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 FabricBike Folding Bicycle


Need A New Folding Bike That’s Brilliant For Commuting In The City.

FabricBike Folding Bicycle

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Lightweight Foldable Aluminium Bike

Easily Folds Down To Store Easily

Quality Materials & Components





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FabricBike Folding Bicycle

A well designed urban folding bike that will ride much like a regular bike, but what makes it different is the ergonomic position that is upright, and this is what makes it different from all. Folding bikes make the person look cool for sure. The motive of the company is to provide an urban cycling experience at minimal cost and great quality.

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The FabricBike Folding Bicycle

The body is made up of alloy-frame that makes it light weighted and highly durable, the minimal geometry, matte-finished body and hand welding makes it an irresistible product. These bikes are 30% more light than the conventional folding bikes.

The extreme small size to which the bike contracts itself is an invincible feature it has. It would not be wrong if the FabricFolding Bicycle is synonymic to be a Pocket bike. As you will never fail to have space for this imaginably small sized bike.

It has the saddle and handlebars of the adjustable nature that makes it useful for varied age-groups and to add to this the kind of durability it offers allows a weight of up to 95 kg.

The parts of the bike are of standard dimensions that means its replacement would not be nuisance for its users as the bicycle can easily adjust to the parts available in the market.

The dimensions of the wheel that is 20’’ gives quick acceleration as the speed is quickly transferred. The ride is as comfortable and efficient as it should be.

The braking system of the bike is extremely amazing; the rider is in full control of the bikes. The brakes have V-brakes. They perform great when combined with the suspension. The best part about the V-brakes is that it does not require a separate cable from frame or fork. The brakes are too rigid so can be easily applied, hence, making the rider free of hassle and in control of the rider.

The Bicycle come and is already about 90% mounted, what remains is the mounting of the peddles, handlebars and the front wheel. So, yes, the assembly is really simple.

The saddle come with a water-proof coating that makes it all weather friendly. The handlebars provide a good grip to the rider and are sweat resistant.

The peddles are made up of nylon, that make them ultralight and easily foldable.

The bike come with two years’ warranty from the date of delivery. During this duration, if there is any damage not due to wear as it generally happens to other parts like chains, cover, handlebars etc. Although, after six months of delivery, if the user faces any problem related to the bike, then the person must prove that the defect is a manufacturing fault.

  • Features – 96
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 93%

”  I Have  Been Searching For A New Folding Bike For Husband Who Needs A Bike He Can Use For Commuting Through Newcastle City Centre For Work. He Will Be Made Up With The FabricBike Folding Bicycle .”  Elaine

Customer Satisfaction

The Folding bikes have all together revolutionized the concept of cycling for sure. And with so many options available in the market to choose from it has become challenging for the companies to stand-out and as well as for the customers as they will wish to choose the best possible product.

FabricBike Folding Bicycle are something that has touched the various aspects of the users need. Being a folding bike it definitely is portable bicycle but at the same time the size to which it reduces after being folded is what makes it different, its folds down to less than 20’’ and compresses itself into a size of 25.4x76.2x55.9 cm.

The users will definitely want to carry it everywhere owing to its small size weather in the trunks, to the office, while travelling to an outstation, one will never go out of space to fit in the FabricBike Folding Bicycle. Since, it is always going to be with you, there no chance of thieves trying to steal it.

FabricBike does not boast having the minimum prices of the bike available, but yes with kind of finishing being provided, it is the best, and product is a simple machine with a tough body that promises a long life

Common Questions

Q What could be the weight of the bike?
A It weighs 11.8 Kg.


Q Is it suitable for a person having weight 90 kg (it is me)?

A Yes, the FabricBike Folding Bicycle is suitable for your weight.


Q Are the handlebars and saddle adjustable in nature?

A Yes, the handlebars and saddle are adjustable in nature.

Q Are mud flaps for this bike easily available?

A As the tubing diameter and its length are of standard size, they are easily available and many accessories that are present in the market will also fit in it.

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  • FabricBike Folding Bicycle; An extremely go-to-buy product ,as far as the size after getting folded is concerned.
  • Simple assembly, although more than half is already done.
  • Its compact size has an advantage that must not at all worry about it getting stolen.