Falcon Women’s Express Bike



Falcon Women’s Express Bike


Falcon Have 80 years Experience Within The Bike Industry Of Making Quality Bikes.

Falcon Women’s Express Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Falcon Women’s Express Bike


English Brand

Falcon are an English bike brand with over 80 years  experience in the bike industry making quality bikes.

Designed for Road

The Falcon Women’s Express Bike Is Designed Specifically For The Road.

British Brand

Falcon is an English Brand that was established in English. Cycle with pride and support an English Brand.

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Falcon Women’s Express Bike


The Falcon Women’s Express Bike, Jade Green, Size 12 is a versatile and well-designed bicycle that caters to the needs of the modern woman. If you are looking for a way to enjoy bike riding, then the Falcon Women’s Express Bike, Jade Green, Size 12 is the perfect fit for you.

This jade green bike inspires confidence in its owner with its beautiful yet functional design. The express bike’s diverse qualities make it a perfect choice for women interested in bike riding either for leisure or exercise.



Best Features

Here are the top features of the Falcon Womens Express Bike

One of the interesting features of the Falcon Women’s Express Bike, Jade Green, Size 12 is that it has a steel rod frame as well as a tapered steel fork at the front of the bicycle. The design characteristic serves as a visually appealing structure to the bicycle in addition to having the practical purpose of improving the flow of movement. The feature also ensures a solid smooth ride to the rider.

Another characteristic that affects the performance of the bike is the low profile tyres which improve the braking capability of the Falcon Express bike as well as improving the tyre grip on the ground. This feature makes the bicycle to have a great level of reliability and performance.

The express bike for women is produced in a dynamic and light frame that is designed with an intricate geometry that makes the bike extremely versatile. The Falcon Women’s Express Bike, Jade Green, Size 12 just like many other Falcon brand bicycles has caliper brake that ensure fast and reliable braking. This increases the performance of the bicycle for women on the go.

This bike also has features that allow for the adjustment of both the height and the saddle therefore offering a versatile product that can be used by women of different physical dimensions. Finally, the express bike features a 14-speed Shimano gear arrangement that ensures proper chain management and limits the chances of damaging or displacing the chain.

  • Features – 95%
  • Value for money – 97%
  • Build Quality – 96%

”  I Have Been Searching For A Ladies Road Bike For The Last Couple Of Months, The Falcon Women Express Bike Certainly Is The Bike For Me.”  Dorothy

Customer Satisfaction

The Falcon Women’s Express Bike, Jade Green, Size 12 is known to be a properly devised bicycle meant to cater to a wide range of ages and sizes among women. It is the perfect type of product for women who enjoy bike riding.

The beautifully crafted bicycle offers a product that is safe, consistent and attractive. Its numerous features are crucial in enhancing its appeal to women of different ages. If a functional yet simple design appeals to you, then this is the bike for you.

It is also a great design for individuals who may wish to tackle more challenging terrain than a normal road. Its deep green color enhances the uniqueness of the bicycles and ensures that its rider stands out from the crowd.


Common Questions

Is the Falcon Women’s Express Bike, Jade Green, Size 12 only suited to women?

No. The bicycle is designed to appeal to women but does not necessarily have to be limited in use to only one gender. The Falcon brand designs bicycles that are adaptable and depend on individual taste. Therefore, all customers are welcome to purchase this product if they are interested in its numerous benefits.

Is the bicycle only designed for adult women?

No. The express bike is designed to accommodate females over the age of 12. The height and size of the bicycle makes it versatile enough to cater to a wider range of customers than other bicycles. The bike is appealing to an older audience due to its muted yet interesting color therefore being suitable for women of different ages.

Can I ride the the Falcon Women’s Express Bike, Jade Green, Size 12 as a mountain bike?

No. The bicycle is designed to be a road bike. The bike’s design allows users to ride their bikes in relatively flat terrain but have features that enhance their use despite factors such as the weather.

How popular is the Falcon Women’s Express Bike, Jade Green, Size 12 amongst bike riding regulars?

The bike is quite popular among regular bike riders due to inherent stability, safety and physical appeal among women. The most important trait of the bike that make it so popular is the great design and versatility of the product.


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Purchasing the express bike is a worthwhile venture as it offers numerous positive attributes such as safety and consistency.

One reason to purchase the Falcon Women’s Express Bike, Jade Green, Size 12 is that it has a great design. The jade color is appealing while the actual shape of the bicycle is attractive.

It is convenient. It is well suited for everyday use and can be used by many different women of diverse ages. Its design also makes the ride smoother than many other types of bicycles and therefore enhances its performance.