The lighting is the most important invention of science and it is more essential during the night time. Many technologies had evolved and the LED lighting is the most popular and energy efficient lighting system in the world.

In that aspect EverLightFX USB Rechargeable LED Safety Light is one of the most important choices to be made for efficient lighting mechanism. It has many specialized features which makes the product stand unique from any other led lights available in the market.

The LED light comes with the usb rechargeable that can be recharged using the USB which is the prime innovation in the LED lighting system. The company focuses more on the safety in the lighting mechanism and adopted standards prescribed by law.

So the LED light is most safe in terms of usage and thus have a longer life span. So this product is one of the best and it is time to be grabbed. Let us contribute to the sustainable lighting system and contribute towards an energy efficient environment.


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The Led light is one of the best lights in the market as it comes with some specific features. It is eco-friendly and constructed according to tackle the weather system as it is fitted with weather defying IPX4 waterproof casing.

This waterproof casing provides light even during the downpour without getting affected by the rainwater. The LED light also contains 6 lighting modes that can be changed according to the needs of the customer, unbreakably robust clips and velcro straps in order to fit to whatever the type of walls it is fitted to, plus it comes with a long life span that have a ‘run all night’ 12 – 40 HOUR BATTERY LIFE. Also, it is safer and perfect for people, pets, strollers & now mtb or urban bike tail post lights.

Moreover, it is designed in the way for faster charging and longer lasting. The look is attractive but it is more than sexy looking. These LED safety strobe clip on lights charge in under 1.5 HOURS then stay lit for 12-40 HOURS.

So you can use them as your arm running light, dog walking light, bicycle rear light, safety lights at any time, say, day or night. They are useful for usb charging and hence they plug right into any USB cable and also can be charged from laptop, car, wall socket and more!

Customer Satisfaction


The EverLightFX USB Rechargeable LED Safety Light ensure better work for you money and even it doubles your value and we can dare to compare it. The price is amazing and gives an efficient value for your money thereby giving satisfaction to the customers.

Especially 2 USB Safety Lights, 2 Charging Cables, 2 Short Velcro Straps (bike frames, seat posts, belts, pet collars, leash), 2 Long Velcro Straps (for attachment on arms, ankles/calves & more) and 1 Carry Pouch are given along which is just a fulfillment for your expenses. Hence this is the best choice of concern if you are deciding to go for led lights. Cheaper, reliable and efficient.

It is fitted with unrivalled versatility and comes with the money back guarantee. Runners, joggers, bikers, pets and walkers can buy and try this clip on safety light. This is set in risk-free for 30 days.

Love how quickly they charge, how long they stay lit and how endlessly useful they are or your money back. The warranty period is given to the period of 1 year. You can get a full year of use or it will be replaced thereby asking no questions.

Common questions


Whether it can fit anywhere easily?

It comes with universal fit. It will just take only 5 seconds to “install”. The Tank-durable clip and Velcro straps means that these clip or strap on easily and stay put securely in less time that it takes you to say ‘Piece of Cake!’. So, say no to tools or special smarts which is the waster of time. It can be attached and detached so quickly and easily that you might find yourself using them every day.

Whether it will have a longer life span?

The LED light can be charged fast and is longer lasting. If you charge for one and half hours then you can stay the light up to 12 – 40 hours. So, the light is efficient enough to be used for many purposes. Read our article on Kryptonite bike locks.



  • ALL-TIME TOP SELLER, NOW EVEN BETTER- One of the top sellers because of the unique lighting experience and its innovation. Can be fitted easily irrespective to the walls.
  • FASTER CHARGING, LONGER LASTING and it can be the best choice to buy led light as it is fitted with the USB portal also.
  • UNRIVALED VERSATILITY – MONEY BACK GUARANTEED – comes with One year warranty.

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