Falcon Monza Men’s Mountain Bike



Falcon Monza Men’s Mountain Bike 


Falcon have been established for over 80 years and known throughout Britain for there quality and first class customer service.  .

Falcon Monza Men’s Mountain Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Falcon Monza Men’s Mountain Bike


Falcon Brand

Falcon are known for manufacturing and designing mountain bikes for cycling enthusiasts that take pride in mountain bikes. .

What can I the Falcon Monza Mountain Bike for?

The Falcon Monza Mens Mountain Bike can be used for a variety of purposes, and is a great all round mountain bike whether you want to go round your local park, tackle your local mountain bike trails or go on a family adventure.


Customer Testimonals

Outstanding five star customer testimonials of some very happy customers. Read them for yourself.

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Falcon Monza Men’s Mountain Bike

Do you think ‘stop and go’’ is the only way to negotiate a traffic during rush hours? Never again. The Falcon Monza Men’s Mountain Bike ensures that it doesn’t have to be so anymore.

Perfected for city commute and urban riding, this bike is the quickest thing that would traverse the concrete jungle with immense ease giving great comfort to its rider. As city traffic worsens and people have to spend a lot of time commuting, this bike offers a decent alternative to four-wheelers; besides being friendly on the pocket.


Best Features

Here are the top features of the Falcon Monza Mens Mountain Bike

The Falcon Monza Men’s Mountain Bike has been modelled to be a swift beast with its lightweight frame of just 13.6 kilograms. This makes it easier for anyone to go from point A to point B, without thinking twice. Secondly, it has a straight handlebar, making the ordeal of coping with traffic a light-hearted affair. The soft handlebar grips make the journey all the more simple. The straight blade fork made of steel guarantees a swiftness of the ride quality.

Though the looks of the bicycle are that of a mountain bike, only the geometrical design that is borrowed for obtaining maximum efficiency for a fast ride.

One has to be careful while riding a bike in a congested traffic, as it is observed that more often than not it is the mistake of the other car drivers that lead to accidents with bikers. Thus, for a fast city riding, having responsive brakes becomes a top priority, and the Falcon Monza Men’s Mountain Bike manages this with alloy v brakes, both on the front and rear wheels and brake levers with great comfort.

To get the bike going in an expeditious manner, it comes fitted with 18-speed gear provided by the well known Shimano company, along with Revoshift gear shifters. To make the experience of shifting a cakewalk, the bike comes fitted with Shimano derailleur in its rear tyre.

The tyres are purposefully made large –700 CC — to attain a top speed with least effort. Moreover, to provide a good traction while speeding, the tyres have a knobby design.

The frame is built with aluminium Alloy Hybrid 6161 to reduce its weight for prompt shuttling in urban areas. The bike has in inside leg dimension of 27 to 34 inches.

To not make the bike ride a tedious affair for one’s backside, the cycle comes fitted with a branded saddle of Falcon. Also, to adjust the seating as per one’s requirements, the bike is equipped with rail adjusters and the seat-post of 300 mm made of aluminium.

For the long life of the chain, the branded KMC chain is used, so one needn’t sweat about its malfunction when going full throttle.

The bike looks exquisite with its contrast of black and orange colour. The components are made of black with the frame with orange, giving it a killer yet subdued looks at the same time.



  • Features – 92%
  • Value for money – 94%
  • Build Quality – 96%

”  Its my sons birthday in a few months and we are looking for the best value mountain bike. The Falcon Monza Men’s Mountain Bike looks brilliant.”

Customer Satisfaction

Falcon Monza Men’s Mountain Bike is a truly five-star bike that is a blessing to all city dwellers It is thanks to these bikes that people are realizing the functionality and need for these beasts at this point in time. With light frame, it has made travelling within the city a delight. It is designed for young and middle-aged people who have outgrown the need for a car or public transportation, but still, want to travel in an environmentally responsible way and still retaining the driver’s seat (or rider’s seat). For students, this is an ideal riding machine that would complement their zippy personalities. All in all, this is a go-to bike for those troubled and stressed by traffic woes. If one observes closely, many developed nations and even developing nations are going back to cycling as it is faster to reach a destination than a car and also cost-effective.    

Common Questions

–If this is a light frame bike, is it easily breakable/ damageable?

Not at all. This bike is made of an alloy of aluminium. And alloys are stronger than individual metals. Thus, this bike, though light is very strong and not easily breakable. The alloy used in this bike is the 6061 Aluminium alloy, which is one of the most used alloys for general purpose uses.

–What colours can I choose from?

This bike comes only in orange colour. The reason is that orange, as a colour is easily distinguishable from other colours and is not that hard on the eyes. Also, while riding in the dark, the orange colour is easily recognisable.

–What other attachments can I fit onto the bike?

Provisions have been made to fit pannier rack at the rear, bottle cage on the slant frame, mudguards and even a prop stand.




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  • An offering that is a boon for the traffic-infested roads and a great way to save money besides enjoying the journey


  • Excellent ride quality as testified by satisfied customers; not only with its performance but also with the built


  • Customers have actually reduced their travel time by as much as 15-20% over 5-mile journey. So if you value your time and money, then Falcon Monza Men’s Mountain Bike is the way to go