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 Why Should You Buy The Dawes Blowfish 14 Bike

Bicycles are a great gift for kids because they combine fun and provide physical exercise. Children are excited by the prospect of riding and adults are overcome with waves of nostalgia. It usually brings back memories of childhood days from when they explored the world through their first bikes.

 Choosing a bike for your kid can prove to be a difficult task, but investing the appropriate amount of time and resources into finding an adequate one will be a decision you won’t have cause to regret. Things to consider when choosing a bike for your kids are:


Size (Physical Fit: A bike is the right size when your child can:


1) Sit on the saddle and rest the heels of both feet on the ground.


2) Straddle the top bar comfortably and with both feet squarely flat on the ground.


3) Reach the handlebars while slightly bending the arms when sitting on the seat. Your child should also be able to grasp them and apply enough pressure to stop the bike.


Tire size

Seat height

Stand over height


Balance features

Quality vs. price


When kid’s bikes are concerned, the Dawes blowfish 14 alloy bike has been a hit for many years and it’s understandably so. With its lightweight aluminium frame, robust and long lasting alloy wheels, simple to use specification and reliable performance it offers great value for money and guarantees a wonderful riding experience for kids.

The bike is also remarkably light; this makes it easier for your child to handle and subsequently makes riding a lot more enjoyable. The lightweight frame is easier to control than a heavier steel equivalent and comes fully fitted with stabilizers.

Features & Benefits

The  Dawes blowfish 14 alloy bike comes equipped with alloy wheels, mudguards, a fully enclosed chain guard and colour coded stabilizers. The Y-stem is known to be the best bike arrangement for young kids. Its cushioned saddle makes for comfortable long rides and the alloy caliper brakeset is very responsive. The 14 1/2″ x 2 1/4″ wheels are ideal for kids of young ages and they have good grips which makes them rideable on a variety of surfaces.




The Dawes blowfish 14 alloy bike is packed with the following features:


Frame – 6061 Alloy

Fork – Steel

Number of Gears – 1

Chain set – One Piece

Chain rings – 26T

Bottom Bracket – Ball Bearing

Cassette – Single Speed 16T

Chain – 1/2″ x 1/8″

Pedals – Supplied

Brakeset – Alloy Caliper

Handlebars – 480mm wide, 100mm rise

Stem – Y stem

Headset – 1″ Threaded

Grips – Black

Rims – Alloy

Front Hub – 16H Nutted

Rear Hub – 16H Nutted

Spokes       – 14G

Front Tire – 14 1/2″ x 2 1/4″

Rear Tire – 14 1/2″ x 2 1/4″

Saddle – Cushioned Junior Saddle

Seatpost – 27.2mm x 6″


  • Features – 95%
  • Value for money – 93%
  • Build Quality – 94%

” Dawes Blowfish 14 Bike Is Perfect For My Grandson.” Mary

Customer Satisfaction

The Dawes blowfish 14 alloy bike is an overall great bike, it is sturdy and perfectly safe for kids. Customers had minor complaints because the bike comes in the box completely unassembled, so it is advised to have the bike assembled at any local bike shop if you have difficulties doing it yourself. The lightweight and brilliant design is a big point of endearment to both parents and kids alike.


Advantages and Disadvantages


The only major disadvantage of this bike is that it comes unassembled with clear instructions from the manufacturers not to buy if it arrives assembled. The tires are well grooved and provide excellent grip and traction; this reduces slipping to the minimum. It is one of the lightest bikes available, there’s little chance of your child encountering any difficulties when moving the bike.

Common Questions

What ages of kids is the Dawes blowfish 14 alloy bike suitable for?

 The bike is made ideally for kids of ages 4-6. Although, this is subject to the size and weight of your kid.

How durable is the Dawes 14” Blowfish?

 The bike is of a very robust variety with a frame of aluminium alloy, it is one of the toughest bikes for kids. The bike has long usage expectancy.

How safe is this bike for my kid(s)?

 Dawes blowfish 14 alloy bike bikes are made to the uttermost safety standards to ensure they are just right for kids. The tires are properly teethed to optimize friction, it also has firm grips; this makes control a lot easier for kids with sweaty palms.

Is it ok to disassemble the Dawes blowfish 14 alloy bike for cleaning?

Yes, disassembling the Dawes blowfish 14 alloy bike doesn’t constitute any damage as long as it is properly reassembled. The bike doesn’t come with assembling instructions so extreme care has to be taken when disassembling/assembling.


Final Comments


If you’re looking to get your kids their first bike, the Dawes blowfish 14 alloy bike is a very good option. It is an incredibly fun and easy to use bike. The beautiful design and ease of use is coupled with sturdiness and reliability to make it a great first bike for kids.





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