Are you looking for some bike that will give you benefits of feeling the fast wind in your hair, great endurance and withstanding of tough terrain, but also a pleasure of cruising in the nature with no worries?

Then Electric Bicycle Extrbici MX3.8 e-Bike is the solution for all your desires. The Extrbici MX3.8 e-Bike is one excellent bicycle that will get you want at very high speed, but also allow you to relax and enjoy the ride without much effort of maintaining the speed.

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Benefits and features

This high-power bicycle is packed with some exceptional features and characteristic. Starting with exterior design – this bicycle truly is a real piece of artwork.

Colour combination that you will find it is white-blue, black-yellow, orange-white, brown-white and black-blue. Looking at every example you simply just can’t decide which one is better.

Many Extrbici bicycle models are known for their great specifications and design, but this one much different than others. Besides very nice exterior design,the Extrbici MX3.8 e-Bike is packed with some remarkable characteristics.

For all athletes this model is perfect. The ability of achieving top speed of 30 km/h with just the throttle model, Extrbici MX3.8 e-Bike shines like a star. Wonder how?

Well, this beast is equipped with QH4GV 36V/48V*240-Watt high power Brushless hub motor, that all-time boring charging takes only 5-7 hours from empty to full, so this beast is neatly pairs with 48V, and also 36V version, 10HAr longer riding with very excellent conditions.

Speed modules:

There are also 3 speed modules, which are perfect for leisure or commuting riding, but also achieving some great training results and goals.

However, that’s not all! 17-Inch 6061 aluminium frame and aluminium crown lockout suspension front fork frame weights only 19 kg (41 lbs.) and is designed so it suits most of the people’s size, but don’t be fooled by its low weight – it withstands 150 kg (330 lbs).

Riding on rocky terrain will still feel the same as the ride on a flat road. Full throttle mode can help you achieve distance of 25-35 km for 36V version, and 48V version goes 30-40 km.

However, alternating drive modes from full throttle to pedal & power assisted mode, 36V version can bottle holder lithium battery. Upgraded battery allowed us the ability to achieve distance of 45-55 km, but 48V version boosts your distance to 60 km.

Breaking mechanism is upgraded with double disc brakes that allow full control of breaking no matter the terrain that is present.

Speed shifting

Problems with speed shifting while going down the rocky hill are gone with installed 21 speed Shimano TX35 shift lever and T230 derailleurs. Beautiful design includes very neatly welding job on the frame, ST 31.8 aluminium 61 cm Sports MTB bike handlebar and speed controller located near battery LCD indicator.

Perfect for athletes who are devoting their careers to become someone great in the modern day. The Extrbici MX3.8 e-Bike will help you achieve all goals that you’ve set up. Very quality and sustainable materials that are used for production, gives this beast great boost.

Customer satisfaction


There has been put great effort in designing and creating this exceptional bicycle. Excellent control of all physics of driving, convenience of driving on tough terrain, these are just some of great characteristics of the Extrbici MX3.8 e-Bike.

Powered-up battery and motor give every rider full experience of driving, with easy speed shifting – no matter the condition. This very light, but also sustainable and endurable, model gets you up to great speeds in matter of minutes and new installed breaking system, grants you an ability of easy cornering and making sharp turns.

Reliable and safe riding is secured with this breaking system, but also, the grip of the famous ChaoYang 26*1.95 tires enhances this effect and makes ride more convenient and safe.

Common questions


How convenient is this bike?

Due to the aluminium frame, the Extrbici MX3.8 e-Bike is one very light and easy-foldable bicycle that opens up and closes in a matter of minutes, and it doesn’t take much of space in your garage and car.

It designed so it suits most of the people. Its size and weight put its rivals in great fear, since it also packed with 3 modules riding system.

This system allows switching between full throttle and power assisted and power off system, so you can fully adjust the ride for yourself in given situations.

Is it hard to find replacement for this bike?

No, not at all. The Extrbici MX3.8 e-Bike is recognizable manufacturer of bicycle stationed across country. Every problem regarding the bicycle’s state you can report to your supplier or simply contact the Extrbici service team and they will find the best possible solution for your problem.

Is there any warranty?

Of course, all customers that purchase this model receive one-year warranty on parts: battery, frame and motor. Don’t worry about a thing, Extrbici MX3.8 e-Bike has you cover for entire year. Take care of your bike with our article on Kryptonite bike locks,.




The Extrbici MX3.8 e-Bike is one exceptional model that is perfectly designed to provide great convenience and pleasure while riding at all kinds of conditions.

Easy-foldable mechanism allows it to save your time, energy, but also space in the household or in transporting vehicle.

High motor and battery power enables long distance rides with very short charging time.


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