If you enjoy cycling as a man or woman, then, you will need to check out this amazing Extrbici XF300 New Mountain Bike. This bike is perfectly suitable for both males and females and for adults of all ages.

It is a hardtail mountain bike that is able to navigate smoothly through rough hilly roads and also on normal planes as well. The manufacturers of this bike carefully designed it to meet all the needs of bike lovers of all ages.

It might become difficult to detach yourself from this cycle after using it, because of the great fun and awesome experiences you will derive.


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The Extrbici XF300 New Mountain Bike has a suspension fork made of aluminium with a distinguishing lockout that ensures your bike rides are as comfortable and safe as possible. With its 19-inch aluminium-alloy frame you will be able to handle and steer the bike easily through all types of road, be it smooth or rough, mountains or plane.

Your ride will certainly be much secured with the two installed mechanical brake disc and shimano brake lever. Brakes can be applied on both ends, either the front or the rear while cycling.

In case you are wondering if this bike is freewheel, the answer is a big Yes. It has got 8 pics fixed position freewheels with 12T by 32T dimensions – grand!

By the way, this bike can boast of having 24 speed shimano shifting gears with which you can accurately and smoothly shift and navigate. So, when you are cycling through rough and hilly roads, the shifting gear facilitates smooth shifting to an easier gear.

You can also smoothly shift back to a harder gear on a plane road. The 27.5-inch wheels installed ensures a perfect grip to the ground while maintaining a balanced ride.

Extrbici XF300 New Mountain Bike is not heavy considering the fact that it weighs 14.2kg. It can be easily lifted from on spot to another without much ado.

It has very strong aluminium seat post that adequately holds the saddle, securely carrying the weight of the cycler. The distance between the saddle and pedals are accurate to safely cycle without colliding with the chains. Such collisions can be really painful and can cause bruises on the ankle.

The maximum height recommendation to use this bike is 185cm; this means that cyclers below or exactly 185cm of height can cycle this beauty no matter their age and sex. If you need an unforgettable cycling experience, then go for the new extrbici mountain bike.

Customer Satisfaction


The Extrbici XF300 New Mountain Bike is an outstanding unisex bike that will give any cycler thorough exercise, safety, relaxation and adventurous fun. With this bike comfortable cycling is guaranteed because of a durable suspension fork.

A cycling tour through every kind of ground is certain due to good tubes, accurate shift gears and strong frames – excellent.

Every part of this bike was carefully manufactured and installed to satisfy the needs of cyclers across the globe. It goes well with males, and can really blend with females as well – you cannot really call a guy’s bike or a lady’s bike.

It is every cycler’s bike. The manufacturers carefully produced every single part, taking note of every feature to the smallest detail. Most users commend the ease with which they were able to unpack and assembly parts together after purchase.

The strong aluminium-alloy frame of Extrbici XF300 New Mountain Bike ensures its durability and maintainability for an extended period of time.

Its strong aluminum seat post and secured wheels ensures its balance and ability to navigate steady through bumpy rides. It is a must have bike for cyclers who desire a perfect blend between cycling exercise and cycling fun adventure. So, what are you waiting for, go get yours now.

Common Questions


How much assembly required

You will only need about 10 percent of assembling to do. The bike has already been assembled 90 percent already from the factor by the manufacturer. After purchase, it will be shipped from the United Kingdom pre-assembled almost to finish. You will only need few minutes to finish the assembly process after delivery – It is as easy as that.

Is the item durable?

This bike is more durable than others. It can be used on every road, in every place, because it’s a mountain bike. This bike has got aluminium and alloy body around, this is strong and rugged enough to last long. Why not read our article on Kryptonite bike locks.




  • The Extrbici XF300 New Mountain Bike  aluminium frame comes in four colours, so you have before you a variety of colours to choose from. You can pick a preferred colour that suits your feminine nature or masculinity.
  • It has very secured double brakes and sound shift gears to always guarantee safe riding and smooth navigation on all types of roads.
  • If you are looking for real good quality for your money, and you desire a perfect blend between exercise and fun while cycling, then this is your bike.


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