. The reason is that it gives the rider more freedom with the way they want to ride the bike.

A mountain bike is similar to a normal bike but has some extra features which make it better and more suitable for uneven terrains. It is manufactured for giving more durability and to perform smoothly over rough terrains.

This enhanced performance is possible due to the suspension on the frame and fork, tires being large and knobby, and wheels that are heavy duty. In addition to these features, a mountain bike is supposed to have powerful brakes and a low gear ratio.

This allows the bike to be safe for steep grades where the traction is weak. These are just the common features that a good mountain bike must possess.

Benefits / Features

The main reasons why to buy the Ferrari CX 60

Briefly, following is a list of features you can benefit from while buying the Ferrari CX60:

  • 17 inch hydro formed aluminium frame
  • Suntour Epicon forks
  • Rock Shox suspension system
  • Shimano LX shifters
  • Shimano hydraulic disc Deore brakes
  • Ferrari Sports Edition microfiber saddle


There are two very important features to discuss the Ferrari CX60. Firstly, it is important to mention the type of frame that has been used to manufacture this particular mountain bike. The 26 inch hydro formed aluminium frame makes the bike lightweight. You may like to read our article on the pros and cons of mountain bikes.

This means that the rider can easily manage the bike. Moreover, the frame provides quality suspension which is very important when it comes to mountain bikes.

As mentioned earlier in this post, one of the features that make mountain bikes different is the suspension in the frame. The Ferrari CX60 has high-quality full suspension making it durable and easily controllable by the rider. The suspension has been designed to absorb shocks without trouble and interrupting the rider’s comfort. It is suitable to ride the bike on several different types of terrains.


Hydraulic Brakes

The second feature which has significance are the hydraulic disc brakes. The use of these types of brakes in the bike gives it high performing braking system. The bike can be brought to a stop safely and without any hard effort.

Other notable features and specifications include the extra padded saddle. A rider’s comfort is very significant when it comes to mountain bikes. Rough terrains mean there would be shocks. While the suspension reduces the impact of the shocks, it is vital that the saddle supporting the rider must be comfortable. The extra padding in the Ferrari CX60 ensures maximum comfort. Next, the tyres are impressive using the Continental Pro brand. The tyres are further supported by 26 inch wheels. This ensures that rough terrains won’t be able to produce wear and tear on the tyres any time soon. The tyres have high resistance and the ability to last long considering the terrains that a mountain bike is made for.



Apart from the features of the product itself, assembling the bike is a great deal to the buyers. It can be very frustrating when you can’t assemble the product. Many customers complain that the instructions given in the accompanying manual are too difficult to follow. The brand has taken special care in this regard and it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes to assemble the entire bike. Moreover, the bike already comes partially assembled when you buy it so your efforts are considerably reduced.

Given many other mountain bikes on the market, this bike comes from a trusted brand. You might be spending a bit more money but in return, you get some valuable features. It is basically a cost effective purchase. One time expenditure earns you a long lasting mountain bike. As mentioned earlier, Ferrari always used quality parts that are more durable and resistant to wear and tear in the long run

  • Features – 96
  • Value For Money – 92
  • Build Quality – 98/p>

“I am on the hunt for the best Mountain Bike to tackle the local mountain bike trails- I cant wait to ride my Ferrari CX-60”.

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This is a very classic mountain bike. It packs all the major features of a good mountain bike and the use of quality parts make them better and enhance as compared to other brands. A bit expensive but that is a justified bargain in exchange for high performing features. Given the on-going discount on the bike at Amazon, this is a suitable time to make this bargain.

Two words summarise this entire product and they are durable and comfort. You get a bike that will last a fair amount of time while bringing a good level of comfort for the rider. I hope you have found our review informative and helpful. Please Support our reviews by Sharing the review.