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Cyrusher fat tire electric bike 1000w


In our article on the Cyrusher fat tire electric bike 1000, we will firstly take a look at the main reasons why you should buy a fat tire bike.


Go Further


The Cyrusher fat tire electric bike 1000w will allow the rider to go further than any ordinary mountain bike. A fat tire bike can easily tackle a wide variety of terrain. The thick and robust tires can travel over rocks, stones, sand and even snow.

Travelling on a traditional mountain bike can be affected by unpredictable weather conditions. However, the greater weight on each tire allows the rider to tackle the most challenging terrain.

An added benefit of a fat tire bike is that it can even be ridden on the beach, or even the most torrential rain. A traditional mountain bike would not dare to travel where a fat tire bike would go.


Improved Fitness


A common misconception regarding fat tire bikes is that they are less of a workout than a regular mountain bike. The big tyres on the bike have a bigger diameter, that require the rider to put plenty of effort in.

Building the riders core muscles as they go off road. The rider will be sure to improve their level of fitness. Regular exercise on the Cyrusher fat tire electric bike 1000w will allow the rider to burn off some extra calories without even thinking about it.

In addition, to the health benefits. Exercise has been linked to many mental health benefits. Going out for a bike ride is a brilliant way of relieving the stress that life can sometimes bring.




One of the main benefits of the Cyrusher fat tire electric bike 1000w is that although the rider will be travelling over the most challenging off-road terrain, they will be doing it in total comfort. The large tread tires allow the rider to be cushioned from uneven terrain.

Travelling across demanding terrain is about confidence. If a rider is to concerned about falling, they won’t be able to push themselves and explore different types of terrain. Fat tire bikes offer the rider a high degree of safety allowing them to maximise their performance on the commute.




The number one reason why purchasing the Cyrusher fat tire electric bike 1000w Is a brilliant idea. They are loads of fun to ride. Exploring new terrain with family and friend is a great way for a rider to spend their weekends. To continue our article on the Cyrusher fat tire electric bike 1000w we will look at the best ways to ride the xf800.

Riding the XF800


In our article on the Cyrusher fat tire electric bike 1000w we will first look at the best riding techniques for the XF800.   The two main reasons for the fat tire success is staying upright and gentle steering. Turning a fat tire bike to quickly will cause the rider to lose its traction. Gently turning the XF800 and keeping an upright position will allows the rider to anticipate when to turn.

Looking straight ahead on the choosing a riding line will help the rider to easily and safely manoeuvre out of any hazardous situations.

In addition, leaning to far either side may cause the tires to lose grip. Pedalling should be done with smooth strokes as any sudden powerful bursts of power can cause the rear tire to spin out.


Cycling Wear & Accessories


Cycling is a form of exercise and the rider should wear comfortable clothing that has plenty of room in them.

The number one cycling accessory is a good quality helmet with good customer testimonials. Make sure that the helmet fits correctly. Purchasing a pair of padded shorts will help protect the rider’s buttocks from the hours spent on the saddle. Allowing the rider to cycle for longer.

In addition, a good pair of cycling shoes are in expensive and will allow the rider to reach their full potential Check out our article on the Muddyfox RBS100 mens cycling shoes.


Food & Snacks


Cycling is meant to be fun. Riding on an empty stomach or being de hydrated is not pleasant. The rider should be sure to bring a bottle of water and a few extra snacks.              Having plenty of water and a few snacks will allow the rider to focus on exploring new surroundings without having to go home early.




The Cyrusher fat tire electric bike 1000w can be used to explore local trails. All trails are rated for difficulty. Commuting on a fat tire bike is a bit more of a workout than a traditional mountain bike. However, the rider can always switch on the onboard motor to help them.


Route Planning


Planning the route taken on the Cyrusher fat tire electric bike 1000w will help the rider become more familiar with their commute, and will help boot their self-confidence and help them feel safe.

The are some brilliant apps for the mobile phone such as Strava or trail folks will help the rider plan their route and make sure that route is suitable for the rider and the possible weather condition. Tn our article on the Cyrusher fat tire electric bike 1000w we will look at why you should buy an electric bike. Read our article on are electric bikes any good?

Why Should You Buy An Electric Bike


There have been many advancements in technology that has improved lives.   Electric bikes are also known as power bikes or powered bikes.


Power Boost


An electric bike uses rechargeable batteries that can travel up to fifteen miles per hour allowing the rider to get to a place much quicker than a traditional bike and with more ease. Allowing the rider to have a pedalling boost will help lower the impact on the rider’s knees.

The Cyrusher fat tire electric bike 1000w is designed to tackle inclines. Having a powerful 1000W motor will help the rider reach their destination. Make sure the battery is charged after every commute. The battery should never be run dry where possible.




A study by a university in Switzerland found an electric bike to be as good as a regular bike in improving fitness. An electric bike is still exercise and really good for the riders health, mentally and physically.   The Cyrusher fat tire electric bike 1000w is an ideal bike for an individual that may have had a break from exercise and wants to build up their fitness levels at their own pace.


Cost Effective


Using the Cyrusher fat tire electric bike 1000w instead of a car or public transport will allow the rider to save money. The cost of petrol has increased to around forty pence per mile. While an electric bike costs around six pence per mile.

Commuting on a bike will help the rider save money that can be used for other necessities or a well-deserved holiday. Check out are article on the pros and cons of mountain bikes. We will know look at the main features of the Cyrusher fat tire electric bike 1000w bike.


XF800 Metrics

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Cyrusher Fat Tire Electric Bike 1000w

The Cyrusher fat tire electric bike 1000w bike offers brilliant value for money. Cyrusher are a professional bike manufacture well known in the biking community for designing good quality electric bikes.  Here are main features of the XF800




Cyrusher have equipped the XF800 with an impressive set of 26”*4.0 Chaoyang Tires. Having a quality set of tires will allow the rider to reach their full potential and help them go on a variety of terrain. Fat tires are ideal for riding off road and will allow the rider to ride over tough terrain much easier.




There are many benefits of owing a mountain bike with a powerful battery. The 1000w assisted motor will allow the rider to travel further without worrying about the physical stamina needed to make the journey. The rider will be able to easily react to any situation quickly and safely. The rider should spend a little bit of time getting used to how the electric bike reacts.




Performing an emergency stop can easily be performed. A pair of hydraulic brakes will allow the rider to match the pace of the bike to their riding conditions. The main benefit of hydraulic brakes is that they are more efficient than ordinary brakes. Having a good pair of brakes will allow the rider to out manoeuvre any sticky situations quickly and safely.

Brakes on electric bikes perform differently than ordinary brakes. There more powerful. Spending time on how the Cyrusher fat tire electric bike 1000w reacts at different speeds will make sure the rider can handle the electric bike more safely. We will know look at some of the most common questions.


  • Features – 91%
  • Value For Money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 98%

Common Questions


What weight is the XF800? And the maximum weight of the rider?


The bike weighs around 32 KG and for a rider up to 150 KG.


Can you add a bike rack?


Yes, a bike rack can be added


Where are the XF800 manufactured?


They are manufactured in China.


Do you need to assemble the XF800?


The Cyrusher fat tire electric bike 1000w comes partially assembled and should take no longer than thirty minutes. The rider should go on little test run to make sure they are happy with the XF800.

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