The Ferrari Cx20 (Rosso Model) is recommended for children aged 6-8 years old as has a five star rating on Amazon. . The benefit of buying a bike from the Ferrari brand is the quality parts that are being used ensuring the bike will last for a longer period of time.

Firstly, It comes will a light aluminium frame, fork and stem system which allows the child a better control and manoeuvrability while riding.

Secondly, the Ferrari comes with a top quality braking system consisting of front V brakes and rear coaster brakes. The bike comes with a stylish race panel, a Ferrari flag, rear mudguard carbon look, training wheels and reflectors. The Ferrari comes with Adventure Track tires, a Ferrari saddle, soft grips and pedals.


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Buying your kids a good bike is not supposed to be a hard chore, right? The truth is that sometimes it could be. You want to buy something that is safe and that would provide your kids with fun without making them subject to any danger. You also want to buy something that would live and won’t break down after a ride or two.

We know how kids mess up with all their stuff, but you want a bike that would last for years. Also you don’t want to buy something that needs replacement parts all the time so that you keep on spending on something that you have already bought.

You also don’t want to buy a bike that would need a lot of maintenance because you need to focus on having fun with your children. So if you are looking for performance, sturdiness and strength then you can choose the Ferrari cx 20. This is a reliable bike that would keep your kids happy and safe and you will know that your money is well spent.



The Ferrari kids’ bike is a Rosso Ferrari model that is both elegant and chic. The 16 inches track wheels will make this bike stable enough for your kids to have fun in the safest way possible.

If you are looking for a safe reliable bike that would last for years of fun and good performance then you must choose the Ferrari cx 20.

The aluminium frame is sturdy, durable and light. This makes the bike easier to move without jeopardizing your kids’ safety. The stem and the fork are also made from aluminium which won’t break or rust even in the hardest situations and conditions.

The Ferrari cx 20 has rear coaster brakes that will allow your kids to control the bike completely while having fun with it. It is the best bike for your kids because they will have fun, play and explore while staying safe.

The wheel race panel makes riding the Ferrari cx 20 a unique experience for your kids that they will love and would get them off the couch.

If you are worried about your kids spending too much time staring at a computer screen then take then the Ferrari cx 20 is what you need. With the Ferrari flag on this bike, your kids will feel like real adventurers and will love the thrill they get that they get from the Ferrari cx 20. The rear mudguard will keep the Ferrari cx 20 clean and will keep your kids happy on the road. The Ferrari cx 20 is good to ride on different terrains and has the right reflectors to keep your kids safe on the road.



The Ferrari cx 20 has a lot of interesting features that make it one of the best kids’ bikes available on the market:

  • The wheels are wide and supportive even on the less comfortable terrains.
  • Your kids will stay safe on the Ferrari kids’ bike thanks to the rear brakes.
  • The frame of the Ferrari Cx20 is light and sturdy because it is made from aluminium. This means that it won’t break, bend or rust. It will not get affected by the elements and will be good to use for years.
  • The fork of the Ferrari kids’ bike will ensure that your kids will have a fun riding experience that would interest them and get them off the couch.
  • The Ferrari flag is something that all kids love as they feel that they are driving a bike that is related to the famous iconic brand that is known for its sportiness and stability.

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Customer satisfaction:

Customers found that the Ferrari kids’ bike is light and easy to control on different terrains. This didn’t mean that it was not durable and sturdy. In fact it was very solid and would live to give years of exceptional performance.

The Ferrari cx 20 is real value for money because you are buying a high quality bike that will keep your kids safe while they are having fun.

Common questions:

  1. Can both boys and girls use the Ferrari cx 20?
  2. Yes, the Ferrari kids’ bike is appropriate for boys and girls. They will equally have fun on the bike.
  3. Can the bike fit in a car trunk?
  4. Yes, it can.
  5. Is the Ferrari cx 20 easy to control?
  6. Yes, the non-slip pedals and grips will make this bike the easiest to control.


We love Ferrari cx 20 and we believe that it is the best bike for kids:

  • It is made from light aluminium that is both durable and sturdy.
  • The Ferrari logo and flag make this bike one of its kind.
  • The adventure track tires will keep this bike on the road and will keep your kids safe while having fun

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