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Eurobike G4


To begin our article on the Eurobike G4, we will first take a look at the Eurobike brand. Eurobike was founded in Tianjin, China. Here are some of the main reasons why you should buy a Eurobike.




All Eurobikes are designed with only the best materials. Euro bikes either come with a carbon or an alloy frame.   Carbon and alloy are strong, durable and lightweight materials.

The materials go through a robust testing throughout the production process. To ensure the customer receives a bike they love to ride. Eurobike test all their bikes to make sure they can handle all the practical situations the rider may finds themselves in.

Customer Service


Eurobike pride themselves on encouraging their customers to get in touch with them if they have any questions regarding buying a Eurobike . The team at Eurobike are happy to answer any questions relating to which bike to purchase or where to buy a replacement part. Euro bike aim to offer brilliant customer service.



The design team at Eurobike are always playing close attention to the cycling communities’ trends. All Eurobikes have a sleek design that is visually pleasing and offer the cycling enthusiasts a fresh ride.




Eurobikes are made in China. Allowing the brand to take advantage of a reduction in production costs. The savings can be passed on to the customer. The high-end specifications found in Eurobikes would cost a lot more from competing brands. Eurobikes over brilliant value for money. Read our article on are Eurobikes any good?



Why Should You Buy The G4


We will look at some of the benefits of the Eurobike G4. One of the main features of the G4 is that it has a folding mechanism.

Folding bikes have been around since the 1980’s and are commonly used by commuters in urban areas.

the ability to fold up the Eurobike G4 makes it a versatile form of transport. The G4 is a practical bike and here are some of the main benefits.


Excellent Mode Of Transport


The G4 is really easy to transport, it can be taken to the majority of places and is easy to store on public transport, at the office or even in the boot of a car. Making it ideal for commuters.

A lot of individuals who work in the city, tend to drive to their local train station, get the train into the city and walk to the office.

Driving to the local railway station can be costly, purchasing a train ticket and paying for any parking fees.

Owning the Eurobike G4 may allow the individual to ride to work. Saving money and time. There will be no more waiting in the rain for the next train to come.




The biggest advantage of the Eurobike G4 is that it takes less storage space than a traditional bike. A traditional bike needs to be stored in a garage or a shed. That’s not available to everyone.

The G4 can be taken upstairs to a first floor flat. In a cupboard, or under the desk in an office. Unless a work place has somewhere to store a bike, then riding to work is not an option. However, purchasing a folding bike, elevates the problem together.


Improves Security


The G4 is easy to carry and it doesn’t need to be left in places where it may be stolen. There is no need to leave it chained outside an office. There is no need to worry if the bike will be there in the morning.

Owning the Eurobike G4 eliminates that problem. An individual can place it under their seats just like a large back pack. In addition, folding bikes are less of a target by thieves as they have a niche appeal.

Eco Friendly


Travelling less by car and public transport will reduce the riders use of fossil fuels and carbon foot print. The versatility of the Eurobike G4 allows the rider more opportunity to ride the bike and therefore reduce their carbon foot print. Not only is riding the G4 good for their health put it is also really good for the environment too.

Making you look cool


Once a cycling enthusiast has had a bit of time to practise folding the Eurobike. The rider can take advantage of the practical ability of the bike. Owning a folding bike will be sure to draw interest from other commuters as they see your easy commute. Compared to the challenges faced by other riders using a traditional bike.

Don’t be surprised if the rider gets a lot of people asking them questions about their folding bike and where they can buy one.   Read our article on the pros and cons of folding bikes. We will now look at advice for using the Eurobike G4.

Getting Fit Without Even Thinking About It


One of the main benefits of cycling regularly is that the rider is getting fit without even thinking about it. The recommended daily physical activity is around ninety minutes per day. Commuting to and from work is a brilliant way of burning off some extra calories.

Going to the gym after a long day can be tiring and many individuals struggle to get motivation. Once a person gets into a routine, they will find themselves getting fit without even thinking about it.



G4 Metrics

Because bikers like metrics

Customer Satisfaction

Satisfied Clients*

% Satisfaction**



The Eurobike G4 offers brilliant value for money. A mountain bike from a competing brand with the same specification will cost a lot more.




The G4 coms with a steel 17” frame that offers the rider plenty of stability while riding. Steel is a strong and durable material that can with stand the odd bump or scrap.



Eurobike have equipped the Eurobike G4 with a pair of dual disk brakes. The main benefit of disk brakes is that a rider will be able to control the speed of the bike much easier. Having a set of good quality brakes will be sure to boost a rider’s confidence.



The rider will have plenty of options to change the pace of the G4 to their riding conditions. A pair of high-quality Shimano 3*7 shifters will be sure to allow the rider to easily maintain the momentum of the commute.




The Eurobike G4 is equipped with a full suspension. One of the main benefit s of a full suspension is that it helps absorb the bumps of travelling over uneven terrain. Having a full suspension enables a rider to easily and more comfortably travel over uneven terrain. Read our article on the most common mountain bike questions.



  • Features – 95%
  • Value For Money – 98%
  • Build Quality – 95%

Essential Tips For Using The G4


Packing and Protecting


Purchasing a cover for a folding bike will help protect it. There are two forms of carrying case. A soft carrying case that is great for safety, or a hard case that is used for carrying the bike around like luggage.


Ride Checklist


Like any ordinary bike, a rider should make sure they carry everything they need. A tool kit may be a worthwhile investment. Packing an extra inner tube and a mini bike pump. Commutes can sometimes take a little longer than expected. Packing a drink and some small snacks will help keep away any hunger pains or dehydration.


Exploring New Surroundings


The Eurobike G4 is a brilliant way off exploring new surroundings. There are going to be plenty of opportunities to incorporate the G4 into the rider’s commute. Having the ability to travel slower than in a car allows the rider to take in more of the views and is faster than walking. Experimenting by using local transport at first will help the rider become more confident of travelling with the G4



The Eurobike G4 will require regular maintenance like any ordinary bike. A rider should check their bike on a regular basis to make sure they can spot any wear and tear and prevent it becoming a more serious problem. One way of spotting any wear and tear is getting into a good habit of cleaning the bike on a regular basis.

Check the tires are at the required PSI level. The required PSI level can be taken from instruction manuel. Poorly inflated tyres will cause the G4 to work harder and effect its performance. Purchasing a good quality bike pump. Read our review of the Beto bike pump. 

Common Questions


Does the G4 come assembled?


The G4 comes partially assembled and should take no longer than thirty minutes.


What is the recommended height?


Around 5’3″- 5’9″


What is the maximum weight capacity?


Around 300 pounds


What tires does the G4 come with?


26“*1.95 full black tire. The G4 comes with a set of hard-wearing tires that offer the rider plenty of grip while going over different types of terrain.


What type of fork does the bike have?


MTB Suspension Fork


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