If you are a fan of bikes, you are probably all too familiar with the situation where their size is actually a big problem. Big bikes aren’t always as practical as people might think, which is something that we discover in the worst situations.


Well, there is an easy way to deal with this, and that includes getting an ECOSMO 20″ Folding Mountain Bicycle.


This model is specially designed to become small, convenient, and practical – whenever you need it.


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ECOSMO 20″ Folding Mountain Bicycle is a very popular model of mountain bicycle. It is ideal for those who don’t like driving a car but instead prefer the healthier way of life. This model has tons and tons of cool features, which all lead to one goal – convenience.

Let’s start with the obvious. This is a folding mountain bike. Folding it is very easy after you try it out a few times. Its frame construction is of Hi-Ten steel, and it weighs approximately 16 Kg.

When you fold it, this bike’s dimensions are approximately 86cm(L) / 30cm(W) / 60cm(H). This makes it extremely practical and easy to carry. And, since it doesn’t take a lot of space, you can even carry it with you, or get it in the car if you manage to catch a ride.

Its wheel size is 20″, and it is made of a lightweight aluminum rim, with steel hubs. All of its brakes are Alloy V type of brakes, which is proof enough of their quality and strength.

ECOSMO 20″ Folding Mountain Bicycle also features a great gear system – 6-speed SHIMANO. With it, you can adjust the resistance, as well as your speed, all in no time at all.

As you can imagine, the bike is actually pretty small, all in pursuit of the most convenient design. The height of its handlebar is around 108-120cm, while the height of the seat is around 75-90cm.

This might not suit everyone, which is why some people often have to get a new seat in order to be able to enjoy this model.

Still, no matter how tall you are, with a few small adjustments, this bike should fit you like a glove in no time.

Customer satisfaction


ECOSMO 20″ Folding Mountain Bicycle is an amazing bicycle that is here to help you enjoy every ride. Its most important feature is, obviously, the ability to fold. Not only does it take less space, but it is also much more convenient and easier to carry.


That being said, we should note that this model has around 16 Kg, which is not exactly as light as you might like. Still, the extra weight is necessary in order to keep the bike strong and sturdy.


The folding mechanism is rather simple and very easy to use. After your first try, the entire process of folding the bike will probably take less than a minute.

Common questions

Is the bike suitable to carry on a bus?

The answer to this is yes. The bike is very easy to fold and lock into position. That way, you can carry it with you on a bus, in a car, or any other larger method of transportation.

It won’t take a lot of room, which is very practical. However, do remember that its weight might make it a bit more difficult to simply carry around. It is a bit too heavy for daily commuting, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t just fold it and get it on a bus every once in a while.

Is the bike suitable for children?

The bike is not very large, which you can see from its dimensions. Still, it is not recommended for children, mostly due to its weight. Folding a bike that heavy would make it impossible for a child to use it.

Also, despite the fact that its seat is adjustable, it is still too high for small children. Teenagers, however, would probably be able to use it and enjoy its features with more success.

Is it comfortable to ride?

Yes, ECOSMO 20″ Folding Mountain Bicycle is very comfortable thanks to its effective suspension. You will barely feel the bumps on the path before you.

The gears will allow you to modify the resistance and speed at any time, while the breaks will help you keep control during the ride. All in all, the bike is both very comfortable and extremely safe.



The ECOSMO 20″ Folding Mountain Bicycle is very easy to fold and it doesn’t take a lot of space.


It has very quality features that will definitely make the ride easy, enjoyable, and very comfortable.


Modifying the bike is simple and fast, and it allows you to adjust its features so that they would serve you, as well as others who might use it.


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