Falcon Xenon Men’s Mountain Bike



Falcon Xenon Men’s Mountain Bike


Falcon are known throughout the bike industry for making good quality bikes customers love and have 80 years experience.

Falcon Xenon Men’s Mountain Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Falcon Xenon Men’s Mountain Bike


Falcon Brand

Falcon have over 80 years making good quality mountain bikes and pride themselves on offering a first class customer service

Manufactured For Mountain Biking

Falcon have designed the Falcon Xenon Men’s Mountain Bike for riders wanting to tackle their local mountain bike trails.


Customer Reviews

The Falcon Xenon Men’s Mountain Bike has a five star customer review. Check them out for yourself.

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Falcon Xenon Men’s Mountain Bike

To experience the adrenaline rush and loads of chutzpah in mountain biking, then very few bikes would come closer to Falcon Xenon Men’s Mountain Bike.

This bike has been created with a clear vision to give teenagers the most memorable memories of mountain biking they would revere for life. The reason being, adolescents typically pride having a bike that complements their persona, as during growing up years, a bike is not just a two-wheeler but your extension, your identity.

Best Features

Here are the top features of the Falcon Xenon Men’s Mountain Bike


Falcon Xenon Men’s Mountain Bike is made of pure aluminium to give a greater tensile strength than other bikes. Its 19-inch frame size makes it ideal for any teenager to get on it or off it with great ease. Since teens do a lot of short bike rides, this short frame aids in their riding style too. The bike has a 26-inch wheel, making it of an optimum size for most teenagers.

The bike has 24-speed gears of Shimano. The Shimano EZ fire gear shifters make sure that one has a seamless effort in changing gears at all times. The rear derailleur and the chainset, also of Shimano, helps in making the ride smooth.

When mountain biking, suspension is of prime importance and Falcon Xenon Men’s Mountain Bike excels in this area with front suspension made of zoom alloy crown so that the pressures of stony and rocky terrain. For a growing person, this helps a lot in keeping the pressure one’s shoulders and arms.

The headset is sealed and of cartridge type a bottom bracket is provided for a longer shelf life, making every part durable as the bike traverses jagged lands.

The wheels are made of alloys, which is useful in keeping the sturdy quality of wheels intact with lesser weight to add to the bicycle ride. The head stem is also made of alloy and measures 1 ⅛ inches. The headset along with the riser bars gives one ample control when it comes to harmonious steerability.

When it comes to all-terrain biking, the braking system of the bike is of utmost importance. Any compromise in this area is a matter of concern for any biker. The Falcom Xenon Men’s Mountain Bike has, for this reason, mechanical disk brakes operated by Shimano brake levers.


The seating is made comfortable by the signature Falcon saddle, which is connected to the seat post by a small adjust fitment. This allows for bikers of all heights to make easy seat-adjustments and thus, the bike can be shared among many people.

It is advised that the bicycle is regularly maintained so as to prolong its life and prevents any accidents while riding. On delivery, this bicycle is assembled partially and the rest of the adjustment has to be made by you. So it is wise to see if all the parts are fitted perfectly before you begin mountain biking.


  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 96%

”  Its my nephews birthday next month and I have searching online for the perfect mountain bike. The Falcon Xenon Men’s Mountain Bike is fantastic”

Customer Satisfaction

Falcon Xenon Men’s Mountain Bike is a kind of bike that any teenage boy would want to be associated with in his growing years, as this bike scores well on all fronts — suspension, braking, height, strength, wheel size, speed etc.

At 16 kilograms, this bike is a breeze compared to its competition. Its durability on account of high-quality of materials used is the unique selling point that will make it last beyond the average shelf-life of a typical bike, thus, making it a truly ‘value for money’ investment.

Moreover, this bike is engineered to be used in a rough and tough manner, as teenagers generally use, leading it to be a perfect companion for a person who doesn’t want to spend too much time on maintenance.


Common Questions

–Are these bikes easy to assemble?

Yes. They are. The bike is delivered to you in a part-assembled manner and you have to do a little bit of assemblage before you can rise the bike. The reason being that, in transit, the bike cannot be packaged in a fully assembled manner. Hence, for the sake of convenience, it is partially constructed.

–My son is 11 years old. Will he be able to ride it?

The bike has length measurement of 30 to 36 inches. Thus any person who is upwards of 5 feet 7 inches will be able to ride this bike comfortably.

–What colours these bikes are available in?

The bikes come in grey and green colours.

–Aren’t the 26-inch wheels too small for one to comfortably ride?

The 26-inch wheels are made keeping in mind to reduce the overall weight of the bike and lend more agility to the biker. For a quick mountain ride, this is very useful and amazingly comfortable.


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Its sturdy built and clean looks will go a long way in enhancing the self-worth of your teenage son, as psychologically, association with powerful things makes one think highly of oneself

Since biking is a long-time phenomenon in a young adults’ life, the durability of the bike will make every pound of pennyworth the buying decision

If high quality, craftsmanship and timeless experience is something that you are seeking, then Falcon Xenon Men’s Mountain Bike is the way to go.