Falcon Spark Men’s Electric Bike


Falcon Spark Men’s Electric Bike

“Falcon have manufactured the Falcon Spark Men’s Electric Bike to meet the needs of the modern commuter. You will be sure to leave your competitors in the wind.”


Falcon Spark Men’s Electric Bike

 Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Falcon Spark Men’s Electric Bike


Why Buy The Falcon Spark Men's Electric Bike?

“With an on board motor the Falcon Spark Men’s Electric Bike will be sure to be every riders dream.”


Specifically Designed For The Commuter

Falcon have designed the Falcon Spark Men’s Electric Bike to assist an rider with the commute. There is no need to worry about those dreaded hills.


Customer Testimonals

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Wheel Size

Falcon Spark Men’s Electric Bike  Review

Summer is here and there’s no better time in the year to go out for ride. You can go anywhere on a bike- the park, the shop around the corner… you can even take it with you when you go camping.

Bikes are imperative to quite a bit of outdoor activities. The Falcon Spark Men’s Electric Bike is perfect for such activities and more. This bicycle is perfect for men as they go about using it in day to day tasks or for sport.

Benefits / Features

The main reasons why to buy the Falcon Sparks Men Electric Bike

The Falcon Spark Men’s Electric Bike is designed with an eighteen inch lightweight, aluminium frame. With this, you can explore any street, territories and is appropriate for tricky places too. It also has a double front and rear mechanical disk that offers the rider adaptability and the opportunity to apply the brakes on either side when they need to be stopped, as long as longetivity and reliability.

It also has 6 speed zoom front suspension forks- an upgrade that enhances speed and acceleration for smooth riding. It has also been worked with front and rear mudguards and handy propstands for easy parking. These features also make it useful for the street and for carrying out errands in this bicycle. Apart from that, this designs adds more grasp and addional grip.

The Falcon Spark Men’s Electric Bike is only 22 kgs- making it quite lightweight- as mentioned before. This is because of its aluminium frame. Aluminium being a light substance used to build rocket ships and planes. This bicycle comes into the class of mountain bicycle- made for individuals who like good sports and enjoy bicycling for leisure and more.

Being an electric bicycle, it is quite reliable and high quality though this is mainly due to the powerful 250 W motor and ample 36 V 10 Ah lithium ion battery that is incorporated into the bicycle to give you the power you need to climb any slope or surface. It also has an comfortable padded saddle with suspension seat-posts and an angle adujusting handlebar stem for maximum adjustment.

The bicycle will need to be charged overnight on its first time use to avoid any troubles in the future, and to provide long life for the vehicle. The lithium ion battery is included in the bicycle pack and even replacement batteries can be brought on desire.

The Falcon Spark Men’s Electric bike can be used all year round in any climatic conditions. Its size is 26 and it is available in two colours- blue and green. The wheel size is ideal as well- at 26 centimeters which is quite ideal for mountain bikes. Larger wheels is great for mountain biking as it allows more distance to be covered- it is also a signal that a good suspension fork has been used in the bike.


  • Features – 96
  • Value For Money – 92
  • Build Quality – 94

“I have been saving up for the last couple of months for a new e bike.  The Falcon Sparks Mens Electric has lots of benefits for the fraction of the cost of other electric bikes.”

Customer Satisfaction

The Falcon Spark Men’s Electric bike is generally a great bike that is suitable for young men and sports enthusiasts. Everything about it is top notch and every one of its parts perfectly fits in well. More so, it is light, thanks to its aluminium wire frame, you can take it with you anywhere if you’re travelling. It’s lithium battery is durable, and you can use it for a long time- you just need to charge it and your bike’s good to go.


Common Questions

  • Do electric bikes require license, insurance, charge, enrolment in the north Ireland?

Electric bicycles do not require any permit or licensing. As far as charging it, you only need to charge it overnight the first time you use it; after that it will be only for a few hours. Also, no insurance is required for electric bicycles since it has to be under 500 W for that and this one is 250.

  • Might I be able to fit a pooch trailer to this bicycle?

Yes, it is possible to get a trailer fitted to this bicycle. It depends on the type of connector that is to be fitted to the bicycle- the rear axle fitting is the best.

  • Does the bicycle come assembled?

As with all bicycles you purchase online they come eighty five percent assembled. The last parts are made straightforward that any bicycle beginner can assemble them. There are parts like seat, handlebars and front wheel that must be connected. Every one of the

  • Is it conceivable to connect a back light to this bicycle?

Yes, it is possible to fit a back light on the back section. However, it really relies upon the bicycle light as you can get a wide range of ones. You can get ones that connect under the seat instead of the seat tube.

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  • Its wire frame is made up of lightweight, aluminium wire frame- making it perfect and very convienent for moving around.
  • It has great front and rear mechanical braking disks which make it very easy to navigate and thereby, you can stop it whenever you want.
  • That’s not the only great thing about the bicycle is that, in addition to all that, it also has a very padded saddle with suspension seat-posts and an angle adjustable handlebar for better adjustment and angle-inclination.

Cheap bike for startup riders. Can be a way to get into the cycling world. The price makes you think about buying it right now.

Strong steel frame and design that makes it strong. You can use this bike in any roads easily

Traditional design makes is easy for the new riders as they are more used to riding old fashioned cycle. This bike can be a gateway of racing bike. Some features however may not match the standard followed today