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 Dyu d2

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Aluminium Frame

Three Modes

Lithium Battery


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Built And Designed For The City


Who Are Dyu?

Dyu Are A Popular And Well Known Electric Bike Brand

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Dyu d2 Electric Bike

Is biking a daily part of your routine? Are you bored and uninterested in pedalling away to every single location? Are cars and motorcycle some distance from your budget? All you need is the dyu d2.

Dyu d2 runs in part on electricity and cuts your pedalling exercise by half. This will really uproot your day by day shuttle. Electric powered bikes are the brand-new mode of moving from A to B within the most convenient manner viable. These bikes are similar to everyday bicycles but require charging and help you with your day trip.

The dyu d2electric powered bike runs on a lithium battery that is strategically placed inside a retro bag on the aspect of the rear seat. It also has three riding modes, in conjunction with a 250w brushless geared hub targeted motor. The Dyu d2 can reach a maximum of 40 kilometers depending on the riding conditions and terrain.

The Ebike additionally comes with a smart app password locking, if you want to guard the batteries against getting spoiled from prolonged durations of non-utilization. The batteries are of high exceptionality so that you do not need to fear about them getting malfunction.

Apart from the electrical components, additionally covered are elements that help you in the mechanical work


How Fast does an electric bike Go?


The Dyu d2 can reach a maximum of 40 KM depending on the riding conditions. You should always ensure you keep the battery charged as you do not want to be half way through a commute and see the flashing low battery light.


How much does an electric bicycle cost?


Nothing worth having is cheap and an electric bike can be quite expensive. However, if you intend to use the Dyu d2 on a regular basis you will be sure to regain some of the cost by the savings on fuel and parking fees. In addition, the Dyu d2 offers brilliant value for money compared to other electric bikes.


Do you need a licence to drive an electric bike


No, you do not need a licence to ride an electric bike in Britain. If you are an entry level cyclist an Electric bike will allow you to commute at you’re on pace.


Are electric bikes legal in the UK


Electric bikes are legal in Britain a long as you are the legal owner of the electric bike





The powerful battery is cleverly enclosed in the retro pannier bag and the whisper quiet extraordinary compact 250w brushless motor is housed in the front wheel hub, with a pedal assisted top velocity.


Three Modes:


The dyu d2 comes with three modes, a manual mode, moped mode and electric mode to allow the rider to change the pace of the dyu d2 to the changing riding conditions faced by the rider.

Having an on powered motor will assist the rider while riding up hills and give the rider an added boost. An electric bike is brilliant for an individual that has had some time away from exercise and is wishing to build up their fitness levels at their own pace.



Dyu d2 comes with some good safety features that include and anti-theft protection with a password in the smart App. A Bright front and back light will allow the rider to easily see the road and easily be seen by other road users.




A Set of double disk brakes will ensure the rider can get out of any sticky situations and perform an emergency stop quickly and safely. Commuting in the city can be challenging as you are riding in a fast-paced environment and the Dyu d2 has been well equipped to meet the needs of an urban cyclist.

  • Features – 94%
  • Value for money – 92%
  • Build Quality – 95%

”  I Absolutely Love Cycing Through Oxford Road On My Dyu D2 E Bike. Its Designed For The Urban Cyclist. ” Scott


Customer Satisfaction

The battery comes with intelligent mains 36v 2a charger, which charges the battery from zero – full in a space of 4/5 hours. The motorbike is wonderful to experience, and you could activate assisted mode, sit again and permit the battery cope with long runs.

It also helps you maintain your health. Generally, physicians recommend 20 minutes of cardio workout a day to preserve fitness. Thanks to this electric bike, people are plying biking recently.

The dyu d2 comes 95% assembled and generally, you just have to fix pedals and adjust the handlebar. It is generally counseled to check the brakes and tires before your test run. You could repair traditional bike elements yourself, like fixing the chain returned on the spur and adjusting the depth of the brakes, or better giving to a nearby mechanic.


Final Comments


This needs to be one of the classiest looking electric bikes around. Graphite body with chrome parts coupled with brown leather-based grips and saddle genuinely provide this bike a top rate feel.

The electrics are provided by a 250w brushless chrome front hub motor which blends in beautifully with the motorbike to make it slightly major


Common Questions

Should I completely drain the battery before charging?


Dyu d2 features high tech batteries, so this is not required. To suggest, it best to always top up the batteries, even if you have only traveled 10 miles. The clever sleep mode will make sure that the battery doesn’t get ruined.


What the capabilities of the bike?


The electric bike can attain up to 40 KM on a fully assisted mode. although this varies depending on many conditions, consisting of the weight of the user, terrain, and depth at which the battery is being operated


Can I use it inside the rain?


Sure, electric bikes components are waterproof, but it’s advisable not to soak the gears in rain. In case of the motor and battery, do not submerge them in deep puddles and extra rain. When you reach a dry zone, it is fine to clean your gears with a dry cloth.


How about the weight size?


The dyu d2 bike comes in a handy control means which allows the controller to be able to use/push without being overpowered.


Are the brakes strong enough?


The dyu d2 come with a much stronger Brakes which allows firm implementation.

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