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Cycleafter Rechargeable Bike Lights


Looking For A Bike Light With Brilliant Benefit And Features That Cyclist Will Feel Confident While Commuting.

Cycleafter Rechargeable Bike Lights Set

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Cycleafer Rechargeable Bike Lights Set



Something for everybody? All going out on a nice evening cycling tour at the countryside? Worried about lighting for the kids? Or just thinking of offering that perfect gift to your bike loving kid?

Well, riding your bicycle should be a lovely experience void of any worries or fears. The Cycleafer rechargeable bike lights set, made for everybody who can ride a bicycle, is perfect for night-time cycling. Convenient for everybody, it indeed is indispensable for your safety as you go out for that leisurely or work out the ride.



Best Features

Here are the top features of the Cycleafer rechargeable bike lights set  

This mountable flashlight with its aesthetic design comes with a rechargeable power source. The USB charge cable accompanies all produced sets and ensures that no rider is caught unprepared to have the full experience bicycle riding brings.

It’s super powerful lumen headlight brightens the path in front of the user. The strength of the light is ensured by the ever powerful lithium batteries.

LED lighting means your flashlight produces high-quality white light using very low levels of energy. This is convenient as you get to use these lights for far longer periods than the common light bulbs around. These lights can be conveniently mounted both in front and at the rear.

Cycleafer rechargeable bike lights set  comes with a waterproof covering which really guarantees your outdoor experience would not be cut short by a sudden drizzle. Water resistance capacity means also that come rain, come shine, your destination does not change.

  • Features -87 %
  • Value for money – 95%
  • Build Quality – 98%

“I Have Been Cycling In The Evening And Its Starting To Get Dark Early, The Cycleafter Bike Light Is Outstanding.” Helen

Customer Satisfaction

It is very easy to install. Even your kids can install their own flashlights without needing your help all the time. All it takes is a one-time demonstration from you and the easy to mount features will pose no problem to your child the next time he or she must do so on their own. So it is indeed something for every bicycle lover.

The convenience and peace of mind that comes with the knowledge that as you go out, your light source would not become a problem for you no matter what happens, as you can recharge your battery and of course your flashlight is totally protected from any inconveniences that may arise from it being exposed to moisture.

The super powerful lumen is a guarantee you will have the best vision possible as you move out into the night. The technology used is cutting edge when it comes to providing luminosity. Your path becomes bright and totally visible as you approach with the Cycleafer rechargeable bike lights set.

Its beautiful design makes it very fashionable to use. Whether for mountain safety at night or just any kind of night-time cycling, this flashlight is a fashion statement.


Common Questions

1) Is there any maintenance for this flashlight should it have a problem?

This device was manufactured to last long while performing at its optimum. Should there be any kind of accident that directly impacts the body of this flashlight, you could have your local electronics shop take a look but if it’s been greatly impacted, it may be necessary to get a new piece to ensure your safety.

2) Can kids truly install this on their bikes?

Yes. Cycleafer rechargeable bike lights set been made to be conveniently used by everybody even kids. The features were built in to make this possible. So, when you get one for your kid, all you need do is show him or her an initial demonstration, from there, they can do it on their own.

3) What does lumen mean?

This just denotes the light output of a given light emitting device. The higher the lumen rating, the brighter the lamp will appear.


Advice on using Cycleafer rechargeable bike lights.


You can be sure that with little help, your child will learn to mount this flashlight on his or her own but for security sake, always check for a proper installation every time you are around until you are confident that skill has been sufficiently learnt by him or her.



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Cycleafer rechargeable bike lights set quality light source for any level of cycling enthusiast, this is so because;

  • It’s been designed to ease mounting on the bicycle, meaning anybody who can take a bike for a long ride, can install it.
  • It has water resistance features that makes it convenient for any kind of weather. Luminosity is guaranteed.
  • Cycleafer rechargeable bike lights set is USB rechargeable making it appropriate for long-term use.