Falcon Enigma Women’s Mountain Bike


Falcon Enigma Women’s Mountain Bike

Falcon are an established bike brand well known for making quality mountain bikes that cycling enthusiasts love

Falcon Enigma Women’s Mountain Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the mountain bike


Established Brand

Falcon are an established brand and have 80 years of Innovation & Design

Designed Specifically For Women

Falcon have designed the Falcon enigma women’s mountain bike specifically to meet the needs of the modern women


Good Customer Testimonals

The Falcon Women’s Mountain Bike has some fantastic reviews. Check them out for yourself

Falcon Enigma Women’s Mountain Bike metrics

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Wheel Size

Falcon Enigma Women’s Bike Review

Purchasing a bicycle can be a little vexing, but buying a mountain bike, it is even more perplexed. Perhaps, with falcon enigma you can assume yourself to be making the right choice. For this bike is fully fledged and feature loaded to serve the new spree of your little riding maniac. People say intrepid people are of the best kind in the race, and these novel instincts can be seen at the very developing ages of a person. So in first place, be glad that you are raising her right, secondly, celebrate the glee, with falcon enigma mountain bike. It is not that every girl fanaticises of owning a mountain bike, or is audacious enough to opt for one. so if your girl demands for one, that really makes her stand out of the stereotype and you got to go for it.

Benefits / Features

The main reasons why to buy the Falcon Enigma.

Falcon enigma has been fabricated, keeping it safe to ride and confirming to the trending standards at the same time. It comes with a 17-inches frame size, and a bevy of colour range, that is sure to fall within your daughter’s preferences zones.

Supplied with MTB, slick tyres and V-brakes, the bike offers a superior grip in the uneven, terrain and hilly surfaces; and the brakes, they making pulling over the bike comfortable and jerk free and hence, the bike is really facile to control.

Yet another stunning feature of this bike is that it comes with 18 speed gear and derailleur system of the brand Shimano; and micro shift rational gearing system from the same brand. This enhances the mobility of the bike and make it efficient to ride.

Fitted with a comfortable saddle and 2- inches wheels, the bike is the most fitting choice for a 12-year-old girl. In total, the external designing makes it cater the alleged, girly demands; and high tensile strength steel frames, offer great resistance and will not wear out in a couple of stumbles.

  • features – 96%
  • value for money – 85%
  • Build Quality – 90%

“I spent hours researching the best women’s mountain bike; the search is certainly over. Great value at a fraction of the cost”

Customer Satisfaction

With the flamboyant colour range, falcon enigma is one of the best purchases that I have made for my daughter. The dimensions along with the weight and basic features of the bike, are keenly crafted to add to the elegance; making it easy to ride as well.

I will never regret investing in this bike. Overall, the bike is sure to keep your little one into a happiness trance for days.

Common Questions

  • Is this bike only suitable for mountain riding?Nope. Though this bike is best suited for mountain riding. Owing its sturdy built and high tensile material, the bike offers the user a great grip and ease of travelling on terrains and hilly regions. Nevertheless, the bike can be used on normal roadways, for casual riding as well. Also, we would suggest you to do not permit your beloved little one, to take the bike on congested roads.Is the bike durable?The bike is made last and endure much more than can be anticipated. Though we cannot say that there won’t be any wear and tear at all, but the bike is quite resistant and can withstand several topple downs in the hands of your girl; it can be said with fair accuracy, that none of the spare parts will come out of place or be dangling around in the near future.What if the bike is not up to the mark or not as shown in the picture?We have a panel of customer care officers, that are specially designated to handle the after sale scenes. So in such cases of nonsatisfaction or for resolving any query, you can always contact the delivery panel or our main desk and we will be glad to serve you.

    Is the bike easy convenient to ride?

    Absolutely yes. In fact, falcon enigma comes with a user manual that will further assist you. The bike is light weight, enough to be handled by your little princess, easily. The bike is a quintessential combination of prepossessing beauty and strength. On one hand, it has alluring design and on the other hand, its entire steel framework is highly impervious and light weight.

    Advisory note:

    With the quintessential framework and superb braking system, we suggest you to stay on the safer side and ask your little one to wear proper protective gears while riding the bike, especially to do away with any precarious contingency.

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The bike has a bosting range of colour options like sky blue and pink, and looks way too elegant for your princess

The bike is a marvellous blend of resilience, sturdiness and allure. Not only it looks good or has superficial voluptuousness, but it is also sustainable and is sure to make it up to years.

The bike can be used on both – mountains and casual roads and also; comes with a user manual that makes it facile to assemble the entire bike in minutes.