Falcon Progress Unisex Mountain Bike



Falcon Progress Unisex Mountain Bike


Falcon are well known  throughout the bike industry and have 80 years experience with innovation and there main focus is manufacturing bikes that customers love. .

Falcon Progress Unisex Mountain Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Falcon Progress Unisex Mountain Bike


Falcon Brand

Falcon are established brand that have manufactured hundreds of mountain bikes and love rewarding their loyal customers with fantastic mountain bikes cyclist enthusiasts love.

Designed for MTB

Falcon have manufactured the Falcon Progress Mountain Bike so that it can be used on the local mountain bike trails.


Customer Testimonals

The Falcon Progress Unisex Mountain Bike has some great customer reviews. Why not read them for yourself

Falcon Progress Unisex Mountain Bike Metrics

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Falcon Xenon Men’s Mountain Bike

Summer is everywhere on no better time in the year to go out for ride. You can go wherever on a bike the entertainment focus, the shop around the curve… you can even take it with you when you go outside.

Bikes are essential to a considerable measure of outside activities. The Falcon Progress Unisex Mountain Bike is perfect for such activities and anything is possible from that point. This bicycle is perfect for everyone as they approach using it in ordinary assignments or for sport.


Best Features

Here are the top features of the Falcon Progress Unisex Mountain Bike

The bicycle is made by the Falcon company that specializes in mountain bikes and road bikes. Apart from that, the company has been in production since 1930 and over the years, it has learned to utilise its experience to create some of the best mountain bikes and hybrid bikes around. With this company, you can expect a great deal of research done to ensure that the bike you get is not only built well but that every part of it is high quality, so that you may get a great experience.

The Falcon Progress Mountain Bike is arranged with a nineteen inch lightweight, aluminium frame. With this, you can travel in any street, spaces and is fitting for untamed trails too. Moreover, it has a front and rear alloy v-brakes with adjustable brake levers that offers the rider adaptability and the opportunity to apply the brakes on either side when they ought to be stopped, as well as balance and reassurance.

It has 18 speed gearing with Shimano Revo shift gear shifters with its suspension forks-is great for smooth riding. This helps in enabling a good shift when you’re changing gears as it provides with the grip needed to keep you on balance. These features make it accommodate for the street and for doing errands in this bicycle. Besides that, this design comes in a sleek, modern style so as to make your bicycle physically appealing as well.

The Falcon Progress Unisex Mountain Bike is only 13.6 kgs making it extremely lightweight-as determined already, this is due to the aluminium frame. Because of this, the mountain bike is great for riding up hills as you will have less resistance to climbing. This bicycle comes into the class of bicycle made for individuals who like extraordinary sporting ambitions and value bicycling for not just diversion but also for a productive past time.

The Falcon Spark Men’s Electric bike can be used enduring during that time in any climatic conditions. Its size is 19 inches and it is available in one colour: blue. The wheel size is ideal too at 26 inches which is extremely ideal for rough terrain bikes. Greater wheels are amazing for mountain biking as it empowers more detachment from the uneven ground so as to make it even more satisfactory for the rider.


  • Features – 91%
  • Value for money – 98%
  • Build Quality – 96%

”  My Boyfriend and myself have been looking for a mountain bike we can both use. The Falcon Progress Unisex looks perfect  “

Customer Satisfaction

Customers will find this bike extremely satisfying as it is not only a great mountain bike but because it has all these additional features such as the front and rear alloy v-brakes for better communication between the rider and the brakes, so you can stop whenever you feel like. Not only this but it has a steel blade for more precise while cornering. Apart from that there is cartridge type sealed headset and bottom brackets for a longer life for your bike. Over all, it’s a great bike for its price and the customer review of these bikes have been great thus far.


Common Questions

  • Does the bike come assembled?

The bike is delivered partially assembled as some of the unassembled parts would have been damaged if it were delivered completely assembled. The parts that will require assembling includes the front wheel, handlebars, the seat and the pedals. Before usage, it is recommended that you check that all parts are found and that they are all working efficiently so that if there’s any problem than you can contact customer service for help.

  • Can I assemble the parts myself?

It depends on you. If you believe you can assemble it yourself, it is certainly possible to do so. It is a very straightforward process and guidelines are provided for all unassembled parts. However, if you are unsure than it is probably best to get it assembled from the local bicycle shop, least you break the parts or damage them altogether.


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  • Its eighteen speed gearing with Shimano Revo shift gear shifters offers great reassurance and reliability while switching gears.
  • Its light weight so it will not be too troublesome to deal with and you can take it anywhere you want as it is not that heavy to move around.
  • It’s a great product for its price since it comes with added features like Cartridge type sealed headsets and bottom brackets that enable longer life span of this bicycle.