Falcon Men’s Odyssey Comfort Mountain Bike



Falcon Men’s Odyssey Comfort Mountain Bike


Falcon have over 80 years experience in manufacturing quality mountain bikes that’s cyclists love.

Falcon Men’s Odyssey Comfort Mountain Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Falcon Men’s Odyssey Comfort Mountain Bike


Falcon Brand

Falcon haven been established for over 80 years and specialise in making quality bikes for their loyal customers.

Specifically Designed For Mountain Biking

If your looking for a great all round mountain bike that can be used for  variety of purposes then the search is finally over.


MTB Tyres

The Falcon Men’s Odyssey Comfort Mountain Bike comes with an impressive set of mtb tyres that allows the rider to have extra grip while they tackle the local mountain bike trails.

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Falcon Men’s Odyssey Comfort Mountain Bike

If you are a pre-teen and looking for some mountain biking adventure, then look no further; Falcon Men’s Odyssey Comfort Mountain Bike is the perfect fit for you.

Designed specially with great detailing for 12-year olds and other young men about to enter adulthood, this is a dream machine which combines the ruggedness of mountain biking with unmatched comfort. This will ensure that a 12-year old growing young man has an unforgettable experience to cherish for life.

Best Features

Here are the top features of Falcon Men’s Odyssey Comfort Mountain Bike

Falcon Men’s Odyssey Comfort Mountain Bike has a 19-inch steel built body which ensures that your bike lasts long and able to handle tough terrains — such as mountains, long winding roads, uneven surfaces etc. Furthermore, the bike comes with an 18-speed gear with the rear wheel having derailleur made by Shimano along with micro-shift rotational gear shifters, so that a biker can change gears on any terrain with greater accuracy. To complement this, the bike has zoom front suspension forks to reduce the wobbliness of bumpy topography.

The bike comes fitted with a front and rear V-brakes for high-performance biking to ensure that a biker has great control over speed and stoppage of the bike at all times, especially when it comes to sudden halting. The tyres are 1.95 inches in width and have a firm grip over all surfaces under all weather conditions. So be it rain, sunshine or thunderstorm, rest assured that your young man won’t find it difficult to manoeuvre or handle it.

The bike comes in two paint options — grey and lime green. It has a high-quality powder coat paint so that your bike looks stunning at all times and conditions. Another interesting feature is that the bike has alloy wheels to make the bike lighter thus, giving a better all-weather traction.

For better ergonomics while biking for a long time, it has a suspension-seat post and comes with an extra padded saddle to ensure that a biker has utmost comfort and a relaxed posture while riding.

Depending on the variation in heights of 12-year olds, the bike comes with a long seat post and adjustable quill handlebar which would make adjusting easier for every young adult

The inside-leg measurement of the bike is about 29-35 inches, making it easy to mount on or dismount off.

This bicycle needs to be assembled on delivery with the parts provided with it. You can make adjustments as per your requirement during set-up of the bike and ensure that the brakes and the gears are maintained well on an on going basis to enjoy the overall functionality of the bike.

In fact, one could say that Falcon Men’s Odyssey Comfort Mountain Bike has been built to give superior levels of comfort in the harshest of surroundings. Any 12-year old will love this bike as it comes loaded with features unmatched in its class.


  • features – 93%
  • value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 95%

” I have been looking for a mountain bike for my grandsons birthday. The Falcon Men’s Odyssey Comfort Mountain Bike offers great value.”

Customer Satisfaction

The Falcon Men’s Odyssey Comfort Mountain Bike is a marvellous bike for any 12-year old and beyond. Everything it carries is crafted with great care and attention paid to even the littlest detail.

It is sturdy, long, long lasting, easy to assemble and moreover, very effortless when it comes to maintenance. Any young man just about to enter the age of adolescence or even early teenagers will find great resonance with this bike. Though designed as a mountain bike, it offers supreme comfort and a relaxed feeling as its prime objective.

Common Questions

– Is this bike long-lasting?

Absolutely. With the Falcon brand, you can never wrong. With a 19 inch sturdy frame of responsive steel, this bike has been designed for an unsurpassed experience in the woods and also for everyday biking. The company has created this product keeping in mind the riding style, the handling and the usage of pre-teens and early teenagers and crafted a gem accordingly. Thus, one need have no apprehensions regarding its durability.

– Is this item easy to use?

Yes. Very easy to use. The bike comes delivered to you and all you have to do is attach the requisite parts before one can use. One also needs to keep in mind the oiling and optimum air-pressure is maintained at all times to have an unequalled experience while riding it. Once all the things are in place, this is the easiest and the most comfortable of all bicycles one could find. One just has to use it to believe it.

– What are the dimensions of this item?

The dimensions of this bike are as follows:

The depth of the bike tyre-to-tyre is 1700 MM

The width of the bike is 600 MM

The height from the seat to the ground is 1050 MM


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This bike is ideal for instilling courage and a spirit of independence in your child as it is a bike that takes into account all the activities at a person of that age engages in while on a bike — skidding, wheelie, etc.

–For the experience it offers, this is the best value that money can buy without worrying too much about; as the manufacturers have taken into account all the nuances before bringing it before you

–This bike has been designed for boys on the verge of adulthood. So if you have any bike in mind for your young adult, you should surely consider Falcon Men’s Odyssey Comfort Mountain Bike. You won’t regret it.