It is safe to say that you are searching for an extraordinary aerodynamic Fabric bike is not an easy job. There are many models. If you are uncertainty then you have gotten yourself the correct pick.


The FabricBike Air+ – Fixed Gear Bike is an aerodynamic Fabric bike, not a conventional bicycles bicycle, which makes it suitable for use on streets and parks.


The bike has been particularly made to fulfill your needs and give the best understanding, never to be overlooked. This is because you have a tendency to append such a great amount of feeling to anything including a bicycle.


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Benefits or features

FabricBike Air+ – Fixed Gear Bike has been designed with different frame size made from steel that helps you navigate thru any street, terrains and is suitable for muddy places as nicely. Similarly, to that, it has a Dual Pivot brakes with a caliper.

This offers the rider flexibility and the liberty to use the brakes on either aspect while she needs to come back to a stationary position. The bike has a Triple-butted 6061 aluminum aerodynamic 6061 tubing in it.

Therefore, it will help the comfortless of seating and ride his bike. Generally, the 6061 tubing is a decent choice when you want an aerodynamic bike at a decent cost. There are many companies out on the market, who sells aerodynamic bikes at a high cost but normal features. Therefore, this bike can be a tough competitor.

This is a fixed gear bike. Therefore, you will get only one speed. If you want to experience traditional riding in aerodynamic bikes, then this is a better choice. Flip-flop at rear wheel and hub allow you to change from fixed gear to single speed without any fuss. Two versions are

  1. Air model – alloy, Double rise, with 500mm and Rise 30.
  2. Air model+ – Alloy of 6061, at 387g and 440mm,

It has Chain set KMC Z410 and 2-finger brake lever. Kenda tires are with dimension 700C x 23C.

FabricBike Air+ – Fixed Gear Bike comes with hydroformed top and the seat tube with smooth welds. In addition, hand polished. This will definitely help to give better look to the bike. The design of the bike is elegant and very simple.

It comes with two types of a riser bar, drop bar and handlebars. This gives classic look to the bike. The bottom bracket is of NECO with the sealed bearing of the cartridge. It weighs around 9kg.

Customer satisfaction


The FabricBike Air+ – Fixed Gear Bike is liked by many people just because of its classic look. And it has four colour options to select from with two versions. The bike is suitable for everyone. As it is a simple road bike with the adjustable crank.


It will help the rider to adjust the position according to her height. The weight is not huge compared to others. The front and back wheel have alloy suspension and the output of these suspensions are good. There was no problem.


Basket placement, fitting, and the design are very good.

Common questions

Is the bike completely assembled? 

No, not completely. The bike is assembled up to 90%. Almost all of the bike parts are assembled before sending except pedals, front wheel, saddle, and handlebar. However, do not worry. The company will provide all the necessary tools required to assemble your bike. As all the complex parts are already in assembled conditions, you need not spend too much of time in assembling. After assembling please, do check whether all the parts are perfectly fitted. Do go for a test ride but not in areas with traffic.

Is it durable?

FabricBike Air+ – Fixed Gear Bike best for single speed aerodynamic lovers. As this bike has aluminum, alloy and steep it will stay strong for few years for sure.

Can I customize the bike?

Yes, you can. The company gives you two options. You can select a different setting in that two options. You can change the sidebar, dop and riser bar. But we will not advise you to customize it unless you have high-grade materials which fit the bike perfectly. More often than not people who buy our products does not choose customization.

This bike has perfect materials with very good fitting. Therefore, there is no need for customization. You will not find the spare parts with exact size and shape. That will lead to compatibility problems. You can choose4 from our spare parts for customization.  You may find our guide on cleaning your bike



This is a customizable aerodynamic bike with different colour and bar options. Therefore, it is a good choice if someone needs a customizable bike. You can upgrade or downgrade this bike anytime you want.


The bike has a Triple-butted 6061 aluminum aerodynamic 6061 tubing in it.


It is a lightweight bike with 2-finger brake lever and chain set KMC Z410. Because of this combination, your paddling and wheel revolution will be good.

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