Buying a mountain bike for your little lad can be slightly bewildering because of the available array of the product in the market.

However, if you have made your mind to purchase him the falcon samurai boys’ 11” mountain bike, you are heading in the right direction. Specially crafted for the nipper riders, it is a quintessential choice for them to explore their binge to the fullest.

From design to its entire concoction, the bike is sure to get your little one, euphoric about your choice.


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Crafted meticulously, the falcon samurai boys’ 11” mountain bike comes with a 20” front suspension, that confers a voguish look to the bike. Apart from being modish, the front suspensions also offer great capacity to the bike, to sponge up shocks while riding. The saddle rail of the bike is fully adjustable and can be adjusted to match your boy’s suitability by moving it back and forth.

Most importantly, the bike has a 6-speed gear system powered by a reputed brand, named, Shimano. The gear shifting is also smooth and very facile to effectuate as well as, user-friendly. The dual-sided chainwheel offer better grip to the hands and fingers, thus, preventing them to slip from the cog.

Falcon samurai boys’ 11” mountain bike is fitted with the V-brake technology that can even be adjusted using the reach-adjustable levers to fall in the vicinity of our little boy’s fingers. Not to omit, the bike also has a 200mm seat that has a cylindrical handlebars move the seat up and down and bring it to an apt height for your little swashbuckler.

The bike is also supplied with MTB tyres that offer abiding grip on the terrains and hills and thus avoid any bike drifting scenarios. It has MTB pedals that help your child, steer clear from any ‘sudden slipping off’ of the grip.

Additionally, the bike comes in a bevy of modish colours and has anti reflective lens material used in it. With wheels measuring 20 inches in diameters, this bike is a big hit and succeeds to keep the hype about its built real and trend-setting.

Lastly, with the 11-inch steel frame and black wheel rims, the bike beams out an ultra-modern look. The bike is indeed an exemplary blend of safety and vogue that not only looks cool and but also, has bosting safety fittings for the user.



Consumer Satisfaction


Falcon samurai boys’ 11” mountain bike is an incredible built to suit the 7 to 9 years of age group. From its appearance to its entire fabrication, everything has been done meticulously with due regards to the comforts of a juvenile rider.

The bike is highly durable and investing in it has been a great experience. Its assembling is hassle free and the same applies to the riding part. It has been made to suit the innocent thugs and cater their binge.

With flexibility in the seat and height of the bike, the bike epitomises versatility and seeks to match the comfort zones of your little ones at the same time.





Common Questions


What if the product received is not as shown in the picture?

We have a competent customer support team that is dedicated to help you find a way out of any query regarding any of our products. If the product looks unfeign or gets you dubious, you can always contact our main desk or the respective delivery team and your query will be resolved. The people designated to handle the after sale service will be at service right away.

Is the bike wear and tear resistant?

Yes. The bike is fabricated with high tensile strength steel and the framework is made to last a really long time. So even after keeling over a number of times, the bike would still be giving that ‘just bought’ glare. The entire framework is made resilient enough to suit a couple toppling downs.

Can the bike be used on normal roads?

Absolutely yes. Though designed specifically for tracing the terrain and hilly regions, the bike can be used for normal riding as well. It’s just that they proffer extra comfort and grip on the hilly grounds, which normal bikes often flunk to. However, as a cautious guardian, kindly ask your little one to stay away from the congested roadways.

Advisory note:

On a suggestive note, kindly make sure that your little one wears the protective gears while riding the bike and also, the bike must not be used on roads stuffed with tailbacks. Read our article on Kryptonite bike locks.







Falcon samurai boys’ 11” mountain bike has a high appeal overall and the colour range is sure to fit perfect into your nipper’s preference spectrum.

The bike has a high tensile strength and resilient framework and is sure to go a long way.

A basic version of an adult bike, this bike is sure to inculcate confidence and raise the morale of your younger one.

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