Falcon Explorer Unisex Mountain Bike


falcon explorer ladies bike

“The perfect bike for commuting to the local shops and to ride around your local park” 

falcon explorer ladies bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the falcon explorer ladies bike


Why Buy A Falcon

Falcon value their loyal customers and have 80 years experience in building bikes cyclists love.

Designed Specifically For Commuting

Falcon Explorer Unisex Mountain Bike is specifically designed for men and women


Customer Testimonals

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falcon explorer ladies bike

Everybody loves adventures and some thrills in their life and why not? Without little adventure and excitement, life would be boring. The craze of doing different things and coming out of comfort zone is often seen in the younger generation than others.

The young blood wants to explore new things and capture them as memories in order to cherish them when they will be unable to live these moments. Talking about adventure, what would be better than climbing mountains?

But hiking and hill walking demands lots of stamina and it’s not possible to reach every area merely by walking. So, here we are with an item which is not less than an invention in itself and called the falcon explorer ladies bike . Let us learn more about it.

An overview:

This new Falcon bike is ideal for those who like to ride on a regular basis on tow-paths, maintained trails, and roads. This amazing bike does not only enhance your riding experience but also protect the riders from various dirty things lying on the roads as well as this item is capable of stowing some belonging of the biker on their journey.

The falcon explorer ladies bike has been made with the best materials and hardly gives its riders a chance to complain. The seating keeps the bikers comfortable even on rugged paths. Apart from all this, these bikes are stylish as well. Now the bikers do not have to compromise in any form. They will be getting both style and quality in one bike.

Benefits / Features

The main reasons why to buy the  Falcon Explorer Unisex Mountain Bike

There are various similar products available nowadays in the market but still, falcon explorer ladies bike has so many unique features that not only make it stand out but also prompts the customers to buy the same. So let’s enter into the world of its rich features.

The falcon explorer ladies bike comes with 26” wheel with rigid hybrid style. Along with that, the wheels have a strong and superior frame of hi-tensile steel and rigid curved forks.

It has gearing of 6 speeds with Shimano back derailleur as well as a rotational micro-shift gear shifter.

It comes with the rear and front mudguards in order to protect the riders from dirty elements.

The bikes have rear-mounted baggage rack which is handy and sufficient for carrying your travel belongings.

It has rear and front V-brakes for dependable braking performance.

Not only that, the bikes do have lightweight and strong wheel rims of the alloy.

The tires of the bike are practical, touring and all-purpose but not only that, they are efficient and smooth on the paths and gives comforting clutch on off-road pathway and trails.

  • Features – 95
  • Value For Money – 92
  • Build Quality – 94

“Looking for a bike for myself and my wife, the Falcon Explorer looks perfect. I may be buying two.”

Customer Satisfaction

The bikes have been designed by the trusted producers so there is nothing not to believe. In addition to that, the Falcon Explorer Unisex Mountain Bike is light weighted and ensures that anyone can carry the same easily.

It is a perfect gift that one can present to their children as it is safe and assures that there will be no serious damage to kids in case of any unfortunate accidents. The product has great demand across the globe which is enough to depict its reliability.

So if you are having a child who is more than twelve years of age, this Falcon bike is perfectly apt for him and there is no problem of seating adjustments as the products comes with accommodations.

If you are wondering and worrying about assembling the bike, let me just tell you that there would be no serious problem regarding assembly as the bike comes along with the sheet of instructions as well as the tools that will be needed in performing the same.

After that, your bike will be ready to ride wherever you would like it to go. So, buy the Explorer, and explore the adventures and various thrills that are waiting for you.

Common Questions

  • What is the frame size?

The size of the frame is 19”.

  • Does this bike come in any other frame size?

Unfortunately, this falcon explorer is available only in single frame size.

  • What would be a height category to ride this bike without any problem?

This product is suitable for anyone below the height of six feet but if you are beyond that, this item is not perfect for you.

  • Would this bike be suitable for woodland trails?

The Explorer offered by Falcon is apt for woodland trails as well as off-road paths. So you can ride it anywhere without any fear and hesitation.

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The Falcon Explorer Unisex Mountain Bike has all the features that one is looking in a bike for their kids but still, we have few more elements to disclose that will definitely encourage you to buy this unbelievable item, have a look:

  • The bike comes in two colours.
  • It is light weighted.
  • These bikes are less prone to accidents.