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 FabricBike Light Fixed Gear Bike


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FabricBike Light Fixed Gear Bike

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Aluminium Frame & Fork

Front & Rear Brakes

Alloy Wheels 43mm




Designed Specifically For The Road

The FabricBike Light Fixed Gear Bike Is Specifically Designed For The Road

Fabric Bike

Fabric Bike Pride Themselves On Designing & Manufacturing Bikes For Cycling Enthusiasts Who Love Cycling




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FabricBike Light Fixed Gear Bike

The FabricBike Light Fixed Gear Bike is specifically designed keeping in mind the daily routines of the people, their needs and requirement. The bicycle is a piece of innovation and engineering.

If we look back to the history of bicycles, people had heavy bicycles with minimum features. Traditional bicycles use to have a rod between the legs, which made it difficult to handle for some who had a small height. They had heavy frames hence, making it difficult to handle. But FabricBike Light breaks all the orthodox features of those bikes.

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The FabricBike Light Fixed Gear Bike

High quality Aluminium frame: The entire frame of the is made of Aluminum. Thus, the material used that is Aluminum gives it its key features. The amazing quality of the product makes it stand out of the crowd and thus attracts customer’s attention.

The wields of the FabricBike Light Fixed Gear Bike have been polished with utmost care and manually. The little detailing provided in the designs make it not just attractive in looks but also irresistible to ignore for passerines. The pearl white colour is preferred by people of any gender or age group. Once you have the product, it will not be easy to not use it.

The wheels are made of Alloy. In other words, the rim of the tire and the spokes are manufactured using Alloys. The material provides various reliable features to the product. As Alloys are known to provide durability and greater strength to materials in which they are used. The toughness and strength of these tires are hence unquestionable.

Bullhorn Handlebars: When you look out for trendy looking bicycles then, a bike not having Bullhorn Handlebar can turn out to be a deal breaker. But not to worry, this piece of innovation from FabricBike Light Fixed Gear Bike does contain your favourite handles. You can surely flaunt the youthful and eye catchy looks of your deal. The handles do have Tapered head tubes which adds to the friction while holding the handle of the bike during riding.

The bike possesses front brakes as well as rear brakes to provide double precaution while trying to stop your bike. The quality makes it highly reliable when considering its safety.

The total weight of the bike is 9.45kg which makes it easy to handle for an individual of any age group. But the ultra-light weight mechanism does not affect the control that FabricBike Light provides to its rider.

  • Features – 96
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 93%

”  I Have Been Searching For A New Road Bike For A Few Months Now. I So Happy I Bought The Fabric Bike Light Fixed Gear Bike” Terry

Customer Satisfaction

FabricBike Light Fixed Gear Bike is one of the leading manufacturers of its field. It entered the online market after gaining the experience and designing of some of the best looking bicycles. FabricBike Light Fixed Gear Bike is an all new product from FabricBike. FabricBike Light is a bike of today’s individual. It possesses urban oriented features whether it is about aluminium frame which provides it its light weight. The bike is fully customer oriented and gives the best understanding and such things are never overlooked from FabricBike’s manufacturers.

One of the customers said about the bike that, they found the bikes really satisfying and met all their expectations. The customers were overwhelmed with its perfect for racing like features. The customer considers FabricBike Light value for money product. The single speed feature won their hearts whereas the fixed wheel rear hub and profession racing bike like looks make it look even more attractive and leaves people wondering. The customers willingly promote FabricBike Light

Another customer reviewed about FabricBike Light that, they are excited to have such a light weight bike and with days passing with the product are discovering its new and hidden features. They call it an interesting piece of work.

Common Questions

Q Is your product durable?

A Definitely, because it a mountain bike hence, durability, light weight, easy portability, good tire qualities are few of its key features.


Q What about assembling the parts of the bike after delivery, is any manual provided along with it?

A Yes, you can easily assemble the bike. It comes in the packaging with 90% of the assembling done but we understand your interests so even if you do not like reading then you can easily visit the YouTube link where you are provided with a video that demonstrates live, what you require.


Q What are the sizes available for the bike?

A The FabricBike Light Fixed Gear Bike is available in 3 three sizes that is Small 50cm Medium 54cm and Large 58cm fitting a variety of individuals depending on their heights.

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The ultra-light weight technology makes it a must have product. You can easily fulfil your daily routine requirements without stressing your body with the extra weight of the bicycle.

Despite its light weight, the bike offers great durability, irrespective of the nature of the terrain on which you ride your bike.

The customers are satisfied by the product that amplifies their trust in the brand name.