Extrbici RS600 Mans Electric Road Bike

“Nothing Compares to the Simple Pleasure of riding a bike.” – John F Kennedy

Why Buy the Extrbici RS600 Mans Electric Road Bike


There are many reasons to buy an electric bike. First your commute will be much more quicker and stress free. The added benefit of having a motor on board the Extrbici RS600 Mans Electric Road Bike will allow you to travel much further.

Cycling using an electric bike allows you to travel at a higher road speed with a better air flow. Consequently, you will find yourself sweating less and its great if you’re thinking of commuting to work on the Extrbici RS600 Mans Electric Road Bike.

E bikes are also great for city riding as the added acceleration and speed ensures you can stop and start in traffic and stop at junctions.

One of the main draw backs of cycling is when you must ride up a hill. Don’t worry as you can easily and quickly switch on the motor. Brilliant for anyone getting back into cycling. Furthermore, You will easily be able to carry the grocery shopping home.


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Benefit/ Features


The Extrbici RS600 Mans Electric Road Bike comes in four colours, so the rider will have no problem finding a colour that fits their personality. Yelow Black, Red Black, Black Grey and Blue and Black.

Extrbici have designed the RS600 with a High Strong Carbon Steel frame. Specifically designed to give the rider a good posture while riding on the road. Carbon and Steel are both durable materials that will offer the rider plenty of stability while riding.

There is plenty of choices for the rider to change the pace of the Extrbici RS600 Mans Electric Road Bike with an impressive 21 Speed Shimano TY300 Shift lever. Always spend some time familiarising yourself with the brakes. Performing emergency stops will not be a problem with mechanical disc brakes.

A 36 V lithium battery has three speed controllers that enable the rider to relax and enjoy the ride. The charger is European. Charging the battery should take between 5-7 hours. Gives a range of approximately 28 miles.

In addition, the Extrbici RS600 Mans Electric Road Bike comes with a Wellgo Aluminium MTB saddle and allows the rider to have a comfortable saddle while the burn through the miles on the road. You can also buy a gel saddle for that extra bit of comfort.

Stay on the road with RS600 with an impressive Chao Yang Tyres 700 c x 28 that are specifically designed for the road and to be hard wearing. Always, check the air in tyres are pumped to the correct PSI. Unfortunately, there may be a time where you get a puncture so ensure you carry a puncture repair kit.

Customer Satisfaction


It’s much more less effort as you can turn the motor on and off.


So much fun riding. You can sit back and enjoy the ride.


Strong Carbon Frame built for the road


Wellgo Aluminium MTB Saddle


Common Questions


Is the Extrbici RS600 Mans Electric Road Bike easy to use?


Extribi have designed the E bike specifically for a road cyclist and offering them a first-class commute. They are known for using top quality components and materials.

Does the RS600 come partially assembled?

Comes partially assembled and comes with a instruction manuel, and all the required tools. Always go on a test run to ensure your happy with road bike

How long does it to charge the Extrbici bike?

Approximately 5-7 hours.

If you have any questions regarding the RS600 electric bike?  

Get in contact with the supplier as they have great Customer Service. They pride themselves in putting the customer first. Why not read our article on factors to consider when buying a road bike



Electric Bike Advice


You have saved enough money to buy an electric bike.   We will now look at how you should look after your new Extrbici RS600 Mans Electric Road Bike.

First, you should clean your e bike regularly. If its possible clean after every commute. There are many benefits of maintaining your bike. By Familiarising yourself with your Extrbici RS600 Mans Electric Road Bike you will easily be able to spot any damage that may have been caused.

A high-pressure hose can damage delicate parts of the Extrbici RS600 Mans Electric Road Bike. Most notably, water may get into places where you don’t want it to and it will cause corrosion.

Before every ride, try and perform the ABC check. Check, the air in the tyres as it can impact on the number of miles you get out of the battery. Correctly Inflated tyres have a stronger grip on the road.

Test the Brakes by pushing the bike backwards and forwards while gently applying the bike. Ensure there is enough oil on the chain.  A good chain oil will work wonders, use wet lube in the winter and dry lube in the winter.

If there are any problems with the battery on the Extrbici RS600 Mans Electric Road Bike; Contact the supplier immediately and they will assist you in getting the Extrbici RS600 Mans Electric Road Bike fixed. Read more about buying a  E bike


Final Verdict


Looking for a road that is also a E bike. Then your search may be over as Extrbici have added lots of benefit and features to the Extrbici RS600 Mans Electric Road Bike that cannot go unnoticed.

Plenty of choice when it comes to colours


Fashionable Road E bike


240-Watt hub motor with 3 speeds


ChaoYang Road tyres

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