Ferrari Cx50 26 Hardtail Mountain Bike is an excellent choice for anyone who loves to have a good ride. It is a hardtail bicycle with many special features.

It comes with a very modern and sophisticated design which is very stylish and attractive at the same time. It is a perfect fit to enjoy a smooth ride in the toughest of terrains.

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Ferrari Cx50 26 Hardtail Mountain Bike is an MTB model from the well-known Ferrari Company. It comes with an 18-inch hydroformed aluminum and carbon fiber frame. This aluminum frame with carbon fiber is capable of minimizing road vibration and it can offer better compliance. Hydroforming gives it better stiffness and a greater strength using only a few amount of material. As a result, it is very strong yet light-weight and easy to handle at the same time.

This bicycle has Suntour XCR-RL forks that are capable of damping on uneven grounds very decently. It is quite easy to disassemble and clean these forks when needed. Besides, it also has an XC aluminium handlebar which can make navigation so much easier. It comes with an Aluminium 3D cold forged stem which is very strong despite having a low weight.

Ferrari Cx50 26 Hardtail Mountain Bike has an advanced Shimano hydraulic disc brake system. It provides the ability to come into sudden and precise halts while riding. It also has a Super narrow 9-speed chain and a gear system with Shimano Deore shifters and derailleurs. As a result, the rider can accelerate or decelerate easily to achieve nine different speeds depending on his preference.

This bicycle comes with a very attractive Ferrari Sports Edition micro-fiber saddle. Its saddle has a very sleek yet very comfortable design. In addition, it has brand new Wellgo pedals and double density grips that ensure a stable and comfortable ride on the streets.

It has an inside leg measurement from 71cm to74cm. If your leg size is compatible with that of the bicycle range, you can ride it with so much ease. Another important fact regarding this bike is that before using this bike for the first time you might have to do some assembling on your own. You will have to fit the front wheel, attach pedals, saddle, and handlebars before going on your very first ride.

Customer satisfaction

Usually, the customers are very much satisfied with the overall performance of the Ferrari Cx50 26 Hardtail Mountain Bike. There is no age restriction or gender difference as such for riding this amazing bike.

Anyone who fits into the leg size range of 71cm to74cm can easily ride this bike. As it is very light and comfortable, even a kid can ride and handle it well without facing many difficulties.

In addition, it is a very good hardtail bike that is suitable for uneven, rugged country trails and well-made roads alike. Customers are usually very happy as it can be cleaned and maintained without any hassle. It usually comes in a very attractive and stylish Ferrari red design.

Common questions

Will my child be able to ride it?

The answer depends on whether your child has leg sizes compatible with that of the bicycle or not. If your child is tall enough to reach pedals while sitting on the saddle, then this bike will be suitable for your kid. As it has a very light weight, even a child will be able to handle it quite easily. But, it is always better not to give this bike to a younger kid because it doesn’t have chain guards for safety.

Is it durable?

The Ferrari Cx50 26 Hardtail Mountain Bike is definitely a strong and long lasting bicycle. Its strong hydroformed aluminium and carbon fibre frame has the ability to withstand motion vibrations and other types of heavy shocks. Thus, this bike can definitely last a long time.

Do I have to assemble it?

This bike usually comes in parts and you will have to put them together correctly before using. You will have to fit the front wheel into the frame. In addition, you should also attach the pedals, saddle, and the handlebars. It might sound a bit complicated at the beginning. Once you follow the instructions guide properly, the entire assembling process will be a piece of cake for you.

Advice on using Ferrari Cx50 26 Hardtail Mountain Bike

Once you have completed the assembling process, make sure to run through a safety check list before going on your first ride. It will prevent any unexpected accidents from happening. Another important thing you should consider is that this bike is specially designed for the European market. Thus, you might have to swap the brakes around to match your setting.

  • This bike has a very attractive Ferrari Sports Edition design.

  • It is a versatile and a practical bike that works well on many trails.

  • Ferrari Cx50 26″ Hardtail Mountain Bike is very durable.

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