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Extrbici XF500 Electric Folding Bike


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Extrbici XF500 Electric Folding Bike

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Lithium Battery

Aluminium Frame

7 Shimano Gears



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Extrbici XF500 Electric Folding Bike


Are you looking for reliable commuting bike that will without any problems transport you to a desired location? Then you have found the perfect item for your needs.

Extrbici XF500 Electric Folding Bike is the perfect choice for you. The Extrbici XF500 Electric Folding Bike is a very convenient and reliable electric bike that fully brings full experience of convenient and cozy commuting and leisure riding. The design is purely masterpiece of a bike that radiates with elegance, simplicity and ingenious design.

The Extrbici XF500 Electric Folding Bike is a very reliable commuting bike that won’t falter at any obstacle. This pure masterpiece of work is reinforced with 20 inch /50 cm 6061 aluminum light frame that very easily supports weight of 150kg (330 lbs.).

However, that’s not all! The light weight of this bike is combined with exceptional folding mechanism that allows user to maximize effectiveness of this bike and explains why it is so convenient.

Main Benefits

The Main Benefits/ Features Of The Extrbici XF500 Electric Folding Bike


Folding and light weight allows user possibility of within minutes easy packing and storing inside a trunk of car, so there is no problem of transporting it. Folding size that it comes to is 86*54*74 cm, so without any problem it would find a place inside a car’s trunk.

7 Speed Shimano TX500 shifting gear is beautifully paired with very strong carbon steel front fork that gives to user experience of very smooth and enjoyable ride at every time he takes a stroll in the nature. User’s experience, comfort and functionality are the thing that perfectly describe this very beautiful, eye-catching bike.

Purely ingenious design that combines elegance and great performance secures your trip and never lets you down. No matter if you are in the city or enjoying on a Sunday morning ride in national park,

Extrbici XF500 Electric Folding Bike  won’t let you down. For all those long rides with the Extrbici XF500, specialized strong 48V 10 AH inside-stored lithium battery that prevents overcharging, has your back all the way.




This powerful battery that boosts your every trip is placed inside a removeable pack inside a frame, which gives it a pure elegance and simplicity, very much like other foldable Extrbici models.

Long trips won’t be so secured if there isn’t for Qihang 48V*250 W Brushless Hub Motor – specially designed for Mini Folding City EBike.

Charging time is estimated to be 5-7 hours, depending on the battery status, but here is the fun part. Super-strong battery allows rider to achieve top speed little over 30 km/h with coverable distance of 65-80 km.

Throttle type is adjusted to go with simplicity and elegance of this model, so choose between twist throttle – or pedal & power assisted – or – turning off power & pedal only, so maximum convenience is achieved.

One thing besides the frame that gives such elegance and simplicity is excellently designed HUB. HUB is consisted of super light quick release hub that with battery indicator gives user all necessary real-time information.

You shouldn’t be worried about stopping when aiming for that top speed. Extrbici has thought about everything. Your security is ensured with Aluminum Alloy mechanical disc brakes/automatically power cut off Lever, and ChaoYang/Kenda 20*1.95 Integrated wheels. So, don’t you worry about a thing, hit that paddle to the medal and enjoy.

  • Features – 91%
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 96%

”  The Extrbici XF500 Electric Folding Bike Is Brilliant For The Commute Through Cardiff City Centre.”  David

Customer Satisfaction

The Extrbici XF500 Electric Folding Bike  is generally very quality foldable bike that is suitable for city and leisure ride. It has very quality materials that doesn’t give it much weight, but performances and durability is excellent.

Long-lasting lithium battery allows long rides with only one charging that usually can be done overnight. Simplicity of this bike gives him great touch of elegance and class, and with hidden battery in frame, it simply looks perfect and can withstand weight of 150 kg (330 lbs.). Very reliable and convenient model with very easy and minutes-lasting folding.


Final Verdict


  • Very reliable and convenient model with elegant touch and simplicity that makes him so beautiful to the eye. It comes in colour combination of black-grey, white-black and black-green.
  • Due to its great quality of materials used for design, the Extrbici XF500 Electric Folding Bike is very much distinguished from its rivals as it provides every user great satisfaction, convenience when riding, and durability of battery is there to cover all needs of speed.
  • The Extrbici XF500 Electric Folding Bike  is made specially for on-road use. Therefore, if you want a bike that will provide you great convenience, security and reliability when riding, but also make you the main attraction of the city, this is the perfect bike for you.

Common Questions

Is the bike easy to use?

Yes, Extrbici XF500 is very easy to use and fold. It only takes couple of minutes and it is fully ready and operational. It doesn’t weight very much so it can be transferred from different places in a flash.

What happens if my battery dies?

The Extrbici XF500 Electric Folding Bike has taken care of this problem. One-year warranty on battery, motor and frame is given for each customer so, don’t worry. In case of battery malfunction or any of the mentioned parts, just contact the supplier of the bike and he will direct you to the right personnel and your problem will be dealt with very promptly and professionally.

Is this bike durable?

Absolutely, if you are looking to invest money into something that will last for years, this is the right option. Model XF500 is designed of very hard and durable materials that won’t let you down so easily.

Carbon steel front pork is there to withstand many pressure and conditions that will usually badly affect your bike. It has the power to carry 150 kg, and still produce very high to speed. This is one really reliable and convenient bike that will definitely last long. Read our article on Kryptonite bike locks,.

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