The design of the Electra Courier Tank Men’s Bike Urban – Khaki/Red, 26 Inch resembles the motor cycle of the old school. The frame of this particular bike is positioned upright and is also quite relaxed.


It is because of this feature that you can travel all over the town quite comfortably. The looks of this bike is awesome and there has been no other bike that has been designed in such a way.


This bike consists of a beautiful wooden rack along with a plate of wooden tank that has a colour similar to the rack. The classical coloured frame that is there in this bike makes it look extremely attractive.


The tires colour of this bike is cream and provides a very classy look to the bicycle. This is a cycle that is mainly most appropriate for delivering couriers.

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Benefits & Features

The frame of this bicycle is quite light and this makes it appropriate for use by the courier delivery boys. They have to ride this bike for almost the entire day and so it is very important that the bike that they use is not heavy and difficult to ride.

The weight of this bicycle makes it easier for them to travel from one place to another.

This bicycle has a three speed Shimano nexus internal along with a coaster brake. This bike also has a Shimano nexus roller brake.

The Shimano twist shifter makes it ideal for use by the courier boys.

This bike consists of an alloy rack that is there at the back of the bike. There are also some wooden slats present in it.

This bike has wooden grips and alloy cranks in it.

There are also sealed bottom brackets along with a polished alloy stem present in the bike.

The alloy rims that are there are also matching with the colour of this bicycle.

This Electra Courier Tank Men’s Bike Urban – Khaki/Red, 26 Inch weighs 20 kilograms and has a wheel size that is 26 inches.

When you order this product online you get it in an unassembled form. You have to follow the guidelines of the user manual and get this cycle assembled by yourself.

In case you face any issues assembling this product, you can contact the customer service team and get help from a trained technician.

Customer satisfaction


Most of the customers who use this product consider it to be awesome.


They say that Electra Courier Tank Men’s Bike Urban – Khaki/Red, 26 Inch is one of the most useful bikes available and have top notch features.


This product is not only very useful but even its looks are very attractive. In fact there are a number of customers who tend to simply buy this product because of its attractive looks.


Common Questions


Is this bike durable?

Before choosing any product, the most common question that the customer comes up with is its durability. When you buy any product, you get it in exchange of money. So the manufactures of this product have ensured that they provide very good value for the money that you spend in buying this product.

Are these bikes comfortable?

The size of the Electra Courier Tank Men’s Bike Urban – Khaki/Red, 26 Inch is such, that the rider can easily fit into eat. This bike is appropriate for use in the longer distances because it is a very comfortable to sit on this bicycle.

Can you carry delivery items in this bicycle?

This bike is especially meant for the courier delivery boys. It is for this reason that there is a wooden plank at the back. You can put all the items that you want to deliver on this wooden plank. Even after putting these items you still have a lot of space which allows you to sit and ride this bike comfortably.

Are these bikes heavy?

These bicycles are not at all heavy and so it will not be very difficult to carry heavy load on these cycles and move from one address to the other. Step by step guide on bike security




This bike looks great and its features make it quite appropriate for use by the courier delivery boys.

If you are still considering whether you should or should not buy the Electra Courier Tank Men’s Bike Urban – Khaki/Red, 26 Inch going through the points mentioned below will certainly be very useful.

The presence of the wooden planks makes it ideal to carry a lot of delivery items together. The vehicle is not very heavy and so you can use it to travel from one place to another

The presence of the wooden grips in this bicycle helps in providing a netter grip on the rider. All these benefits definitely make this product one of the best and the most sort after products available.

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