e-Ranger Overlander Electric Bike

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Why Should You Buy The Overlander

Here Are The Top 3 Reasons To Buy The Anarchy 200



Nine Modes For Power Assist

30-50 miles per charge

Front Disk Brakes


Common Questions

Eleven Common Questions Answered


What Is The Overlander Designed For?

City Commuting

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e-Ranger Overlander Electric Bike

Are searching for a bike? Are you a beginner or expert rider? Do you want a bike for riding which is multipurpose and cost-effective?

Do you want a budget bike which as excellent look and is durable? If you search queries are the same as I have given above then you are in the right place. I am telling you about a bike which is excellent in shape, structure, strength and looks.

Along with these qualities, it is also cost effective and you will not lose much money on it. It gives you an excellent riding experience whether you hike on the mountain, you need it for sports, or for city roads.

It will run excellent on high ways, city roads and semi-built rural roads. It is customized for excellent riding and it is Muddyfox Mens Anarchy 200. You will surely and certainly love this bike for your rides.


Why Should You Buy The Anarchy


Mudyfox has been a pioneer in manufacturing bike brands in the UK for over twenty years. Now they have started concentrating on the value in the market. Anarchy is a good looking bike with excellent control than most of its competitors and with decent gear and reduced selling price.

Anarchy, low height and its other budget options reflect how it picks up speed as well as when you get to any pathways or gates on the tracks. Its budget option leaves a smile on your face. It lets you climb forward rather than just stalling away.

Muddyfox has ensured that Muddyfox Anarchy 200 meets the basic needs of modern riders and cyclists. You can explore your local mountain trails with Muddyfox Anarchy 200 and going to your workplace and having around in the city.

There are certain features in this bike that other bikes don t have. They have a large set of tires with more resistant wheels than other brands. They have an excellent brake system.

Features & Benefits

The e-Ranger Overlander Electric Bike surely has some advantages and plus features that other bikes do have. Whether you are fleeing out of the city on a weekend on a long journey it is suitable and will charge your gadgets during the period.

You can easily ride it in your formal clothes and go to your office on it or go to your friends in the city. You may go hiking on rocks and unpaved country roads.

It has excellent gears and brake system which give you a safe ride. It is highly recommended for the people with average height.

You will feel comfort and ease with cycling and it will not leave you half the way. Its battery timing is excellent, which let you ride it up to 40miles in a single charge. It is not a bad deal for a cyclist. It has a lot of other features which make it an excellent bike.

The weight of the e-Ranger Overlander Electric Bike is 22 kg with battery and it decreases to 19kg when the battery is not with it. Its motor is top range 250wbrushless motor.

It has a gentle weight lithium battery which charges four to five hours in a single spell. Rugged cross rail rim and stable 2 point motorbike stand is its important feature. It has alloy shock absorbers and robust alloy pedals. Versatile dust guard and the bell is excellent.

  • Features – 94%
  • Value For Money – 98%
  • Build Quality – 90%

“The e-Ranger Overlander Electric Bike Is Perfect For The Commute Through Glasgow City Centre.” Tina

Customer Satisfaction

Customers who bought the e-Ranger Overlander Electric Bike have expressed appreciation and with excellent riding experience. They praise it for its superb quality and advanced features and enhancement which are added to this bike. They love it for a safe and smooth journey on it. Most of the customers recommend this bike to their friends and colleagues.

Common Questions

Customers and the cyclists who are interested in buying this bike have asked certain questions about it, Some are;

Does e-Ranger Overlander Electric Bike comes in parts or fully assembled?

Not 100% in parts but you have to adjust pedals and some other components.

How many gears has this bike got?

It has 7 gears and 9 power setting. You may like read our article on the pros and cons of electric bikes

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