A short review of the Ferrari Cx50, Ferrari Hardtail Cx60 and the Ferrari Cx20.

Our product research will consider the best features of each bike and also its drawbacks and information from the manufacturer.

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Ferrari Cx50 26″ Hardtail Mountain Bike Large

Ferrari Cx50 26" Hardtail Mountain Bike Large


 The Ferrari Cx50 Hard tail mountain bike comes in a classic Ferrari Red. The benefit of having purchasing a bike from the Ferrari brand is the quality parts that are being used and the bike will last for a longer period of time.
 Firstly, It comes with an impressive lightweight 18.5 Hydro formed aluminium and carbon fibre frame which will be make it easy to manoeuvre the bike.
 Secondly , with some highly recognised Suntour XCR-RL forks, lightweight aluminium handlebars and a Aluminium 3D cold forged stem.
 Thirdly, The Ferrari Cx50 also comes with a fantastic braking system using responsive hydraulic disk brakes in order to give the rider total control while travelling
 The bike has an impressive Continental explorer Pro tyres that are great in getting over rough terrain. It comes with an high quality Microfiber Saddle.
 The Ferrari Cx50 comes partly assembled with a detailed instruction manuel and should only take twenty minutes to assemble. The suitable measurement for this bike is around 71cm to 74cm
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  • Frame: Red
  • 18.5 Hydroformed Aluminium and carbon fibre frame.
  • Shimanio Hydraulic brakes
  • Continental Explorer Pro 26 Tyres
  • XC Aluminium handle bar
  • Suntour XCR-RL fork
  • Ferrari Brand
  • 65% Discount
  • High Quality
  • Higher premium for the Ferrari Brand; however if you’re looking you cant afford it  .
Ferraris are one of the most recognised expensive quality brands in the world with attached. If you’re looking for a high quality bike using only the best parts, the Ferrari designed for going over rough terrain and its versatile bike that can be used for multiple purposes. Don’t forget the 65% discount.