Falcon Oxide Boys Bike



Falcon Oxide Boys Bike  


Falcon was founded in 1880 in Brig North Lincolnshire in Britain and is a famous brand known throughout the worlds for using the best materials and bike components to manufacture their bikes that deliver outstanding value.

Falcon Oxide Boys Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Falcon Oxide Boys Bike


Falcon Brand

Falcon are known brand within the bike industry that have manufactured and designed hundreds of bikes for their loyal customers.

Designed specifically for Junior Riders

Falcon have designed the Falcon Oxide Boys Kids Bike specifically for junior rides that want a combination of style and performance.

Customer Testimonals

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Falcon Oxide Boys Bike


Selecting a bike for your young boy is obviously an onerous task with a plethora of options available in the market. But to be frank enough, nothing beats the Falcon Oxide Boys Bike, which is envisaged in such a way that it would be a treat for the boy as well for his family members.

The bike has all the ingredients that would make a 6 to 9-year-old hold the bike in great esteem. For young boys, such experiences last a lifetime. Wouldn’t you want to give him such a life-delighting toy?


Best Features

Here are the top features of the Falcon Oxide Boys Kids Bike

The Falcon Oxide Boys Bike is made up of a nice cosy 12-inch frame which makes it easy for 6 to 9-year-old kids to sit onto. The frame is of steel to make it high in robustness. This is particularly required as young boys in that ages fall a lot off the bicycle. To make sure that the cycle is in good shape after all the ‘mini-accidents’ that the boys generally get into, a brawny bike is all the more required.

The bike comes provided with a 6-Speed gear by Shimano and the rotational gear shifters are of light action, which is helpful for a growing up kid. Since bike with gears for kids sounds a good enough idea, but if the brakes are no good, then the purpose of having gears and speed is defeated.

Thus, the Falcon Oxide Boys Bike is furnished with Powerful V brakes for both — the front and rear wheel. The best part of the braking system is that the brake levers are adjustable for the hands of the kids. Now, this is a very interesting sort of ‘invention’; that the brake levers can be adjusted for short hands too.

Young boys always want to stand apart from the crowd and this bike will make them feel so. The tyres are of blue stripes going well with the wheel rim of black colour; which makes it captivating to eyes.

Since young boys generally go off the beaten track to explore new frontiers in their neighbourhoods or vicinity, it makes sense that the bike which you buy for your child should be an all-weather, all-terrain bike. The Falcon Oxide Boys Bike has knobbly MTB tyre which makes it hold onto to the ground, no matter how indented the surface – be it rocky, stony, muddy, mountainous etc. This bike negotiates all the tracks with great poise.

The bike has front and rear wheel suspension to give a comfortable ride along with adjustable seat-post to keep pace with the quickly growing kids in this age bracket.

For safety, the bike has a double-sided chain wheel guard to protect the feet, clothing material or fingers. Not just that, it also hinders the falling off of the chain.

Thus, all in all, this is a great package for your kid.



  • Features – 91%
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 94%

“Its my sons birthday in November and I have been searching online for a new bike. The Falcon Oxide Kids Mountain Bike looks brilliant ”  Michelle

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction is the mantra of Falcon cycles and this bike is no different. With safety measures the best in its class, you could not go wrong with this bicycle. A growing kid is full of life and dreams.

To complement his lively personality and improve his overall standing among friends, classmates, colleagues and family, this is the ultimate that you could gift him. The ride quality is something to vouch for and is difficult to find in any other bicycle.

The only concern is that once your kid is on the bike, he wouldn’t want to get off it. Thus, Falcon Oxide Boys Bike would be an additional member of your family.


Common Questions

–What if my kid grows too fast and is not able to use the cycle?

The bike has an inside leg measurement of 21 to 23.5 inches. If that was not enough, the uninterrupted seat post guarantees that height of the seat could be adjusted even if a kid grows tall rapidly. Thus, growing height of kids would not be of much concern.


–How heavy is the bike? Will my child be able to ride it comfortably?

The bike measures 15 kilograms and is one of the lightest in its category taking into account all the safety features. In fact, the weight provides a necessary traction and stability to the bike, preventing it from skidding and sliding on uneven surfaces. Thus, the bike balances lightweight for a great ride quality combined with supreme firmness.


–Is the bike easy to ride?

Absolutely. With front and rear shock absorbers, and ample safety measures provided, this bike is a sheer enchantment on two wheels. No bike comes close at this price point with a feature-rich riding enigma.


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  • Though short in height as it is a kids’ bike, nowhere does it reflect so, as its mature looks lend the bike an entranced persona


  • If you want your kid to be protected against the bike mishaps that occur regularly with kids in the age group 6 to 9, then you can safely count on this bike.


  • Young kids growing years are defined by the activities they pursue, if you are looking for an all-round development of your child without burning a hole in your pocket, then you just cannot ignore the Falcon Exide Boys Bike.