Falcon Emerald Kids’ Mountain Bike


Falcon Emerald Kids’ Mountain Bike

“Your child will have plenty hours of fun riding the Falcon Emerald Kids’ Mountain Bike” 

Falcon Emerald Kids’ Mountain Bike

Here are the top 3 reasons to buy the Falcon Emerald Kids’ Mountain Bike


Why Buy A Falcon

80 years of expertise in design and innovation – Buy with confidence

Designed Specifically For Mountain Biking

Falcon Emerald Kids’ Mountain Bike have manufactured the Falcon specifically for children who love tackling the local mountain bike trails


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The Falcon Emerald Kids’ Mountain Bike has some great customer reviews. Why not read them for yourself

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Falcon Emerald Kids’ Mountain Bike Review

Who don’t want to climb the mountains and explore the surrounding areas? Are you the one who is keen to adventures? The kids, nowadays, know no boundaries and love to ride and are open to thrill and adventures. But the most common problem that one naturally faces on mountainous regions is rugged paths that are hard to walk and causes lots of pain. But there is nothing to worry as we have the advantage of technology and one such invention is Falcon Emerald Kids’ Mountain Bike. I am sure you would love to know more about this new hilly weapon so read further.

More about the Falcon Emerald:

These amazingly awesome bikes have been brought specifically for kids who love riding but never compromise with the style. This model is a perfect combination of performance and fashion which is rare to find. Parents usually worry about buying things for their kids as they fear that the product may not be apt for them as they grow older. But these bikes are available with accommodation that means changes can be made in the seat and these products provide superior adjustments too.

Benefits / Features

The main reasons why to buy the Falcon Emerald Kids Mountain Bike

People are afraid of false claims these days, so they stop themselves from buying things unless they hear from someone whom they can trust. But here we are, offering and spreading information regarding best inventions with superior features with the guarantee of truth that is, none of the claims are false. So let’s get started.

  • The Falcon Emerald Kids’ Mountain Bike comes with rear and front suspension system which helps in tackling all kinds of terrain.
  • Not only this, these bikes offer better saddle height amendment as well.
  • These two features are not enough, the mountain bikes have Shimano gearing of 6-speed along with gear shifters of shimano revoshift which are light in action.
  • Our hilly weapon has the most powerful rear and front v-brakes as well as brake levers that are reach adjustable.
  • As I said earlier, this invention is rich in style and looks. They have wheels of silver alloy that are not only strong but give a bright crystal clear look as well.
  • Few other features include the steel frame with full suspension which are very strong and contain folks that has been finished with the luxurious and hard wearing powdery coat paint.
  • Features – 92
  • Value For Money – 95
  • Build Quality – 96

“Trying to find the best mountain bike for my son – the Falcon Emerald Kids Mountain certainly has a lot to offer .”

Customer Satisfaction

The Falcon Emerald Kids’ Mountain Bike has all the features that you are looking for bikes. Other than that, we would like to enlighten you with the fact that this great invention is trending across the globe and the customers who have purchased these bikes for their kids are really happy with the services and all the instruments that have been used while designing the bikes.

Numbers of complaints are almost zero and the sales are also increasing day by day. The responses that producers are getting are quite astonishing and they would like to maintain the same. They consider their customers as king and this item will never disappoint the consumers neither in terms of services nor in quality.

One of the most important things to know regarding this item is that it has especially been designed for modern day girls who love to break stereotype and never want to live on predetermined norms set by others. So, let your girls spread their wings on mountainous regions with the greatest Falcon Emerald Kids’ Mountain Bike.

Common Questions

How much assembly is required?

When you will receive the product, it will be eight five percent complete. Only fifteen percent assembly is required to do by the customers. The areas which need assembly are:

  • Pedals
  • Seat-post
  • Brakes
  • Front wheel
  • Handlebars

But there is nothing to worry about how the assembly will be done as these hilly weapons will be sent with the instruction sheet as well as the tools that you will need regarding the same.

What age range is this for?

The bikes are apt for girls who are between seven to nine years of age. This product can also be bought for the kids below seven years of age but only for their future use.

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I don’t believe in saying things which are not true. This product is being purchased all over the world and the producers are happy to be able to deliver such a useful product. But here we have enlisted few reasons why one should purchase the Falcon Emerald Kids’ Mountain Bike:


  • The bikes come in two colours that are white and green which gives it an enhanced look.
  • They are very easy to use and less prone to accidents that mean it also ensures the safety of your kids.